Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home sweet home

I have so much to write. I missed you all. I missed the gym, and I missed my calorie counting journal. I really missed my Thursday Spin class, and I missed home. Home sweet home.

"Home is where the heart is" is what many wall hangings and pillows say. I really believe this is true. Where is your heart though? My heart is for God, and for my family. Where ever my family is that is my home...This "home" is only temporary though because we are just passing through. Our real home is in heaven with God our Father.
That is a comforting thought!!

Hawaii was great. Where do I start. The flight there was pretty good. 5 1/2 hours on a plane with a 2 year old and an almost 1 year old is not that fun, but the boys did exceptionally well. I brought my laptop and they watched movies. Cody nursed and slept a lot of the flight too.

The Pastor and Youth Pastor met us at the airport with real leis. That was awesome. From that moment we were busy. We headed to McDonald's for lunch, then to see the church, then Davey and the Pastor talked for a couple hours while I tried to
get the boys to sleep in the nursery. Didn't happen. At LAX and the whole flight there whenever I would walk my slip would literally fall off me. So on the plane I took it off. Bad idea. The humidity hit when we landed and my dress clung to me and my legs started to sweat. I kept thinking what a horrible first impression, fat sweaty lady with a dress clinging to her rear. Finally I cooled off and was able to freshen the boys up, but my bag was still in the car and I didn't have time to change between dinner at the Pastor's and church that night. I felt stinky and sticky and really wanted to shower before church but didn't have time.
Davey preached an awesome message on God's holiness that night. The church family was great, they all knew our names and were so glad we were there. We stayed with such a sweet family. There home was 6,000 sq ft. Whoa. 3 stories, our room was on the top level. Lots of stairs. Good for the rear though :) We had a place to go everyday. The only free time we had was Thursday to recover from jet lag, which we did at the beach. It was a man-made lagoon so there was no waves, the boys could play and it was safe.

That night we had dinner at Panda, then we went visiting people who had visited the church. I went with a lady named Rachel, a teacher. We went to Pearl Harbor to a young lady's house whose husband is in the Navy. He was out to sea at that time, and she invited us in. She is hurting a lot right now. She is in the middle of a bad divorce, and just mis-carried twins. Her husband drinks a lot and that is one reason they are getting a divorce. She said her husband came home from being at sea and said, "This isn't working, you are too fat to have sex with and I want a divorce!". Can you believe that?!!! I almost cried. I shared with her that even though she feels so hopeless, there is hope, and it is with Jesus. He makes all things possible and through Him her marriage and life could be saved. I really saw myself in her if God hadn't changed my life. I thank God for Him and His
goodness!! For saving me and changing me and my husband. I am thankful my husband won't leave me for gaining weight.

Friday my husband worked at the church all day and the boys and I drove around, went to Safeway to see how expensive groceries are there, and hung out at the house we stayed at.

That night we had the Singles bible study. Davey preached and then we had fellowship.

Saturday the Singles took us to the Dole Plantation, where we did the maze (a maze in a pineapple field). We split into two teams and raced. All the girls in the singles class are thin, athletic, and competitive. ALL the guys are in the military. So my immediate thought was, "Oh no, running with Davey and military guys will not be easy! I won't be able to keep up!". Well I did, and I could have kept going. It was a good work out. It took us 26 minuets, and we beat the other team.

Being that the group we would be leading are mostly military young men was intimidating. I just imagined what they thought of me. "Why is he married to a fat lady? I don't want to be in the ministry, I don't want a fat wife..." ect. But surprisingly, they were very nice and receptive to me. The girls were nice too, especially the oldest daughter of the family we stayed with. I did not see strife among the group of girls, which is rare when ever you have more than a few girls that are together. There was a certain someone that made me a little uncomfortable. They would say little comments about the food we were eating or the portions the restaurants gave and the comments seemed directed towards me... Actually I know they were... but that's fine. I did not feel the need to go into my life story of my battle with weight and how far I've come this far to someone that I don't really know or doesn't know what it's like to have issues with weight. And I am pretty sure I could out swim or out bike them... hey I am a little competitive after all! ;-)

After the Dole Plantation ( where we had the most amazing pineapple ice cream! just FYI) we went to eat lunch, and then to the beach where the set of LOST is. That is where Davey gave a bible challenge. It was beautiful. I loved the tender hearts of the singles. By that time the boys had been with a sitter for about 8 hours so we rushed home, then got ready and headed back to a sinlges BBQ. I was starting not to feel to well, so I barley ate. The guy whose house it was at is a single Chaplin in the military and I noticed in his spare bedroom he had two cycle bikes (ones you ride on the street). I asked him if he rides and he said yes and he said he is training a girl for a triathlon. I was like, "Wow!! I am doing my first on May 1!!" He seemed surprised. I asked him to give me some advice and he said, "You have to count your calories and watch your diet." I said, "I do". He said, "How many calories do you eat?" I said "1,600, but I am still nursing." and he seemed pretty concerned that I would not be prepared for the tri.. but that's ok. Looking at me, no one would think that right now I can do an intense Spin class then go do 2 miles on the treadmill. I know that is not that much for some people, but for MOST people it is a lot.

