Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frosting with sprinkles

I almost threw in the towel today. Shane's birthday is on Saturday, he will be 2!! (wow) My husband likes me to plan ahead all our meals and things we need for two weeks before I go grocery shopping. So on Sunday I bought the ingredients for Shane's birthday cake. I keep seeing the frosting in my cupboard, Vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles.... yum.
I woke up sick today, same cold as the boys. Feeling very achy and sore. I was feeling discouraged also because Davey is suppose to start school on Monday and we have not been able to pay off his school bill from last semester. We need $1,350 by 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning. I know God can provide that and I really believe He will make a way. I know it is God's will for Davey to graduate and for us to serve Him full time in the ministry. I have been reading "Asking and Receiving" by John R. Rice (amazing book on prayer!). Dr. Rice says, "Often the thing we dimly hope for, and ask for with fear and trembling, is the very delight of God's heart to give!" Wow. I am praying that God will answer this specific prayer for $1,350 so Davey can start school and graduate. I can't wait to see him answer!
So with feeling sick, discouraged, and stressed I automatically wanted to make the cake and eat it all. I decided just to wait a few minuets, and to work on my blog. I prayed that God to help me not give up, and He did! I feel encouraged and strong! I am going to go the gym even though I am sick. It is really good to know I can feel tempted, and not give in.


Weightless said...

Way to stay strong Adrienne. It must be very tempting because that frosting even looks delicious to me. Focusing on my diet, goals, the gym and prayer really does help me avoid temptation. If you're sick though - don't push yourself too hard. Sometimes us mommies do that and then it takes longer for us to get better. Hope you feel better soon :)

adrienne said...

Thank you! I sprained my wrist tonight ;( ugh.

gibbysgal said...

My facebook is not working so I couldn't send you a message that way, but just wanted to wish Shane a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you guys had a fun day today!
Love ya!

adrienne said...

Thank you so much! We had fun! Love you two and happy birthday to Alyssa in 6 days!