Monday, May 12, 2014

Again. Again? {again}!!!!

Official day 1 weigh in: 

Never give up! 

The only way you fail, is if you stop trying. 

The only way I won't lose weight, is if I give up. 
Before you judge, just read :) 
Kim Bensen author of Finally Thin, started dozens of times trying to lose weight. Finally, she tried one more time, and it stuck. She lost over 200lbs, and has kept it off for 10 years. Wow. What if she said, "Forget it. I can't start again. What will people think of me." 

I'm not even sure HOW to explain what I feel right now. Excited, hopeful, refreshed, new. 
 Today I started again. I Resumed. I Picked myself back up. I've had some epiphanies. Is it different this time? Will it stick? Yes. I really believe so. Phil 4:6 
But I also get scared that maybe it's not. I didn't want to tell anyone that it's day 1 again. Again. But deep down I KNOW, I'm gonna do this. 

Having a blog is hard sometimes because you admit to anyone reading, that you either succeed or you fail. But you know what I finally realized?! WHO CARES! 

Wow, freedom. :) 

I recently came across a blogger that lost 100 pounds, then got pregnant and gained a lot of it back. I didn't think she was a loser. I thought she was awesome! She's Working on it AGAIN! 

We ALLLLLL will have multiple "Due overs". I'm not saying everyone will gain weight back, but we will have good days and bad days. Some bad months maybe. It's not a reason to get ashamed and quit.  So "again" really means, resume. It means, get back up. Continue on the journey. 
But, I do think everyone has a "beginning" and today is mine. 

Will just turned 6 months old. That's always a key time in my body for weight loss. He's eating some baby solid foods now. I can leave him with daddy for a while, and we are finally settled in to our new home. Also with recently trying Paleo, and just counting calories, I've found what works for me right now, and that's Weight Watchers, and the gym. I feel like I know what to do now. And I'm gonna do it. 

Last week I joined the Y. I'm really excited about it!!! I've been doing a lot of thinking about 2010-2011, how far I came, how fit I got, and how much I loved the gym. 

Today was my first gym workout in a long time. I tried Zumba. Haha. It was funny :) I thought I as doing good until I saw myself in the Mirror. Lol! 

Planning on step class tomorrow at 5:45am. Yikes! 

Another epiphany, I've realized, to DO this, I have to make it a lifestyle. (Duh..easier said than done!) I have to love it. So that's why I joined the gym. And I am excited to find what I LOVE again. And maybe it's not Zumba ;) 

Have you noticed the new blog design? I was tired of my blog. I had blogger ADD there for a while and I want it to be just about weight loss and fitness again.  At least for now, I do reserve the right to change my mind ;-) 

So here's to another day 1. And to never giving up. The scale is put away, but Weigh in is Friday. :) 
Me this weekend 😜❤️ 


Staci Moize said...

Excited for you! I know you want it! You can do it!

Jenna Mossman said...

Today is my Day 1 (Again!!!) and it was encouraging reading this!!! Good luck to you! :)

Lauryn Roth said...

u go girl...i like what you said, its really is. I totally agree!! You got this!!! :) proud of u!

April Price said...
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April Price said...

You're spirit of perseverance is truly inspiring! You look great for just having #4. I know that you'll get to your fitness goal! Excited to read more.

Denise said...

Good job Adrienne! You can do it. A fresh start can help a lot. :)