Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do fruits and vegitables count?

It is debatable.
I normally do count the calories from fruits and vegetables... but if I eat more than what I wrote down it won't really matter. Right??
One of the many times I attempted to lose weight I joined Weight Watchers. At a meeting the leader was talking about trigger foods. Don't eat the foods you can not stop eating once you've started. Her "trigger food" was.... WATERMELON!!
I could not help but frown and think.. "If that is the one food you can't stop eating, you don't really have a problem!" Then a lady burst out and said, "Watermelon?! Are you kidding me?!! Lady, we didn't all get here by eating watermelon! You know what I mean?"
I guess they could all add up if I didn't count any of them. But do the calories from fruit and veggies ever make you fat?


Weightless said...

Fruits and veggies alone make you fat - um no. But them on top of other not so healthy choices and over eating, stretching your stomach. It's a strong possibility.

Jesusfreak404 said...

Too much of anything is bad... even fruits and veggies. Fruit especially has a TON of carbs and most "veggies" are carbs too like corn and carrots and peas... all carbs. =( So yes fruits and veggies count and can make you fat if you eat too many of them. Plus it is possible to get TOO much of one type of vitamin or mineral and then you'll have all sorts of other problems.