Sunday, March 14, 2010

God is so good!

We had a scare Saturday night with some gun fire behind our house along with a helicopter flying over our neighborhood for a few hours. God is so good to keep us safe, especially with Davey working in El Centro right now.

Tonight we had Celebration Sunday at church. It was amazing! I love being a child of God and being able to serve Him! The people of LBC give so willingly and joyfully.
I really love choir! I almost started to cry a little during one of our songs. I don't know how people that do solo's do it.

What was really cool about being in choir tonight was, I text my mom to watch me live stream and she did! That was really neat. She text me while we were singing, "I see you! Wave!" LOL Like I had my phone on me.

Dr. Gibbs tonight said something that really spoke to my heart, "Everyone everywhere is going to spend eternity somewhere." Then he described that when you see people at the store or in an airport, they are going to go into eternity one day, and that God wants YOU to tell them! I am so thankful that on March 2, 2003 someone told me about His saving grace and I accepted His gift! God is so good.

We are leaving for Morgan Hill tomorrow at 9:00 am. I am going to try real hard to be good this week. I really don't want to go backwards again.....but I have to confess....this weekend has been a little crazy. All we have is Mac N Cheese and peanut butter and jelly! I sent my mom a grocery list and put mostly healthy stuff on there for while we stay with her.
Time to finish packing and get to bed!

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