Monday, February 24, 2014

Walking it out.

So far since weigh in I've walked Saturday, Sunday and today. 
Very happy about this. The weather has been beautiful. 

Saturday I was still a little too lenient with myself & food. But I'm working on it. Oh! 
So my juicer broke again!!!! Same break. I took the last one back to Target and exchanged it for another one. It's been a year, so I knew they wouldn't take it back. I didnt have the recipt or box. And of course!! They don't carry it anymore. 

I prayed before I went. He heard :) Thank God the manager was cool. She scanned something similar and gave me a gift card for $65. So I got this! It was the last day to get a $10 gift card when purchasing it, so I got it for $30. :) 
Still working on recipes. Glad to drink my veggies. So bad at eating them. 

We are moving in 19 days. I haven't started packing yet. Smh. I'm such a procrastinator.  

Here are my walking pics for proof! 
Saturday: 43 mins. Baby always wiggles out of Moby. 
Sunday: 16 mins. Tight schedule! So bad at selfies still. 
Monday: 25 mins. Here I didnt want to smile because people around would know I was taking a pic of myself lol 
I cut this walk short because there were two gangsters in the park. I got scared. I'm a cops daughter and everyone is suspicious ok? For real though, two vatos walked into the park and one kept looking at me. The other continued to walk and one decided to hang back. I notice the Dad that stopped throwing the ball with his kid cause he was watching this guy. See, he thought he was suspicious too. The gangster saw the Dad then left. Thank God. 

Don't worry I have pepper spray. But I should bring my doggy. 

Ok night. 

Ps no offense to any gangster readers. 
PSS I'm not discriminating. He had a tattoo on his head that said "Vato". 

Just kidding. But he did have a tattoo on his head. 

Ok. Bye. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Weigh in!!!

Lost 3.1 pounds this week! Whoot Whoot!!!! 
I'm so happy. I almost don't even want to eat my free meal in fear of gaining it back. Almost...;-) 
So that's 5.2 pounds loss is two weeks and 33.8 total. On my way baby. On my way!!! 
What's working: 

Walking. I walked three times this week. 

Logging all my points on the Weight Watchers app. I went over my points once this week but that's where my free points come in handy! 

Not eating after 6:00pm. 

Also...I've noticed that if I weigh in when I'm sore I will be the same weight!!! It's because sore muscles retain a bunch of water. So I didn't work out yesterday. 

And finally WATER. Lots of water. 

Also...ok so I weighed in everyday this week (bad I know) but I noticed something. Sometimes it takes a couple days for the scale to catch up. I mean you don't REALLY lose 2 lbs in one night. But my scale said I did from yesterday to today. It's just a bunch of different factors that takes it a while. That's why weighing every day is not a good idea!! So I promise I won't weigh every day this week. 

Only 5 more pounds till I reach my first goal. I want to be 10 pounds lighter before we move. I have 21 days to do that. I know I can. 

Although we are going to our hometown to visit family and drop off puppies next week. I really need to determine to track and walk while there. 

And repeat Adrienne.....SATURDAY is not a free day!!!!!! 

Mmkay. We'll chat again soon :) 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm in it.

I've been on track this week. I'm motivated. I WANT IT. I've walked three times this week already! I'm kinda addicted to it. :) I can't wait till Davey gets home so I can slip out for 30 mins. We have a park literally right behind our house that has a 1/4 mile loop/trail and it's very nice. I CAN'T believe I haven't been walking there this whole time. And now we are moving in 23 days. Ugh. 

I've always said I was too scared to walk there alone. Well yes there's been some ghetto people but it's T-Ball season and there's been lots of people there every night. Plus i take my pepper spray :) I really enjoy walking by myself with me and my podcast. 

Davey gets home at 5:10 so I jam out right away and come back right before dark. 

I haven't been eating after 6-6:30 too and like I've said that really helps me.  Stay on track with Weight Watchers too.

I've been an emotional mess. I really love our house, and this last year I've made some great girl friends (finally!) and we've been meeting up at the park with the kids during this wonderful weather.  I've prayed for good friends for several years and last year when our boys played baseball another mom on the team and I just really hit it off. They had their 3rd boy right before we had our 4th.  We just click ya know? I haven't had that in a long time sadly.  And our hubby's get along great too. Now we are leaving them :( we have another mama friend we hang out with that I love too. She has 5 kids and we clicked right away and our boys love playing all together.  Anyways...just been bummed about it. 

