Monday, February 22, 2010


We got home last night from Morgan Hill at 3:00 am. Today we slept and had a lazy day. Our good friends had to take their baby boy to the ER tonight. We are watching the three oldest ones. They are so sweet, they brought us dinner for watching them. KFC.... and I am not gonna lie, I LOVE KFC!! I could not go to the gym since we are babysitting, but that's ok. This is way more important. Honestly, I wasn't planning on going anyways.. even though I would miss my beloved TKB. I am so exhausted from getting home so late, and the boys woke up at 8:00 am. Even though we took a three hour nap.. I am still tired.
Morgan Hill was so great. I loved visiting my family, getting to see my sister. She lives in WA and I never get to see her and my niece and nephew. Her hubby is in Iraq on his third tour. Love and miss you Jerrod! Your a hero!
It was also great to see Sara! You are looking really slim! It was motivating to get together with you! you ate way better than me! :-0 lol!
My Dad got Chief of Police for Soledad and we were able to go to his ceremony. I love seeing my Mom, Davey's mom and all our brothers and sisters.
We dedicated Cody Sunday night. What a blessing. I pray my boys will grow up and love God and want to serve Him. I can't wait for the day they ask Jesus to save them.
Sometimes I feel like I am looking thin, and then when I go some where and no one says anything, ie church, gym, then I think it is all in my head and I really look the same. What a blessing this weekend was for people who haven't seen me in a long time to tell me I look great and that they can tell I've lost a lot of weight. The most valued comment was from my husbands Papa. He not to long ago would call me "Gordita" when he saw me. He didn't have any reservations telling me through out my pregnancy with Shane that I was gaining a lot of weight. He has not said anything in a good while, I think because he finally realized it hurt my feelings and that I was about to cry when he did. He is a softy though. He loves the boys so much, they are his great grand kids.
When he first saw me he gasped and said, "Wow look at you! You have really slimmed down! You look great!" I was so flattered. Then later he mentioned it again to his wife (who so sweetly had already told me how great I looked). He said, "Did you see her? She is getting so skinny! How much have you lost? Like 80 pounds?". The 80 pounds was a bit off... way off.. and I think he was kidding, but I said, "31 pounds actually!" and he said, "Wow.". I felt so good. It is so motivating when people notice the results. Se even though no weigh in last week, and I am already dreading this weeks, the compliments where enough.


All in a day's work said...

Darnit! On my dashboard, I can read this much of this blog entry..."We got home last night from Morgan Hill at 3:00 am. Today we slept and had a lazy day. Our good friends had to take their baby boy to the ER tonight. We are watching the three oldest ones. They are so swee..."
When I click to read it or in Google reader, it's in that webding font again.

So I copy and pasted it into notepad and turned it to arial...

Congrats to your dad on Chief of Police!

About the not looking thin because no one says anything. I know for me, sometimes, unless I know someone is trying to lose weight, I won't say anything if I notice they have lost weight.

I am scared if I say, Oh my you've lost so much weight! Or have you lost weight? That will offend them. Or if I say, You look great! That Im inferring that before they didn't look great. ( I know I went through so many ups and downs with compliments and lack of compliments when I lost weight)

I need to get better about that, because I have to remember that sometimes it's the motivation people need.

I'd love to see progress pictures if you get to a point you want to share them, you are doing AWESOME!

Weightless said...

I can't read the font either :/

Weightless said...

I tried Sherri's trick and it worked! Try not to fret this week. Losing weight is a marathon not a sprint. You're in it for the long haul and you're doing great! Compliments are always good and I'm glad Pappa noticed. Just wait until you really have lost 80lbs- he will be speechless!

All in a day's work said...

I agree with Sara. Im sure people are noticing, they just may not know what to say.

adrienne said...

What is it about the font you guys can't read? uh oh how do I fix this? and Thank you :)

Weightless said...

It's probably a font you chose in your settings that not every browser recognizes. Just pick a different font and I bet it will work. Funny thing is, I can read it on this browser (firefox) but can't on the other (Google Chrome).