Friday, March 5, 2010


So I was challenged by the lovely Sara to do a spin and a weight class together. Yesterday they just happened to have 24Lift and 24Cycle back to back, and I had already looked at the schedule and wanted to try it. Spin class was another goal I have for myself to try, but had been too scared.
Well I did it......and I LOVED IT!!! It was amazing! I was so sad I didn't wear my Body Bugg because I am so curious to how many calories I burned.
I have been really stressed this week, and I felt like I just took out all my aggression on the bike. It was awesome. The instructor was so intense. There was no warm up.... from the moment the music started he yelled, "We are going up! Let's go! Level 8!" I was not really sure how to get it to level 8, but I did make the resistance hard and I did the whole class, and I really pushed myself. I was pouring sweat, and I was groaning and making unpleasant faces most of the time... but so were others so I didn't feel to weird. I can't wait to do it again.
I did 30 minuets of the 24Lift, I was late. But, wow. I worked out many body parts I have not worked in a long time...and I am very sore today.
Weigh in... good & bad. Good: down 1 pound from Wednesday. Bad: up .6 from -31, so right now I am at -30.4.
Even though today is suppose to be high calorie day, and my day off of the gym, I am going to work out. I am very motivated to get below -31 next Friday.
I have had such an anxious spirit. For may reasons, our rent being due, my weight-loss, and finding out where we are going when Davey graduates. We have been waiting on one person to tell us his counsel before we could tell the pastor of where we want to go our decision. We got counsel from many godly people, many of who really know the ministry there, and they all advised us to take this opportunity. Our home pastor said he was all for it, but wanted to wait to see what the Pastor Chappell thought about it.
I have been so anxious and nervous and just wanted to know what he was going to say so we could tell the pastor of the church we want to work at. Well, yesterday, I emailed his secretary and she asked him if he had a chance to look at the written plan the pastor and Davey came up with. She emailed me back at 4:00 pm and let us know he thinks we should take that position. We were so excited. Davey called the pastor right away to let him know all our counsel said yes and that we want to work there. He was glad, but said he had a meeting with his deacons on Saturday to discuss it with them to make sure they didn't have any reservations about us coming to work there. Anxious again.
The Lord is truly teaching me patients. I know his will is perfect, and so is his timing. Whether it is providing for our rent, showing us our future, or my weight-loss. He knows best and is always in control.
Psalms 27:14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.
P.S. Please pray for the deacon meeting tomorrow. We should know by Monday or Tuesday how it went. :)

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Weightless said...

There was a great saying on the church sign across the street from my house, "Don't worry about tomorrow - God is already there."

Glad you enjoyed spin. I was intimidated at first but felt so empowered by being able to do it and I'm loving the results.