Another Navy guy is training to be in Search and Rescue. He told me all about how he is training and swimming everyday and how he is not that great a swimmer. He said he has to be able to swim a certain amount in a certain time to pass. I told him I swim and I am training for a mini tri and of course he was a little surprised. I told him I swim 1/4 mile and my best time was 10 minuets. He was impressed and then told me he has to swim 400 meters in 10 minuets to pass the test. I said, "400 meters is 1/4 mile!!" I was sooo excited that I could swim a 1/4 mile faster than a Navy seal. Whoa. :) By the regulations of the U.S Navy.. I could be Search and Rescue! Well probably not... there is a lot of things I would not pass, I am sure!

That night I was really nauseated. Shane threw up in the middle of the night, and Cody a little in the morning. I did not, thank God, but I did not eat much for a couple days. The rest of the trip was busy too with church and fellowship with people. I was homesick and anxious in my spirit about whether or not this is God's will for us. The people were great, and the church was great, and the place was great, but for some reason I did not have complete peace. I can not trust my feelings though, because I just could be homesick. Davey felt at home there while I did not as much. We are diligently praying about it and asking God to show us. I want His will above all else. "Not my will, but Thine be done."

The day we left we had a couple hours to go to the "Punchbowl" to see my great grandfather, Harold P. Little's grave. He was a Brigadier General and died in Oahu. It was amazing and so touching.

Wednesday morning when I got home I stepped on the scale, and I was shocked... literally my jaw dropped. -7 pounds!! What?! Is this right?!! I didn't even throw up!! I stepped on again, same thing. Wahooo!! I was just hoping to maintain!! I did swim there in the lagoon and walked a little, but the first few days I ate pretty bad, so I was expecting a gain, hoping to have maintained.

And oh yeah... the day after Cody turned 11 months old, on Saturday while we were in Hawaii... I started my period!! Ugh!! I have not had it in about 3 years from being pregnant and nursing to pregnant and nursing. I thought I would be up on the scale from that too but I wasn't.

We have been busy since we got home. We have been praying and getting counsel on whether this is God's will for us. It is exciting and scary. Who doesn't want to live in Hawaii!? But if it is not where God wants then I don't want to go. For me as the women, I know I will struggle with "Island Fever". I was homesick and we were only there 6 days, and Davey will hardly be home between work and the ministry..... but not my will, God's will. We will be so happy right in the center of His will and I know it. I have not made it back to the gym yet, but I am anxious!! The tri is coming up real quick in about 2 weeks and I have major training to do!! Wish me luck!


blondevue... said...

A wonderful post :)
I do have to say I was smiling one second and crying the next. Your heart comes out in these posts, the someone who would make comments about food and portions and the like, I do not know who is. But, it crushes my heart none the less. My first thoughts, start with how COULD they?! But as I thought that, I continued to read and your sweet spirit came out. You didn’t condemn them, or call out there name which you could have, and I really would have liked that so I could have a word or two with them. But you didn’t, and your Christian maturity comes out right there. I don’t think many of us could have handled the situation as well as you did by abiding in Him.
Thanks also for sharing about the woman that you and Rachel met, we will keep looking for her at church. I only hope she comes, so that she can have the real hope :)
The pictures are marvelous! The one of you and Cody is awesome, I love your guys smile’s! I think David was enjoying that ice cream!! I’m glad you guys got to try it! The best :) The pictures of us girls is so sweet, I loved having another blonde :) And a dear sweet soul at that! When you said that you were surprised that there wasn’t strife between the girls, I was surprised. I think that because all of the guys are military and come and go, the girls kind of stick together as sisters. It must be a God thing because I know what you mean about most places having the strife, I guess we just haven’t really had that here. That’s another reason I was so glad that you were so sweet, I was a little nervous to meet you. There are so many times that you can meet people that are snobby and you weren’t like that at all!
I guess this leads me into the other thing I wanted to say, where you said you were worried about what the guys would think about your husband being in the ministry and being married to someone who is ‘fat’ that was really a crazy thought. I’m sorry, but I will be upfront. Any guy who thinks that, and yes I know guys are visual, blablabla, has no depth. Your husband loves you because of who You are. And anyone who gets to know you sees your personality, and doesn’t think that either.
The devotion on the beach was really cool, I don’t think we’ve ever done that before. Just being out in Gods nature while hearing the word of God was awesome!
That is crazy awesome about beating the swim time of a navy seal! You must have worked hard to get to that point, a quarter of a mile seems like forever. I can’t imagine being able to swim that far! Much the less in 10 mins!!
Glad you guys were able to make it to the Punchbowl.
Have fun at your spin class! If you guys move here we’ll have to workout together among other things. :)

