Thursday, April 1, 2010


One of my good friends told me right before I started this journey of weight-loss, that losing weight would be hard for me because I am easy going. I asked her what she meant and she nicely said, I am a really easy going, go with the flow type of person. I am not an organized, disciplined, uptight individual. At first I was a little offended, and I wanted to prove her and everyone else wrong. She could tell that was not what I wanted to hear, and she went on to say I could lose the weight and with God's help I will. She was right though. She only had about 15 pounds to lose and we started at the same time. She quickly met her goal and I was still only at -8 pounds. I felt disappointed to tell her when she would ask me how much I have lost. Still to this day I feel like I definitely should have lost a lot more by now. I mean I started in July!!

Sara, my husbands cousin is very driven and motivated and is also trying to lose 100 pounds. She is doing so awesome. She started in October and has lost 52 pounds! Almost 20 more than me, and she started 3 months after me.

I noticed on Monday, a lady that started going to the gym about 6-8 weeks ago has really lost a good amount of weight. We do most of the same classes together, and you can really tell how she is trimming down. I thought about that during the class, and I realized I have gained and lost the same 5 pounds for that whole 6-8 weeks and have not made any progress on the scale. I got so discouraged. BUT thank God I have made A LOT of progress on my fitness levels. That keeps me going.

Tiffany, my roommate my first year at West Coast Baptist College, has lost 60 plus pounds since then. That was in 2005. She is a lot like me and I love her for it. We really relate when it comes to food. We often post about a food tempting us, and our battle to eat right. On January 1, 2010, for her new year resolution she started a running schedule. She really wanted to become a runner. Since then (in 3 months) she has already ran two 5k's and plans to do one a month this whole year. She inspires me so much!! I am more like her in my weight loss. I am not sure how long it took her to lose the 60 pounds, but she did it, and she plans to lose more before her wedding in October.

I am ME though. I keep comparing to everyone else I know losing weight, or anyone that has, and I feel so behind or inadequate.

It may take me a while to lose the weight because I am easy going and go with the flow.. I really hope I am at my goal weight by my goal date, but if not I am going to keep going. As soon as I feel any sudden emotion, I eat. If I am going out to dinner I want to go all out, if we are at friends or they are at our home I am not cautious. I am working on those things, but I am not perfect, and I am naturally unorganized and not very disciplined. I have to learn how to do those things.

In one of my books "Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl" it took her a few years to lose all the weight. She lost 175 pounds. She went through phases where she stopped all together then started back up.
A lady named Chantel Hobbs, who I heard on the Christian radio a couple weeks ago, lost 200 pounds. I really liked her because she talked about only being able to do it with God's help. I ordered both her books yesterday.

Yesterday I was very discouraged, even though I had done well. I felt tired of trying so hard. I get that way if I don't pray in the morning. So when I laid down with Cody, I prayed and asked God to help me. I realized yet again, I truly can't do this without Him.
Then I asked myself, what are my motives for losing weight? Are they to get praise from others? That is not honoring to God. Is it so the opposite sex will be attracted to me? That definitely is not honoring to God. It is honoring to God if I want to look better for my husband, if I want to be healthy, to be a good testimony to young adults and youth, and to keep my body as a temple for the Holy Ghost. I do believe it is God's will to be healthy.

I have a confession.... I have been weighing myself everyday! I know I know!! Horrible. It messes with my mind so much. So, yesterday I was down a pound from last weigh in. Disappointing because of all my hard work I really wanted more. I am not going to weigh until Wednesday, the day we leave for Hawaii. Then after that only weigh on weigh in days!! I mean it. I just read in one of my books, "Tales from the Scale", that weighing your self more than once a week can really slow down your weight loss. I know for me, if I weigh during the week and it is not what I hoped for, I will give in that day and blow it. So no more OCD weighing.

Psalms 145:18 " The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth."


Weightless said...

Everyone is different thier bodies, their lifestyle and their journey. I believe God uses our path to teach us something. Each person's path is going to differ slightly. It's hard not to compare but really... what's the point? You weren't born me, your old roomie or any of your friends. You were born you. Losing weight is HARD for anyone and I can tell you that no matter what the scale reads, no matter how big the loss is, I'm not satisfied. Stop beating yourself up and just keep working on your goals at YOUR pace.

adrienne said...

That is why I wrote that blog. I am realizing I am doing this as me and I won't have the same results as anyone else. Although other people are motivating... I am focusing on my and doing what works for my weight loss.

Denise said...

Aww, prayers Adrienne! That was really inspiring! You can do it with God's help. :) I know you can! I know I don't have as much weight to lose as you do (17lbs to go), but you really inspire me!

All About Bailey said...

It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who suffers from these feelings of defeat before I even start. I know that through God's help we can do this...but what happens when you have no motivation? I have great motivation, but have no clue where to start. I want to be able to run around with my girls and not be out of breath and I want to know that I'll be there for my girls and that I'll be healthy enough for them. I don't want them to look at me and think that THIS is okay, because as you said, I know that God wants us to be healthy. I've always said I don't care about being skinny, I want to be healthy...and I'll stick to that. I'm proud of you and I know that you can do this. Stay strong. :)

adrienne said...

Thank you girls!! Jocelyn, you can do it. I know it seems over whelming... I still feel that way.. I broke up my goals into 10 of them.. lose 10 pounds... lose 20 pounds.. ect. It seemed so much easier that way for some reason! =) Thanks for reading girls!