Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shhh Shane it's a library!

Having two boys under the age of two, it is not always easy going to the most quiet place in town. Today was one of those days. I have my routine. First we go to the magazines where I get my Cooking Light, and Good Housekeeping. Then we go scan the movie section. Last we go get a few books. I've been dreading the day when Shane figures out how to unbuckle his straps in the stroller. Today was that day. He jumped out of the stroller and ran down the magazine isle shouting at the top of his lungs. As he was laughing and shouting, he was also opening and slamming shut the magazine cupboards, which of course are metal. They make a very loud "Bang" sound. I thought, "Oh no, can this get any worse!" As I was chasing after Shane, Cody realized he was alone in the stroller. As he saw me chasing Shane up and down the isle's, he started to cry. People were coming to see what was going on.... I was so embarrassed.
I decided to not make the situation any louder, so I whispered in Shane's ear as I twisted it, "That is no acceptable! You are being a very bad boy!" of course he started crying. In the movie section he began throwing all the movies off the shelf. I seriously wondered if I had the wrong kid. I looked around for MY son. My son would never behave like this! Ha I wish. Workers were coming over to pick up the movies, and people were saying "Shhhh!" to us. I was sooo embarrassed. Why are kids worse in public? That is when I want him to act the best. All the lessons and training at home are suppose to be fruitful while we are out!
Chasing and dragging him did work up a good sweat though.

This morning I did an "Advanced Step" class. It wasn't called advanced for nothing! I was in the back of course. Might as well have been the front though. They turned and spinned and stepped all over the place. Whenever the whole class would turn around as part of the routine, I was the only one facing them all. I left 40 minuets into it, and as I left a lady stopped me and said, "Don't be discouraged! It takes like a month to get the hang of it! Come back next time!". That made me feel better.
After Step, I did a 20 minuet spin session to a video on the bike. When I was done, I could not feel my tushy!! Why are those seats so small? I think they are even small for normal size people.

I made the mistake of going to Walmart really hungry. I tried to be strong!! I kept saying over and over in my head, "Just do it!!! Just do it! remember!!". I regret to say I gave into temptation and bought a cheesecake,donuts and cookie dough. Then we got McDonald's!! What is wrong with me?? I could not eat hardly any of it because it made me feel so sick. Well that's a lie, I ate a lot of it and that is why I feel sick. I think I have a binging disorder. Is that such a thing? How am I going to over come binging.... that's my next research topic. Now I have two days to work my butt off before I weigh in.
I am signing up for a Triathlon. I have been researching them, and I think it will be good to have something to train for. The one I am leaning towards is in the beginning of May and it is a small one. 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike ride, 2 mile run. More on that to come.


Weightless said...

Oh Amelia changes in public too. Especially at dinner time. She is so moody if she is hungry or tired. She gets hungry and sleepy early and naturally, I cook late after the gym.

Is it bad that my mouth is watering because of the food you mentioned? I don't even like MacDonalds? Ahhh... this calorie counting stuff causes people to binge! I swear! LOL Really though - when I can't stay strong, I try to grab a can of nuts. At least it's protein which will help my hunger suffice.

adrienne said...

Sometimes I feel like because I am counting my calories, that is why I binge! If I knew I could eat what ever when ever, I would probably not buy junk food like that. It could be a vicious cycle! But I know that if I don't count my calories I can easily eat more than I think I am. ugh!! lol

Brittany said...

Rowan, my sweet little angel (ha) is soooo much worse in public. Especially if she isnt in a shopping cart, since she is too big for the stroller. But you arent the only one. I proudly walk down the aisles with her screaming at the top of her lungs and kicking and hitting the cart, all because she didnt get the car cart, haha! She is definatly getting better, just with everything else, you need to work at it. Its funny when you look back at it, and dont be too embarrassed, anyone who has had kids has been there and will understand, lol! love ya! And im so proud of your progress, you are an inspiration!