Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Skiing is for the skinny

Down another pound today! That brings me to the total of 23.5 pounds lost!! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah! I decided I am going to weigh myself on Tuesdays and Fridays.... starting next week.

So.....Skiing.... It is a goal I have to do when I am fitter. I really don't think it would be a good idea for me to try and ski right now. I doubt they even make Ski clothes as big as I would need them. Forget the fact that I would probably fall and roll down the hill, landing finally at the lodge looking like a huge marshmallow ready to plop into a massive hot tub of cocoa to defrost, it would be very dangerous. Not just for me, but for any children or small people skiing in my vicinity. I could just imagine myself taking out kid after kid on my way down the hill. But what I really think would happen is as soon as I got off the lift (if it could hold me) I would realize what a bad idea this was and I would take off the skis and slide on my butt down the whole hill.
I use to ski every year when I was little. My parents took us to Oregon or Shasta. I loved it, and I was good at it. I would always be right by my Dad's side on the steep hills as my sister and Mom would be on the baby slopes hanging on to each other for their lives. (He he love ya Mom and Britt!)
The last time I went skiing was in junior high with a friend and her family. I remember feeling scared since I didn't have the protection of my parents. Her parents just left us to do what ever we wanted, so I just followed along with her and her sister. We rode the lift up the hill and they didn't get off at the lower stop. Or the next stop. Or the next. But the second stop from the top. Yep. I knew I was in for it. I did debate taking off my skis and sliding down the hill, but she wasn't acting scared so neither did I. Besides I spent the five hour drive up telling them all my ski stories. I got really nervous when I didn't see anyone up there our age....and they were all wearing professional ski wear. You know the really tight, shiny spandex (how does that keep them warm anyways?). My friend took off with out a word. So I started to go, with my skis crossed so I would go slow of course. I quickly realized she didn't know what this slope was more than I did..... it was covered in bumps... big bumps....small bumps.... long and tall bumps. It was a slope with jumps!!! I lost my cross stance and began to go really fast. Before I could slow down I hit my first jump. I flew about a foot off the ground. Somehow I ended up to the very right of the slope (I think I was trying to get out of everyone's way). Uh-oh... big bumps!!! And trees!!! I seriously thought I was going to die. I was trying to dodge the trees so much since I had practically drifted off the slope, I was hitting every big jump, and flying in the air. It felt like I was five feet off the ground, but I am sure it was only two, if that. I zoomed passed my friend who had fallen at the top and was using her skis as a sled and her feet as a brake to get to the bottom. Proud to say I never fell. I arrived at the bottom of the slope in perfect condition. I even got some compliments from others on the same slope. I meekly said, "Oh thank you. It was nothing." as I tried to keep them from seeing my shaky hands.
I don't want my first trip back on the slope to go like that, but I can't wait for the option.
P.S. That was a %100 true story. :)


Brittany said...

Hey Hey there, im a really good skier too,lol, ive skied longer than you, you just never had fear, haha! i remember watching you just straight dive bomb dowm the slope at like the age of 6, on a big slope, i was half way down, and woosh, there goes addie, no breaks and no fear, haha, makes me laugh just thinking about it, and im totally with you on the whole sliding down on your butt thing, ive done that a few times, lol!

Brittany said...

hehe, i dont remember ever hearing about that story. But i can totally picture it in my head, lol! Those bumps are called moguls, lol! Oh man, i love you!