Wednesday, February 10, 2010


OK, so let me start with a good note, I am still ahead of schedule by a few pounds.
I woke up at 6:30 this morning to make Davey breakfast before he had to go to school. I was already hungry. I had a plan though, I was going to make Davey breakfast, do my devotions (pray and read my bible) and have my coffee, get ready for Turbo Kick Boxing at 9:00 am, wake up boys, feed them and get them dressed, and leave for gym. I was planning on eating a banana right before I left so I would have energy to work out, but I would be looking forward to my breakfast (3 egg whites, 1 turkey bacon, and 1 toast) for when I got home. Well Cody woke up at 7:00 am, then Davey reminded me his truck was at his work so he had to take the van, which meant I couldn't go to Turbo Kick Boxing. So bummed. I was then going to lay down with Cody to get him to sleep more, and I would hopefully sleep more so I would not be up tempted to eat. I check on Shane, the door creaks, I move a pillow that is standing up straight above his head, he wakes up. Great. Both boys are up at 7:15 am. I fed the boys, did my devotions (not so easy with both boys awake) and tried not to eat yet. I normally eat breakfast around 10:00 am, it makes it so much easier for me during the day. If I eat at 8:00 am, then I have five hours before I can eat lunch! I kept having little bites of the boys breakfast, which was frustrating me because when I woke up I was motivated and planned at how well today would go. So I decided to weigh myself. Crazy, I know. It can either really help me by seeing a good number and motivate me, or totally discourage me and make me want to eat if it is a bad number. I was so disappointed to see I am up 1.4 pounds from the horrible four day weekend I gave myself. Ugh!! I could just hit myself!! So that gives me two days to lose that, and some, to have a successful weigh in. I am never letting go for four days again! It is so hard to lose, but so easy to gain! Grrrrrr.
To get a head start I am going to do a work out video after I eat breakfast, and when Davey gets home I am going to the gym. I look forward to Wednesday's because I swim for a long time. I was planning on doing TKB then swimming, but now I have to do a machine for 45 minuets (boring!!) then swim. I will read my book, "The Luck One" by Nicholas Sparks, to make the time go by faster.
On a good note, I am super sore, which means I worked out hard. Love it. Last night I burned 730 calories at the gym. 10 min elliptical, 45 min TKB, 10 min bike, 10 min Body Sculpt (couldn't really do the moves because of my wrist). Now off to eat my 3 egg whites, 1 turkey bacon, and toast, then do Cardio Latino Dance video from the Library.


All in a day's work said...

Am I the only one that this post shows up for in dingbat font?

adrienne said...

I am not sure what you mean? :)

Weightless said...

I can read the post in a regular - time new roman style (ish) font.