Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Monday...

The alarm went off at 6:30 am. Davey had just gotten up and was shaving. My bed was so warm and cozy. My cream colored sheets felt so soft, and my king size fuzzy, beige blanket that is right under our light burnt orange comforter was exceptionally warm and soft. The curves of my firm and form pillow fit perfectly with my neck and head. The sheer white fabric that hangs from my bed posts covered the outside of the bed from the top to the bottom and I felt peaceful and protected.
I turned off the alarm when I meant to push snooze. As I drifted back to sleep I realized I didn't snooze it, so if I don't get up, I won't get up. I didn't want Davey to leave with out breakfast. So I got up and made him coffee and made sure he had breakfast. It was 7:00 am now, and I was still debating whether or not to get back in bed. I checked on the boys to find Shane sleeping in his twin size bed, warm and cozy. He sleeps with three pillows surrounding the top of the bed because he likes to sleep sideways, curled up in a ball at the very top of the bed. There is a bed rail on the middle of the edge of the mattress to keep him from falling off, even though a couple times now he has managed to do just that. He was covered with two warm fleece blankets, and his cowboy quilted comforter. I touched his cheek and he didn't move, which means he was in a very deep sleep and would sleep two more hours at least. Five feet away from Shane's bed was Cody, who was on his belly in the crib, covered with three different blankets, one dis-shoveled under him because he moved around in his sleep and in the middle of the night we constantly re-cover him because our heater goes off at night and it usually gets to be 60 degrees in the house. I touched his cheek, not a flinch.
It took me about 20 minuets before I finally decided to go. I got the boys up and ready and made it there by 8:00 am. They really don't do well when I wake them up and try to hurry them into their clothes and into the car, Shane with a Toaster Strudel in his hand. The girl working in the Kids Club was late, so there was a long line of people trying to drop off their kids. When I finally got into the class it was 8:13. At 8:50, during squats, the worker from Kids Club came and got me and said both boys were crying. When I walked in the Kids Club, Shane shouted "Mommy!" tears on his cheek. Cody spotted me and began to cry even more and kick his legs like he was trying to get to me faster. I hugged them both tight, and we left. Both happy now and smiling, Shane shouted, "Bye! Dank do!!" (That's thank you). I wanted to go back at 6:30 anyways so it was no big deal, except I had to pay $4 for 40 minuets of Kids Club.
After 6:30 pm TKB I worked out my upper body. Arms, shoulders, back and chest. Felt great.
Yesterday's calorie counting:
Banana (105)
Coffee w/ 4 Tbsp Sugar free creamer (60)
3 Egg Whites (51)
1 toast (100)
1 Turkey Bacon (35)

Turkey Sandwich w/ mustard, 1/2 oz cheese, 1/4 avocado, tomato, and a little S&Pepper (350)
1 oz Ranch Doritos (150)
1 Egg, Cheese and Sausage Toaster Strudel (180)

Pizza Tortilla
1 tortilla (120)
1/2 cup marinara sauce (90)
1 oz cheese (110)
1 Turkey bacon (35)
Onion and Spinach (20)
1 reduced fat Crescent Roll (90)
coffee (45)
1 sugar free Jello (60)
Total calories consumed: 1,601
Total estimated calories burned: 3,000
Yay! That's a good day.

I already went to the gym this morning while Davey watched the boys before he had to leave for school. Did 38 min of cardio on elliptical and treadmill, and abs. Hoping to go back tonight, but thank God, Davey finally has work starting today, so I am not sure I will make it to TKB tonight at 5:30. Child care is $4 every day for two kids.
P.S. We are doing really well with the potty training! (Shane of course, not me) =)

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Weightless said...

Good job with your food :) Daycare at the gym can be pricey. We pay a flat rate fee $30/both kids per month. Drop in rates are $5 per visit per kid. Ouch! Good job to Shane too!