Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SLO Half Marathon & it's been a long road

I did it! My 3rd half marathon in the books! It was SUPER windy and very hilly 13 miles. 😁 
I finished in 3 hour 12 minuets. Just 3 minuets shy of a PR! If I wouldn't have stopped to use the bathroom at mile 4 and wait for 8 minuets for the porta potty I would have had a personal best! Dang it!! My running buddy did awesome she finished in 2:45! 
I plan to keep running and work on speed now. 
Here are some pics :) 
The last two miles I was DONE. All I could do was speed walk. And I was speed walking very fast lol. One marathon group passed me and said "there's one serious speed Walker!" Haha! I ran the last 1/4 mile and the boys and hubby were cheering me on at the finish line it made me a tear up. ❤️ 

I was reading some old blog posts about my first few races. I started in 2011 so wow it's been FOUR YEARS!!! Five years since I've had this blog and since trying to lose weight. 

I get down on myself that I still can NOT get out of the 180's but I got this old pic in my inbox "this day 4 years ago" my first ever triathlon. Look at me from the back! I was 215 in that pic. 
That's just so embarrassing. But here I am from the back last night at the gym after Body pump and spin. 
Yes it's taking me years to reach my goal weight but it's ok. I had two babies and one miscarriage in those years. 

I don't clog <<< hahah auto correct! BLOG** often because I feel like nothing's happening but I'm holding my breath..I think I finally may be doing something that works. And %90 of it is consistency. Which is hard for everyone but God's helping me be consistent. I'll let you know ASAP :) 😘