Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Do It

Down another pound... that is 24.5 pounds gone!!! I thought more, and decided one weigh in will be good, and it will be Friday's. I already can't wait!
I have been thinking a lot lately about whether or not I can actually do this. Can I reach 134 by 8/28/10?? Can I maintain it if I do? I never stick to anything! But then I thought to myself, "Adrienne, JUST DO IT!!" There have been many things in my life that I have to continually be faithful at, and I don't give up on them! Why is this different?
I never want to quit growing in Christ. My marriage is something we will, with God's help, never give up on. When I had the boys and I was trying to get nursing down I wanted to give up, but I didn't, and I made it through, and I am so glad I did. I am so glad that I got saved almost 7 years ago and I didn't give up on going to church. I try and be faithful at my bible reading and prayer everyday. I am so glad I didn't quit college and I graduated. I don't and I never will give up on being a mother! None of these things are "easy", but I did and do them! I CAN DO THIS TOO! With God's help, nothing is impossible! He is sooo good. All the time. I read in my devotions this morning, that even if we feel like God is not being good to us, or that He doesn't love us, He is and He does!! Because He is God! And unlike us, He never changes. He was, is, and always will be good. Because that is who God is, LOVE.

Davey is working four hours away Monday-Friday ;( and I miss him so much. When he is gone I just want to eat! But instead, I decided to take it as a focus time and see how much I can lose while he is gone. A little obstacle has come my way though, knee pain. My right knee is killing me, and this morning at the gym I had to do the bike. I am not sure what I am going to do. I wasn't ready to get in the gym pool yet, but I might have to. I know the more weight I lose the better it will feel.

So far I am ahead of schedule to reaching goal. I like that.


gibbysgal said...

You can do it Adrienne!
So proud of you.
One mama to another....YES WE CAN!!!
Love ya!

All in a day's work said...

I agree, Just DO it! Worry about all the other details later. Dont worry about maintenance before it even gets here. Don't fret over a specific date before it even gets here. You will never know if you can until you try. Without trying, then you will certainly never know.
The one thing that IS for certain, you can't if you never try at all. So the only logical answer is, Yes. Try. :D
Good luck and congrats on the weightloss!

Weightless said...

Don't give up - it's easier to give up but in other ways it's not. It's not easy being overweight - it doesn't feel good. And you know that is not what God's will for you is.

I have bad knees as well, so when I first went back to the gym, I focused on what I could do. Hence, why I choose the elliptical over the treadmill. At first I would challenge myself how long I could go on the elliptical. I'd do 20 mins and was so proud of myself. Then I would cycle for 20 mins, and go back to the elliptical for the final 20. Later, I learned that this alternating in your routine is actually GOOD for you. I

In Zumba, if I couldn't do a step, I would modify to do something I could do. I can do just about everything now because my endurance has improved and I'm loosing the weight, gaining strength, mobility and flexibility. I still modify in cardio kickboxing because I don't like the way my boobs juggle doing some of the bounces/scissors.

Also, keep ibuprofen on hand, it will help relieve the pain. The first couple of weeks are the hardest.

adrienne said...

Thanks you guys!! You ALL inspire me. Christina, doing it with three girls under 2? How do you do it!? Sherri, you have lost the weight and maintain right?! That is amazing. Sara, you are just a machine! You work out so hard! I love it. And I feel ya bout the boobs. :)

All in a day's work said...

Yes, I've lost and maintain. :D The journey never gets "easy"but it's ALWAYS rewarding. I don't blog about it much, I use to.
I decided to change my life after a certain experience. I knew I was gaining weight, I knew I wasn't happy with it. It wasn't until I kept having to move up sizes and a friend of mine that has always been heavier then me came to me and said, here, here are some of my old jeans and shorts that don't fit me anymore. And, I got OFFENDED. I said to myself, There is no way these will fit me. Im offended that she thinks I have gained THAT much weight. I took the clothes and put them in my closet. Then came a day where I just had nothing to wear. I was so aggravated with myself. I went to the closet and thought, Ha, Ill just try them on, prove her wrong. I tried them on and they fit. I looked and they were a size 16. I sat in the bathroom and sobbed for what seemed forever.
I was having other issues in my life at the time and I just got up, put on tennis shoes and ran out of the house. I call it "Running from my problems" I was trying to get away from myself ( tip: it doesnt work)
I didnt get far. But, I loved the time to myself. So the next day, I did it again.
Ultimately I was running everyday and the weight fell off like melting butter. It seemed effortless at that time.( It's been 5 years and now, its MUCH harder to lose and maintain it, but I am almost 40 years old.
A year after that first day I ran out of the house, I ran a 5K. ( saying that now, seems trivial lol, It's only 3 miles, but back then it seemed monumental)
I still run, it became an addiction, but I have had to up my game quite a bit over the last 5 years.
I have a gym membership. I have a Cardio dance class and a Zumba class I love.
I just switched to those from a cardio step class and a yoga class. I didnt like yoga.
I actually enjoy my work out time. I love going to the gym.
Right now, Im in a slight funk, but that isnt unusual coming off of a long holiday break for me.
Im in the process of detoxing myself and getting back into the swing of things.

adrienne said...

Wow! How far can you run now? I want to run so bad but am scared to start! plus my knee is a little achy lately. Your story is inspiring. How much did you lose? What size are you now?