Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weight Vs Inches, Bye Scale!

Last week was good.
I weighed in on last Friday at 183! Then had a killer rollerblade workout on Saturday where I burned 1300+ calories
and the next day I was UP 2 pounds. WHAAAATTTTTTT?! 

I was frustrated. Angry. See!!! I can't get out of the 180's!!! Ugh! After that I was discouraged. We had family in town this weekend and then I've had sick kiddos all week. I could've stayed on track but I was just so down and annoyed w it all that I didn't try very hard. I've worked out once this week (Leg Day). I actually did weights in the weight room! Yay! Not so scary after all. 
WHY do I care so much about the scale? Seriously? Do I want to lose weight or lose fat and inches? Do I want to weigh 160 and be a size 10/12 like I was when I got married or be 160 and a size 6 like a lot of very fit ladies? The number doesn't matter, no one knows the number on the scale but everyone knows you're actual size because well, they can see you (me!). Plus, do I want to be strong, or do I want to be a lighter version of my flabby self? Ok we Can all see how stupid the scale is. Ok? Ok. If not here's some more motivation. 
A not for this one, I calculated my body fat percentage yesterday based on my measurements and weight and OMGOSH it's horrific! Even though I weigh 185 is it estimated my bf% is %44! That's awful!!!! That's changing now. 
So for now I'm gonna forego the scale. Maybe weigh once every two weeks. I'm gonna eat my macros as best as I can (recalculated for a little less food than a couple weeks ago so I won't have to stuff my face with canned tuna to meet macros). And I'll be weight lifting 4 days a week and running only 2 days a week. I love running/walking and even spin so it will be hard to limit my cardio but I only have so much time at the gym and uh, well cardio takes longer so cardio < weight lifting. 

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