I'm also excited to move and get settled in that area. It's so beautiful there!! I just really pray God will bring me a good friend, and provide the boys with best friends like they have here. Not that I want to care only about that, because I pray we can be a blessing at our new church too :) 

See? Emotions, everywhere. 

Tuesday took the boys to the park to walk...bad idea. So I finished up by myself when davey got home. 
Today. I'm really bad at "selfies".  It was cold okay? 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Weekends

The weekends are NOT a free for all. Really. Why can't I get that?? I work hard all week then go "easy" on myself Fridays after I weigh in. Then Saturday I find myself thinking, "It's ok, 6 days till weigh in". Then Sunday and Monday I have to work hard just to lose whatever I gained over the weekend. Then I only have 3 days to lose weight. Grrr. 

I have to get a hold of this. This week I want to weigh in but.... STAY ON TRACK AFTER! Whoa what?! Yes. People do it. I will eat my weekly points Friday night but still stay on track. I'll see what will happen in a whole week of actually doing the program. 
Nervous...hope I can do it. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weigh In

I lost 2.7lbs! Whoot! That's a total of 30.7 lost since I started, not since the baby was born. But since my goal is 100 lbs, I'm going for total since I started. :) 

So happy to have a loss. But felt like it could have been more, I was bloated still Friday morning. 
I'm not sure why. I think it was the salad I ate for dinner Thursday night. Sometimes raw green veggies don't sit right with me.

Monday-Thursday last week I didn't eat after 6:00pm. It helps me a lot. I weighed myself just about every day this week, which I don't really think I should do. You all know why! 
Friday night was Valentines night. We actually got a babysitter and went out! We took the little bambino of course, but he was sleeping so no big deal. 

I got out of the shower Friday and found this on my bed. 
Good job babes :) 

My husband made a reservation to a nice restaurant in town. The only reservation they had was for 8:30pm, so we went shopping first. We got there 10 mins early and there was a line out the door of people who HAD reservations. No hostesses helping anyone. So we went and walked and came back at our reservation time. Waited and waited and finally decided to leave. 

We went a an Italian place with no wait..which says something lol. It was ok. The food wasn't very good but at least I got to spend uninterrupted time with my husband :) we laughed and talked and had a great time. 

Yesterday I spent so much time (6.5 hours!) cooking and food prepping!!! I got about a dozen or more meals made and prepped. I wrote out how many points are in some of the meals. And I made two sugar free cheesecakes. 

I bought one rotisserie chicken, and I had a whole chicken frozen which I cooked a few days before. I used those two chickens for chicken burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and I have some shredded for chicken pot pie. Then I made with ground sausage: breakfast burritos, egg and sausage biscuits (made parties for this), calzones and I prepped ground sausage and cooked potato for Zuppa Toscana.  I also baked 6 potatoes for my husbands lunches (he likes them before he weight lifts) and I made whip cream for my coffee for the week :) you know me and cream! 

I also made a big homemade juice which was so delicious..accept my juicer broke AGAIN! Grrrr. The plastic just broke while juicing. I'm so mad. I'm gonna have to buy another juicer since I've had it for a year and I have no recipt. It's a juiceman in case your wondering. 
Granny Smiths, carrots, and oranges. Yum! 
Ok, gonna try to nap. Or read. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I forgot.

I'm sure you were all dying to know how my first weigh in went.  Well, I FORGOT to weigh in.  Seriously.  Saturday I woke up, went to the bathroom, then started cleaning right away for my son's 6th bday party.  About 40 people were here total! It was great!

When I finally realized I didn't weigh in I had already eaten some and didn't want to count a middle of the day after I ate weigh in. Ya know. 

Last week I was good all the way up until Thursday.  My mom came Wednesday night.  Then Thursday I made cupcakes for Shane's class (def did some tasting) then we went to take him to Toys R Us, where he begged Grandma for McDonalds for lunch.  Then we had pizza for dinner.  Oh boy.  I used up all my weekly points allowance. 

Yesterday I did good.  I didn't eat after 6:00pm.  I woke up at 4am this morning with a HORRIBLE headache.  I don't know if it was from the chiropractor last night, or not eating after 6 last night or sugar with drawls.  I ate very little sugar yesterday. 

I took a shower, used my oils, and took Tylenol and slept for another hour then felt better.  It's still lurking though...blah. 

Last week I walked twice.  I took advantage of my Mom being here and went Friday morning by myself.  It was so nice. 

There were two suspicious looking guys at the park behind my house where I do laps, so after walking by them once I decided to go around the whole block to avoid them.  I was armed with pepper spray don't worry. 

