Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I know I already posted today... but this couldn't wait. We heard from the pastor of the church we were hoping and praying to serve at. The pastor met with the deacons on Saturday about us coming to serve there.
The meeting went really well! According to Pastor Surface, they were all in favor of us moving there. Where is this church you might ask? HAWAII !!!! Really though, I am so thankful for this ministry. It seems really amazing. We really prayed to be able to be a part of a ministry with a vision and a godly pastor.
I got so excited after the phone call I started eating everything around... this made me realize I am a very emotional eater. :-0
We are going to continue to pray the Lord keeps opening the doors, and if He does we will be moving to Hawaii this summer. I got to lose the weight.......I am going to live in the land of bikinis. Not that you will find me in one...
We thank God for answering our prayers. He is so good to us when we don't deserve it. I can think of so many more Christians that deserve way more than we do to go serve Him in the beautiful state of Hawaii.
Ps 37:4 says God gives you the desires of your heart.... and we will be living right by my favorite place in the world.. the beach. We have also always desired to be able to minister to military.
I will be very sad to live so far from family though... but they will just have to come visit a lot!
I do have some family history there in Oahu. My great grandpa was a Brigadier General in the U.S Military. He lived the rest of his life in Oahu and is buried in the military cemetery, "The Punchbowl". I will be so glad to be able to see his grave. What a hero he was to serve our country for so many years.
Davey and I have been praying about planting a church in Hawaii for a couple years now. We have always had a desire to reach military for Christ. Hawaii has many bases and the church we will serve at is made up of a lot of military people. Pastor Surface is going to teach us the ministry there in Hawaii and then help us Lord willing plant a church there. I know a lot of people think Hawaii isn't a needy area for a church, and it is too expensive to live... but God will provide.. just like He has. There are 1,000,000 people in Honolulu alone. If there were ten good churches there they couldn't even reach all the people. I think of all the military there that don't know Christ, and they go off willingly to a battle that could lead to their death and they have never trusted Christ as their Saviour.
I know there are many other areas that need good churches as well, but we really felt the Lord calling us to Hawaii, and He has opened all the doors for us to go. We contacted at least 100 pastor's and churches and the open door is right where we have been praying to go. Unless He chooses to close them, we will be so happy and blessed to serve Him there. I am so thankful we gave our lives to Him and to do His will, because His will so so much more awesome than I EVER EVER EVER imagined it to be.


Weightless said...

Awesome! The church across the street from me has a clever saying on their message board... "When God Ordains, He sustains!" I've been wanting to share it with you for a while. ;-) Ahhh... no more slackin now girlie, April is way too soon!

P.S. I want to know how to convince my husband that I can "earn" my ultimate goal reward before I make my goal weight - any suggestions? :P How lucky/blessed are you!

adrienne said...

Thank you! I know.. i feel so unworthy! God is truly good. Make him sign a paper that says when you get to your goal weight you two get to go to Hawaii! Then come see us! By then we should have a Hawaii license and you can get a hotel for much cheaper.. or stay with us! Except that's not too romantic.. lol!!

Weightless said...

Once I am working again, I will feel more confident asking for big things - vacations and what not. Rich would totally let me go, if it wasn't for finances. In August, I went to Tennessee all by myself for 5 days! I love having the time off right now, but I miss that paycheck!