Saturday, January 16, 2010


Results!! Yay! Yesterday was weigh in day and .......I was down another 2.5 lbs!! That is a total of 26.8 pounds lost!! I am so excited I am finally seeing results. I still have so much more to lose though, it seems impossible sometimes. But, I think only about 3 more times of losing what I have lost and I will be at goal! Wow that doesn't seem so bad!
I have never ever gotten to my goal weight. I have lost weight before... when I tried out for the Oakland Raiderettes, for my wedding, when I started working at LA Weight Loss our first year of marriage, and after I had Shane. But I never made it to my goal weight. With every event I had to lose more and more to reach my goal weight. I really would lose weight than gain it back and more.
I know sometimes people hear my goal weight, 134 pounds, and think, "You should set a more realistic goal. That is a lot to lose." 134 pounds has been my goal weight for so long, and I have never made it there!! Now if I reach 145 pounds and I feel happy with the way I look than fine. After all, I have had two babies, my body will certainly be very different than the last time I was at 134 pounds (8th grade maybe?)!
It is not an unrealistic goal. I am 5'4" and according to the chart in my "Calorie King" book, a healthy weight for me is 110-134 pounds. That is not why my goal weight is 134 pounds though. My goal is 134 because I have this thing with the number four. I like everything to be a number four, or divisible by four. I am crazy I know! My Dad's favorite number is four, I think that is where I got it. Anyways, I feel motivated and ready to finish it this time, and to maintain!! That will be the real challenge.
P.S. Davey is home for the weekend...we missed him so much. He said I looked firmer! I said, "Yeah?! Well I did lose 2.5 pounds since you last saw me." He he! Reeeesult!!


Weightless said...

Results are Awesome Adrienne! 4 is my favorite number too... maybe this is why I like you? J/k Just think pretty soon you're going to hit another milestone goal - losing 30 lbs. I bet you will be there within 2 weeks if you keep up the exercise. :) I'm glad Davey is noticing too. It feels good when someone else sees your progress and is supportive of it!

adrienne said...

Thank you!! You are going to hit 30 lbs too!! That is amazing huh?? Most people that want to lose weight want to lose 30 lbs.!! wow. Gooooo 4's!!!!! lol