I'm on an emotional roller coaster about our move.  I feel excited, yet sad.  I'm sad most of all because Shane is sad he has to leave his school and friends.  He had a couple of best buddies that are so sweet, who I love their parents too btw. 

I know he will make new friends but, it's sad to see him cry.  I'm nervous I won't make any friends over there either.  In TN I really didn't make any friends, and my husband was so busy working that I kinda went into a lonely funk.  It wasn't fun.  Praying that doesn't happen again.  But I'm so thankful this move is still in CA and close to the beach :) I also want to NOT be concerned about myself and just be ready to serve at our new church and be a blessing to others. 

I WILL weigh in on Friday.
Lord willing I'll see a loss :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Why I joined Weight Watchers {again}.

Sat FEB 1 weigh in: 215.8
I will weigh in every Friday morning and post it.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:00 am thanks to the baby.  I was on auto pilot and ate a homemade chocolate cookie I made the night before.  Whopps! It was Feb 1~!! My official "real-I'm-gonna-actually-try-to-lose-weight" start day.  Hmph.
I went back to bed for a little bit but was already mad at myself and self doubt was setting in.  Then I snapped out if it and told myself, "It was just a cookie! Get a grip!" I was laying there thinking, it'd be so nice if I had like "roll over calories" or "a savings account" for calories I could deduct that cookie from and it not totally effect my "budget".  Mentally that would help me not throw in the towel. Call me lame. Whatever.

Then I remembered that Weight Watchers actually does have that :) So I got up, made some coffee and signed up online.  I've always liked WW.  I've started it when I need a kick start, then stop doing it when I don't want to pay anymore (but continue to count calories).  They had a free sign up fee so I just paid $18 for the month.   Downloaded the app, and I've been faithful since.  I know, 2.5 whole days. Wow. 

I am focusing on eating as much real foods as possible, and eating less than 60g of sugar a day.  Which is harder than it seems.  But I got to get a grip on my sugar cravings! I eventually want to be sugar free or very low sugar (not counting fruits. Love my fruits. God's candy.) 

Since Will was born 3 months ago (TODAY he is 3 months! Can you believe it?!) I've been thinking and rethinking about what is right for me right now to lose weight.  I do believe a gluten free/sugar free way of eating is good for our family eventually. My husband is already doing that for the most part.  But when I thought about going Paleo, or cutting lots of foods out, I got overwhelmed.  Right now, Weight Watchers is good.  I can focus on losing weight.  Not freaking out whether something is grass-fed, cage free, or "Paleo" approved. KNOW this... I'm totally for Paleo.  I know many people that have been healed of major sicknesses from changing their diet to a Paleo diet.  I think it's amazing! Just not right for us right now.  But again, maybe eventually.  We love dairy and will never (hopefully) cut it out. Thankfully we don't need too :) I have food issues I need to work out.  I don't want to lose a bunch of weight and gain it back.  Hello.  Here I am again. 

 I went grocery shopping last week and didn't get hardly anything processed or canned so I am cooking everything from scratch (including cream cheese, sour cream, oatmeal, cream of chicken, ect). {woke up wondering why I thought THAT was a good idea, lol}

I think that's a good enough start for me.  So excited to lose weight again.  I walked Saturday for 46 mins with Will on my chest.  It was wonderful.  I plan to keep walking and working out.  I finally feel READY.  {For real.}

Here's the summary of this crazy, non-making-sense post:
Losing weight with Wegiht Watchers is good for my health.  It's working towards the main goal of losing weight, getting my portions where they should be, and getting healthy.  It's okay if everything isn't "Clean" or organic for now.  I want to eventually be there. But it ain't gonna happen overnight.  :)
The End

Apple Pie Oatmeal

I made this Apple Pie Oatmeal this morning and my picky eater ate it up! That's a win :) easy and nutritious. 

Apple Pie Oatmeal 
(Makes 4 Cups cooked) 
2 cups Old Fashion Oats
1.5 Cups water 
1 Cup Milk 
Plenty of dashes of Cinnamon :)
A tsp of Vanilla 
1.5 peeled and chopped apples 
1 Tbsp Butter 

Slightly cook apples in butter and a few dashes of cinnamon until soft

Pour all ingredients and soft apples in a pot, add more cinnamon. 

Cook on medium heat until oats are done. 

Apple pie oatmeal 
1 Cup 
6 Weight Watchers Points plus 
243 Calories
7 g fat
38 Carbs
9 g sugar 
7 G protein  

Hope you try it and like it! It's gonna be a new favorite for us :)