Monday, March 8, 2010

1 Mile!!

Saturday I mentioned to Davey that I wanted to run 1 whole mile, and he replied, "Good! You can do it! It's easy. I'll show you." So we went to the track, and I let Davey "show" me just how easy it was. He wanted to run it in 6 minuets. I knew he could run 1 mile no problem. He can do anything! And I'm not just saying that because he is my husband. He has one of those personalities, "Mind Over Matter". He rarely gets sick because of this somehow. If he starts to feel sick he will say, "Nope. It's all in my head." then he won't get sick! Not always, but often.

Not me. Nope. As soon as I feel a teeny bit sick, I'm done. I'm defeated and I need my rest!
So he sprinted the first lap. Then he began to slow down, and as he passed me I could see he was feeling a little sick. He finished in 7:15 minuets. He didn't pace himself to good and felt like he was going to throw up.. but.... mind over matter, and he didn't .

It was raining hard when it was my turn. I started running and it felt good. By the time I finished my first lap it was hard to breathe. I had to use my inhaler which I keep in my sports bra when I run. I dreaded doing three more laps, but I wasn't going to stop.
I paced myself and tried to concentrate on my breathing. I prayed for strength to finish. I was trying to motivate myself by telling myself this was easy compared to giving birth. Then I would quote things like "I am bullet proof!" and chuckle to myself for saying it. I use to run with my Dad often when I was little, and as soon as we would get half way he would say, "OK let's go! All down hill from here!!" When I passed the 1/2 mile mark I thought about that and how I wasn't going to quit now being so close. I sprinted the last 1/8 of the mile... and my husband met me at the finish line. I wanted to be very dramatic and fall to the ground, but I resisted since it was raining and the track was all wet. My husband said, "Good job! 12 minuets 30 seconds! Keep walking don't stop. I am so proud of you!" I was so proud of me too. Seriously, next to giving birth to the boys, that was the hardest physical thing I have done... and giving birth to Cody was really really painful! I really pushed myself far out of my comfort zone.

I am loving all the goals I have met physically. I looked into my journal saw that I only lost 1 pound in February. Un-acceptable! But then I look at my goals and realized I achieved thee more off three of them. I had listed several fitness goals, and I was able to cross off four of them: 1.swim in the gym pool (January) 2. Run 1/2 mile (February) 3. Do a spin class (March) 4. Run 1 mile

I am doing well this week, and with God's help I will be under -31 on weigh in day..Friday.

We have not heard from the pastor of the church we want to work at yet. Should hear something by today or tomorrow.

Also I joined the church choir, and I love it! I wish I would have joined a long time ago. I love our church and serving the Lord. I look forward to Davey and I being in the Easter musical, "The Choice".

God answered our prayers and provided for our rent. I am sorry I lacked faith. In Mark 11:22 Jesus said, "Have faith in God." Today while spending time with Him, the Holy Spirit just spoke to me and told me to be thankful for all He has given me, and not to worry about anything. He has answered our prayers many times and provided for us and given us above and beyond we deserve. I am thankful for my salvation.
I am thankful for my husband being a godly man and for God having compassion on us and changing our lives. And because of Him, we were married and vowed to love each other forever.

I am thankful for Shane. We prayed so hard for a baby, and specifically a baby boy.

I am thankful for Cody. We prayed for another baby, and specifically another boy so Shane and Cody could be close together in age and be best friends.
Which they are.....
I've got so much to thank Him for!!


All in a day's work said...

Congrats on the one mile, and the rent need being met!

adrienne said...

Thank you Sherri! =)

Weightless said...

Good job, you went from 1/2mile to 1 mile fast! While, I know the feeling of accomplishment with the weight milestones the fitness ones are really the best, in my opinion at least.