Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bon voyage!!

I still have a crazy amount of things to do before we leave for the airport tomorrow at 5:45 am. I am so excited to go to Hawaii. I have never been, and people only say such amazing things!! Please pray for Davey this week. He is preaching 5 times in the 6 days we are there. He is really nervous.

My father-in-law got to our house on Friday night. I had not seen him in about 8 weeks. Saturday morning he asked if I had been going to the gym a lot, and I said yes. He said, "Yeah you can really tell. You look a lot thinner! Your stomach is not so......" as he extended his hands out as illustrating a huge tummy. He drifted off in words, and I think he realized those weren't the right words to say to a sensitive woman... I finished his sentence, "So big?" and he said, "Yeah!". I said, "Well thanks!" I guess!? Nice to know he and probably everyone else noticed my huge flabby gut before I started losing weight. But I am glad people are commenting and encouraging me! :)

The weekend was insanely busy. No time to work out at all. Saturday we had rehearsal for the musical all day long. We were at church from 12pm-9pm. It went really well though and many people were saved! PTL! I was glad the dinner they fed us was soup and salad. Sunday we had a BBQ with my husbands family. Great food, and I ate mostly steak and bread. We barley had time to hide the eggs, before we had to go back to church. Sad to say we hid them and never went to find them. ;( I am sure the doggies enjoyed them though!! Shane is still real little he doesn't know anyways.

I have not been counting my calories, or working out for a few days. Good news... I have been so busy I don't have that much time to eat. Weighing myself and I am maintaining. I am OK with that for now. I wanted to make it to Spin this morning, but I had to run to Target, post office, and to return a book.

My Chantel Hobbs books came on Saturday. So far they are OK. I like to read books that are like weight loss journals instead of a "Do This" books. I already know what to do. I want to hear about all the things you went through as you lost 200 pounds!

Triathlon in less than a month.. three weeks actually!! Yikes!! When we get home next week there is going to be intense training. My Spin teacher on Tuesday said I am improving and I look good. That was real motivating!! On Thursday i did Spin then 2 miles on the treadmill, this time in 27:40. Running is becoming easier.

Davey has not worked in 2 1/2 weeks now. Praying and trusting God to supply our needs.
Shane is doing so well with potty training! I am so proud of him.

Well I better go pack, finish laundry, clean the house, organize our outfits for the plane, cut the boys hair, give them baths, iron,
put the boys down for a nap, proof read Davey's message for tomorrow night, pack our carry on's, get ready for church tonight, make dinner (Steak Salad tonight!), walk the dogs since they will be cooped up for six days, and get all the keys and dog food ready for Karissa to take care of things while we are gone. I will do my best to eat healthy there! Lot's of fish I hope!! I will try to run too. Pray for us and a safe flight!!

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Weightless said...

Yeah Uncle Dave isn't always the most cautious with his words but he meant it as complimentary and encouraging as possible. Maintaining over a holiday event is GREAT! Sometimes that is all you can ask for or expect. Holiday food, gatherings and schedules just make dieting so challenging. Good job maintaining - you didn't go backwards and that is huge progress for you! Have fun in Hawaii - I'm sure things will go great and if you aren't able to run, you can always try to get in sit ups and floor exercises :) Most of all enjoy your vaca ;-)