Monday, February 8, 2010

Minus Thirty!!

I did it!! I finally hit -30 pounds!!! Whoo hoo!! It was time to celebrate. I am afraid I celebrated a little to much this weekend though. Shane's 2nd birthday was on Saturday. You all know how much I love to bake, so of course I baked him a cake. It was suppose to take 37 minuets at 350*. At 27 minuets I checked it and it was burnt! Ugh.. I was so sad. So my Mom ran out and bought him a cake, baseball theme. But I just had to decorate the cake I made anyways. Davey made the appetizers: chips and dip, apples, cheese, sausage, strawberries and salami. There were also delicious, soft, scrumptious, sugar cookies with icing my Mom bought. Cookies, chips, sausage and cake was mostly all I ate the whole day. That night I felt so sick due to all the junk I consumed. My tummy felt so hard and bloated. When I was cleaning up from the party I noticed the bag of Salami was out on the kitchen counter, I looked inside and saw white mold on it!! I said "Ewww Davey the Salami is all moldy!!" he said, "Not ah! That's just it's skin." I looked closer, called him in to observe with me, and said, "that in fact... is mold."! He felt terrible! I was thankful I didn't eat any. But every one else did. Thank God no one got sick. Also, on Sunday some good friends of our took us out to Olive Garden. I did OK there at first. Davey and I shared a pizza. Then I got a huge piece of chocolate mousse cake for dessert and ate it ALL. I am not even sorry. It was so amazing and worth every bite. Oops...did I say that out loud?
I miss the gym! I haven't been since Wednesday since I hurt my wrist. I was telling my Mom I felt homesick for it. TKB tonight. Can't wait. I am getting organized and wanted to share, Friday's are going to be my "high calorie" day. Only one day, not all weekend like I've been doing. I have 29 more weeks until my birthday, that's 3 pounds a week to make goal. I know that is doable as long as I don't through in the whole weekend. The thing most amazing of all that I wanted to write about, is how God provided for Davey's school bill!!! Davey worked $1,300 worth of over time in the last two weeks at a very good paying job down in El Centro. His boss gave it to him this morning, and when Davey went to school, he found out someone anonymously put $500 on his school bill!!!! Now he has some money toward this semester, which is his last. Praise God!! He is so faithful! And thank you whoever put that money on his bill!


Weightless said...

I'm so happy for you :) And for Davey :) God always provides... it's amazing!

All in a day's work said...

WTG!! whooo whoo, that's awesome.
And, Happy Birthday to your little man.

adrienne said...

Thank you!! :) And yes He does. He is good ALL THE TIME! <3

Denise said...

Hehe, I'm glad you enjoyed the cake! You had to have cake, it was my birthday after all! lol :)