Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Triathlon training schedule

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I have always wanted to do a Triathlon. I love to swim, and bike. I don't like running though.
I am deciding which Triathlon to sign up for. The one I want to do is $110! A bit out of my price range. I like that one because: one, it is 1/4 mile swim in a LAKE.. not ocean! I am so scared of Sharks. Two, it is pretty close to me, and three, I like that it is a 2 mile run instead of a 5k (which is 3 miles), like most are. Which ever one I decide to do, they are all around mid April to mid May. I am posting my training schedule.
Swim 1/4 mile, bike 9.7 miles, run 2 miles. Seems pretty easy right? Except I can not run for beans. I have been swimming in the pool at the gym. The pool is 25 meters long and there are 400 meters in a quarter mile, which means I have to swim 16 laps in the pool at the gym for it to equal a quarter mile. I swam 16 laps yesterday just fine. Although, I have to work on increasing my speed and not taking any breaks. I can already bike 9.7 miles. I did 13.5 the other day on a spin bike. But, this is a 9.7 mountain bike trail, which will be much harder. I have to increase in resistance. Running? I can not run 2 miles. This is going to be my biggest challenge. Yesterday I did the treadmill and attempted to run. I thought I could push myself and run 1/2 mile and reach one of my goals. I started running, and was OK at first. Then by .17 of a mile I had to stop. I was wheezing because of my Asthma and I just could not breathe. I walked and caught my breath. I decided to try again, this time for 1/4 mile. I did it!! Barley!! I thought I was going to pass out. I looked at the distance and I had only gone .13. I just kept running though. I even increased my speed to 5.6 so I would be done faster. I was so proud of myself!! But a 1/4 mile? That's it? Oh man. My knee hurts today from it.

13 Week Mini Tri Training Schedule: (All this is on top of any classes and weight training I do.
Week one (last week): See how far you can swim(I swam 20 laps), bike( the farthest I got was 13.5 miles) and run (yesterday I could only do 1/4 mile).
Week two: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Swim 16 laps, bike 10 miles on level 2
Tuesday, Thursday: Walk/Run 2 miles. Run 1/4 mile
Week three: M, W, F: Swim 16 laps in in 25 minuets, bike 10 miles level 3
T/Th: Walk/Run 2 miles in 28 minuets
Week four: M, W, F: Swim 16 laps in 23 minuets, bike 10 miles level 4
T/Th: Walk/ Run 2 miles in 27 minuets
Week five: M, W, F: Swim 18 laps, bike 15 miles
T/Th: Walk/Run 2 miles in 26 minuets, run 1/2 mile
Week six: M, W, F: Swim 16 laps in 21 minuets, bike 10 miles levels 2-6
T/Th: Walk/Run 2 miles in 24 minuets
Week seven: M,W,F: Swim 16 laps in 2o minuets, bike 10 miles levels 2-7
T/Th: Walk/Run 2 miles in 22 minuets
Week eight: M,W,F: Swim 18 laps, bike 15 miles
T/Th: 2 miles in 22 minuets
Week nine: M,W,F: Swim 16 laps in 18 minuets, bike 10 miles levels 2-8
T/Th: 2 miles in 21 minuets, RUN 1 FULL MILE!
Week ten: M,W,F: Swim 16 laps in 16 minuets, bike 10 miles levels 2-9
T/Th: 2 miles 20 minuets
Week eleven: M,W,F: Swim 16 laps in 15 minuets, bike 10 miles levels 2-10 in 14 minuets
T/Th: 2 miles in 18 minuets
Week twelve and thirteen: M-F: Swim 16 laps in 15 minuets, bike 10 miles levels 2-10 in 14 minuets, run 2 miles in 17 minuets.
Wow!! I feel like that is so far from what I can do. I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to.


All in a day's work said...

It's funny, I think I could bike the 9.7 miles, I could run the 2 miles, but the swimming 1/4 the mile??? Not so sure. Im not good at swimming. Funny how the biking and running seems much easier to me then swimming. I don't tread water very well.

Weightless said...

Good job Adrienne!

I'm the same way Sherri. While, I can't run very far on the treadmill, I know I could run a while if I wasn't watching the darn clock/pace maker. I have really wanted to run lately - but I always have my kids and it's raining. It's hard to get time when Rich is home w/ good weather lately. I've been tossing around the idea of doing this with Adrienne and the part that makes me most nervous is the swim. Worst part is, I have my own pool. I just have never really "learned" to swim laps.

Brittany said...

ok, so i stink at running too, but i got up to two miles in about a month, i started with 1/4, just like you, and did that for a week, with a little walking, then i bumped myself up to half the next week, a couple of days walking and running and building up to running a full half with out stopping, then up to 3/4 mile same thing, a couple of days with some intermittant walking after half a mile, then a couple of running it straight. and so on. If i can do it so can you. It will be good for your lungs and athsma too. But i want you to know i am proud of you. Also, running outside in various environments is very different than a treadmill. I could easily do 2.5-3 miles on a tread, and decided i was board so i went out to run and made it maybe a mile. It was windy, and up and down, so then i had to start working up to running furthur outside. BUT, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT, YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! I love you!

adrienne said...

Thanks you guys! I really have to work on the running.. I timed myself.. I did 2 miles on the treadmill in 32:30 mins!! Whoa. I ran more than a 1/4 mile... but not straight. I could only do 1.4 mile straight. I also timed my 1/4 mile swim.. guess how long it took me? 13 mins!!!!! I was shocked at how fast I did it!! I just have to do it with out any breaks. I took a few breaks.. but out on the open water I won't be able to take any breaks. I will really work on the running! Can't wait to swim in the pool tomorrow!! =) Love you 3! Thanks for reading and commenting! xoxo