adrienne said...

You are so sweet! No matter what happens with our future I am so glad we met! I was nervous to meet you too, when your Mom told me you and your sis were in the singles class and I was staying i your room, and I peeked at what size clothes you wore (he he! don't worry that's all the snooping I did I promise!!) I was automatically intimidated! LOL! And then you just happen to look like me when I was thin... LOL! But I was so glad when you gave me a hug for being blond, and i new we would be friends! =) Thanks for reading! Did the people on the trip to Philippines get home ok?

Weightless said...

Beautiful pictures Adrienne. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I have to admit, sometimes I am that crazy person who stares at what everyone is eating and makes rude comments. Because I am so cautious about what I eat (even though obviously I wasn't always this way), I nit pick what everyone else does. It's bad, I know. I've noticed it and am trying to work on it because I am dieting not everyone else is or needs to.

With that said, I think at times we are our own worse critic. We worry what other people are going to think about our flaws more than they even notice them. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. 7lbs is great - and I love that even though we're over weight we are physically fit. Progress at it's best! Makes gym time feel so good! I'm proud of you!

adrienne said...

Awe thanks Sara! Progress is awesome. And now tomorrow time to really kick it in gear... tri in two weeks. eek!

Happy Girl said...

Aw, you guys had such fun! I really wish I could have been there. But hey, I'm not complaining, I was in the Philippines! Haha.

And BTW you are an amazing photographer! But I'm sure you knew that... ;) I was wondering what kind of camera you use. My camera recently died and I'm looking into new ones but there are so many it's hard to sort through them all. My latest thoughts are leaning towards the Canon Rebel T1i but I am trying to tell myself to be more realistic and be happy with the Rebel XSi. *sigh* I know, I know, such a rough life. ;) Do you have any opinions about the Rebel line?

jenny penny said...

hey woman---lol, before you start wondering, no, i'm not some random stalker. i'm one of the girls who's part of the singles group at 'ohana. [Jen, who was born in louisiana] i was talking to lanae tonight after bible study and she told me about your blog because I was sayin, "maaaaaan, i WISH i got to know the osunas better! especially the wife! ESPECIALLY since they might be our singles' group leaders!!" so she referred me to your blog because she knows I keep one.
well, woman. lemme just say this--i am probably the only fat one outta the girls in our group, and sometimes it's uncomfortable, embarrassing, and weird--but every time I am okay with it. because if anyone has a problem with it, they would know that I would kindly talk to them about it--and shut them down squat--of course, in a kindly manner with a smile.
bwahahahahahaha--shucks, if only we got to know each other better, than you'd understand what I mean. I get along fine with everyone--and if not everyone, then I'll work my way to it eventually (since there's a BUNCH of new people right now). I have a somewhat sarcastic, but friendly humor--I don't push buttons, though I do take note of it to avoid it. I care when I care, and struggle when I don' refernece to people as well as issues of life.

But anyway, though you have no idea who I am and I you (well, only based on what i've read so far), I can tell you're a lovely lil' lady. I'm so sad I didn't get to know you while you were here, though!! ugh. but oh well. if you and your husband end up coming here to serve, than that won't be a problem no more, huh? lol well, no worries, I won't haunt your blog and read every post down to the letter, dots, crosses, and I's--but I probably will read your posts every now and then--your perception on the world, circumstance, everyday life and as a Christian woman is comforting.
hope to see you again,
random friend--Jen<3

aksunflower said...

Adrienne, it was great to read your account of your trip to Hawaii. I know you are uneasy about the hours David would have to work here, but if you do come it will be a great blessing for the church. We really enjoyed having you in our home! Sorry you couldn't meet the whole family. Tell your family hello from us.

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