Thursday, February 4, 2010


Last night I sprained my wrist.. it hurts really bad!! Thank God my Mom is on her way down to visit us! I was getting Shane out of the car after church, and while he was holding my hand he jumped down and I felt something tare. My hand went limp and Shane fell. This wrist has been bothering me since I started working out.
It is really hard to change the boys diapers with one hand. Last night was awful. Cody woke up every 20-30 minuets and just cried in pain. He had a fever as well. Plus I was limited to how I could sleep because of my throbbing wrist. Did you know it is really hard to nurse one handed? So my Mother, being the typical Mother and Grandma, wants me to go to the doctor today. There is no way I can go anywhere by myself right now. The other day I asked her to be here by 4:30 P.M. so I could go to Step class and she can watch the boys. Now she says I shouldn't do any jumping or bouncing or I could hurt my wrist more. Tomorrow is weigh in though!! I have to get in a good "Last Chance Workout!". I'll call Kaiser Advice and see what they say. I hope they say Step class is fine!! Davey is coming home tomorrow FOR GOOD!!!! Yay yay yay!
P.S. It is really hard to type will one hand.
P.S.S. Hi Sara! =)


Weightless said...

Hi Adrienne :) Know that I am not the only one who reads, lol. I just always have something to say! Can't help it - it's in my genes. LOL

P.S. Sounds just like something my mom would have said!

adrienne said...

I am so glad you comment!! I'd be sad if there were 0! lol Yes, so I gotta miss step to go to stupid urgent care. ugh.