Monday, February 8, 2010

Fashion Girl... Page 40 of my book

A few months later I got a job at Nordstroms. I hoped that walking around the sales floor all day would help me lose weight, but instead I just maintained. I made a lot of friends at Nordstroms but felt the need to tell everyone that I use to be 30 lbs lighter and that I just started buying a size 14 (once I got the job I realized I needed new clothes I could wear to work, clothes I could actually button!). All the girls were all skinny and fashionable and food was never an issue for them. That amazed me! I was excited to work there and pursue my carrier in fashion. They gave me many responsibilities, and I tried hard to be a good sales girl so I could one day get promoted. Nordstroms promotes within, and my dream job was to be a buyer for Nordstoms. I was ecstatic when they made me “Denim Striker”. I got to be in charge of all the Denim in my departments and personally work with the Denim Buyer and give her my opinions and ideas. I also took classes in Fashion Design in college. I quit Nordstroms when I left for West Coast Baptist College in August 2005. Just as I was about to leave they told me they were considering promoting me to Assistant Manager in the San Francisco store. That tempted me to stay. I thank God for His plan. His ways are better than our ways. If I would of done things my way, I would no doubt be working in Fashion still, probably not married to the love of my life, and because of my carrier I would not have my two beautiful boys. I know you can work full time and be a great mother, but I always dreamed of being a stay at home Mom. I feel so blessed with my life.
I still love Fashion, except I am not OK with the new boys and girls dress the same trend. Boys and girls wearing skinny jeans and black eyeliner? Call me old fashion but I like my Man to look like a Man. Clean cut, manly, sharp clothes, and no bangs or make up. Thank you. And what's with guys and girls having the same hair cut? Hellloo, it is gross to have greasy bangs going across your pimply forehead. Maybe if you got your hair out of your eyes and took a shower you would have clear skin?! Nail polish sales must have doubled since boys and girls both paint their nails. And pull your pants up while you're at it... no one like to see your nasty crusty undies with your tiny butt hanging out. But that's just me.
Since I gained weight, I have not been able to dress as “Fashionably” as I wish I could. I have a closet full of A-Line skirts and high heels. I see a lot of the college girls at church dressed really cute, and I say in my head, "She should wear a vest over that, or add a broach to that sweater, or add some gray tights to that outfit..." I want to were my cute clothes again before they go out of style! My husband goes to classes with these girls and I want to show them up. I want him to see them and think that I am smarter, more mature, sexier, and more stylish than them. Actually I don't want him to see them at all. He he.....:)
He's only got eyes for me girls!


Weightless said...

Girl - I feel you on the fashion scene! We've come so far - yet have so far to go! Just last night I was laying on the recliner telling Rich, "I can't wait to go buy new clothes. I so badly want a pair of jeans." His response, "Go buy them!" Ummm... no I mean NEW clothes, nice clothes, you know - the ones I'm going to wear because I like them not because "they fit".

I want a pair of jeans so badly. Nothing fits as good as an expensive pair of jeans, kind of jeans. Uhhh... I feel almost as if I've earned them. All these years shopping at Target or Costco or wherever because the clothes "fit". All this hard work, exercise and healthy eating. I will have earned them when I can squeeze my cheeks into them - in to a size I wouldn't be embarrassed to say out loud!

adrienne said...

You deserve them.. and Amen to that! But wait until you get to goal before you buy good, nice clothes, cause you will be too skinny for any you buy now! I ONLY shop at Target, or Old Navy.. because they have my size!! What will it be like to shop at Forever 21 again? I seriously hate that store right now.. why is everything so small??!!!!! LOL!! We should go shopping together when we reach goal!!!!! Yeah!! Good idea Adrienne. :) LOL