Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goals and Rewards

I made this list in July when I started this journey. I knew it would be easier to reach small goals rather than one huge one. I have already met the first two goals... but I still have to reward my self for them (yay). Davey signed the paper so he promised me he would try his best to give me each reward. He also wrote "I love you babe, I know you can do it!" <3>

Goals and Rewards
Goal #1: Lose 10 lbs. Reward: $10 at Target
Goal #2: Lose 20 lbs. Reward: Buy a shirt from Old Navy
Goal #3: Lose 30 lbs. Reward: A new pair of shoes
Goal #4: Lose 40 lbs. Reward: Buy a whole outfit
Goal #5: Run 1/2 a mile straight. Reward: A Jamba Juice and a $10 movie from Target
Goal #6: Run 1 mile! Reward: New work out outfit
Goal #7: Lose 50 lbs. (wow) Reward: I month tanning
Goal #8: Do a small Triathlon. Reward: Just the accomplishment of that is enough!
Goal #9: Reach 175 lbs. Reward: Pedicure and an outfit
Goal #10: Reach 160 lbs. Reward: Get a massage
Goal #11: Run a 5k. Reward: A date with my husband!
Goal #11: Reach 145 lbs. Reward Get hair done (cut and color)
Final Goal: Reach final goal weight of 134 lbs.!!! Reward: Go shopping and VACATION TO HAWAII!!! Aloha!

Future Goals I have for Fitness:
1. Half a marathon
2. Half an Iron man
3. A marathon


Weightless said...

Davey is so sweet! I wish you were closer- wanna come visit? I've got an extra room? Then we could cross of the half mile run - I know you can do it... I'm getting closer on the treadmill and the weather has been so nice outside it makes me want to jog. That in it's self is AMAZING!

Weightless said...

Oh and you are way better at making little goals than I am... I just know where I want to be and work towards it. :) Perhaps, I should make Rich sign away to a Hawaiian vacation too.... and I am considering doing the mini-tri w/ you. :)

adrienne said...

Oh good I hope you do the Triathlon with me!! It's only a 1/4 mile run. Yes I want to visit!!! I would love to work out together.. but I'm not sure I could keep up with you!! lol I hope we do get to go to Hawaii!! We hope our dog will have puppies in about 7-8 months.. we want to pay for it with that. If the Lord will's it! Love ya!

Weightless said...

Oh I'm not worried about running - while I do hate running I CAN do it. I feel like I jiggle all over when I run, which is why I hate to run -tata's bouncing everywhere. So I've avoided it when I can, lol. It's the swim. I'm not a great swimmer. I love to swim but not laps or for competition. I've never really swam like that. So, I'd really have to hit the pool and get some major help. We don't have a pool at our gym - but I have my own to practice in when the weather warms up.

Kerstin said...

Ok that is so smart to do the small goal thing. I love it! I am going to try it...
I decided against the bodybugg thing since it is out of my price range. I am at the point now that I need to increase my fitness level and tone. I can't even jog for a minute on the treadmill without feeling like I am going to puke :)
I am going to keep looking to you for an mantra...Adrienne Can Do it - SO CAN I! lolz
Keep it Up!

Brittany said...

Im so proud of my baby sister, brings tears to my eyes! I know you can do it, you ARE doing it. You are an amazing chica, and i love you. Wouldnt it be so awesome if we went somewhere like hawaii together? Yeah baby!

adrienne said...

Sara that is so cool you have a pool! I can definitely swim well, but I can not run. It will be a new challenge for us.
Kerstin, thank you so much!! You can do it. You don't have as much as I do to lose so you are way ahead of the game. We will motivate each other! :)
Britt, I love you too!! Thank you so much. I am not special, you can do it too, you did it before! I've never actually EVER gotten to my goal weight. Which is why I hope and pray I will this time. And stay there!! Hawaii together would be awesome!! If we get the job there you can come visit! Yay!! I'm so not getting my hopes