Thursday, March 25, 2010

Being on Target for Goal

To be on target for my goal weight by my goal date, tomorrow I should have a -41 pound loss. I know I am not going to be any where near that. To make up the slack I need to lose about 6 pounds a week for the next three weeks. That is a little unrealistic.... doable... but very hard. I am flexible though. I am just going to keep going and trust that I will catch up in time.

Last night a friend of mine (who has NO fat on her) told me how good I am doing with my working out. She said she is always amazed at my workouts and she told her husband she wanted to work out with me. Her husband said, "Yeah, but you can't hang with her."!! I was shocked that someone so thin would not be able to hang with me!?! That was the best compliment.

From now until my goal date, my 25th birthday, August 28, 2010, we will be extremely busy. Our trip to Hawaii in 13 days, my Mom's wedding on May 8, Davey's graduation on May 12, us going to Oregon to see family, then Washington to see my sister in early June. All the while trying to raise support for our move to Oahu in the summer, packing and selling our belongings, and taking care of all the details of moving out of state.

It is going to be very easy to quit and say I will restart when we are not so busy. Once we are settled in Hawaii. But, of course life doesn't wait for my wait loss. So my birthday will come and go and I will have not met my goal. NOOOOO!!! I can not let that happen! And what if I got pregnant with in that time and I was not even trying to lose weight? The cycle will start all over. I won't work out because I have been out of the grove, I will give in to all my cravings, and I will gain weight.

Seems like I am always saying how sick I am of going back and forth. Good for a week or two, then I go out of town and back up. But I have realized, it is always going to happen and I am just going to get use to it. I have always had a very sensitive weight... meaning it is easy to gain and lose. Especially gain. If I would have stuck to it with out failing I would already be at my goal weight, or I would never have gained weight! But that is not me. I love food way to much. And I am learning... it's okay! When I make my goal, I will be working hard to maintain. I will no longer be working out to lose weight... I will be working out to maintain, and, so I can eat and enjoy food! Truth is, I love food. I love to bake and to cook yummy food. I love to have people over or fellowship with friends, and food makes it so much funner. I know I can make healthy food, and I do. But sometimes when you are out of town, or at someone's house, you are not in control. So, when I fall off for a few days and gain a couple pounds, I just have to work out that much harder the next few days.

On Dr. Oz, a lady was on that lost over a hundred pounds. She gained the weight through her pregnancies, and she decided to try and lose weight. They wanted more kids, but she was scared she would keep gaining.. just like me. She lost the weight, and maintained it through four more pregnancies! That was so amazing and encouraging to me. She said something that I have really been trying to do, "If it is not a 10, don't eat it. If it is a 10, go ahead and eat it." She said, most of the time things she would eat were not a 10, in fact she thought maybe they were a 4 or so. Then later she would think, "Why did I eat that? It wasn't even that good!". I knew exactly what she meant. I will eat anything in front of me, even if I don't really like it.

Tuesday I did TKB and Power Sculpt. It felt so good to be back in class. Yesterday I swam 1/4 mile in 11 minuets and biked 6 miles in 14 minuets. I could have biked more, easily. It was around 5:00 pm and people were waiting for the bikes, and I was self conscience, so I jut did 6 miles. My swim was good, I tried not to take that many little breaks. I imagined I was swimming in the Triathlon. I am not sure what a good time for 1/4 mile swim is, but that is my best time yet. Olympic swimmer Micheal Phelps swims 1/4 mile in 2 minuets. All I can say is wow. I am a snail compared to him!! Today is 24Lift and Spin.

Weigh in tomorrow. Not expecting much... a week from tomorrow I hope to hit -37. I am going to have to start exercising more when I am away from home. Even if it means I get up before anyone and go running. I am finishing up my spring cleaning today. All I have left is to mop floors (already washed all rugs), finish going through mine and boys clothes, picking out what we want to sell at garage sale, and wash the windows. I love Spring!!

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