Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello New Low....

Low weight that is! I weighed this morning and am a new low.. but will not reveal until Friday! Muahahahaha!
I did TKB and weights last night, weights and Spin this morning. I am loving how I am pushing past my comfort zones to doing things I never thought I could. This morning in Spin I felt like I was going to throw up. This teacher did a lot of different things than the last... including the terrible "Hover". That's where she had us "hover" over our seats with out sitting on it. My behind will be very sore tomorrow!
Davey has been working out at the school about 4 days a week. He is so lucky... his goal is to gain weight. He isn't skinny at all, but he had a lot more muscle when we got married. He lost about 10 pounds since then. What a good life, eating more calories.


Weightless said...

:) Shhh .... Don't spill the beans! LOL Good job!

adrienne said...

:-) lol