Friday, February 12, 2010

Pre-pregnancy weight!

I am so happy to report, I lost another pound, making it a total of 31 pounds gone! Whoo hoo!! Also I reached the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant with Cody!! Now I have 26 more pounds to go before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight with Shane.
I worked super hard this week, and it was worth it all. I lost what I gained back from my four day eating fiasco.. and a pound. I think it may have been more, but last night my brother in law took us out to In and Out Burger. Even though I ate within my calories, I just felt like it made me retain water, or something. My sisters in law wanted to get a movie and dessert so we went to Walmart. We got a Cinnamon Swirl bunt cake. They all ate it with vanilla ice cream... it looked so yummy! But I didn't eat ANY!! Did you hear that? I resisted temptation!!
Today is high calorie day. Yay!! And I get today off from working out.. which is really needed. I am super sore. But I kinda want to go to TKB at 5:30 pm. That is a weird feeling... wanting to work out on my day off. I LOVE IT! Tomorrow and the rest of the week is on. I am so focused to stay on track. We leave for Morgan Hill on Friday, and I hope to be at -34 pounds. -35 would be awesome.
Some exciting things are happening. We are really praying about where God wants us after graduation. It seems like, He may be leading us to Hawaii. We are not sure yet, but God's plan for us seems to be revealing. Wherever He leads us will be awesome!!! Also, my Dad got Chief of Police for Soledad Police, Ca. That was a big answer to prayer. God is so good.


Weightless said...

Awesome! I'm so happy for you and even prouder for you! How long are you guys going to be in MH? Mariyn a 3 day weekend next weekend (this weekend too). We might be able to arrange another visit if we're lucky and timing works out right. :)

Oh and I completely understand. Fridays are my "easy" day at the gym. I do my Zumba in the morning - it's fun. Sometimes, I do weights but not always. The weekends are family time but I still *want* to do something active and feel like I should go to the gym but I know I push my body 5 days, I should take the weekend to rest, heal, avoid injury and spend quality time with my girls.

adrienne said...

Totally! I would love to see you guys! We are hoping to dedicate Cody Sunday night at church and would love for you guys to come!!! I emailed our pastor bout it and have not heard yet.. so i will let you know for sure when. Yay!