Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bad News... Well.. just News.

6 1/2 Weeks pregnant
Yesterday the boys had a doctor appointment. I recently switched their doctor because we saw someone besides their normal doctor in April, and I loved him. He was so sweet and giving, he would check Shane even when I didn't pay for him to be seen as well. He is English, so he is naturally funny to listen to. Davey really liked him too. The first time we saw him was April 30, the day before my tri. I noticed a nice road bike in his office, and I asked him if that was his, he said yes that he rides around work on his breaks and things. I told him I was doing a tri the next day and he got all excited and said, "That's my sport!" He told me he use to weight 70-80 pounds more. He started losing weight, and then he broke his ankle, so he began to swim. That is how he started competing in triathlons. He started doing several sprints, then Olympic, now long courses.
So yesterday I told him we are expecting again and asked if I could do the June 5 Triathlon still. He said, "Absolutely not!!!!! What happens is you lose blood flow to the baby for those hours, which can cause miscarriage, or even worse, brain damage. You would not know anything was wrong with your baby until he/she was born." How devastating that would be! I read about some pregnant lady's doing triathlons, but they were in peak shape.. I still am not. He said anytime you are BREATHLESS it is restricting blood flow to the baby. I was really bummed! I told him I have been training and he cut me off and said, "You aren't losing your training. And it wasn't for nothing. You will still train by walking and swimming. Do the Disney 5k in September and walk it with your family." He then told me I need to: not eat ANY fast food, junk food, and watch my juice and milk. He said losing weight first comes by our diet, what we eat. Then we work out for our health. I know they both go together.
The book, "You! Having a baby." by Dr. Oz (recommended by a sweet friend that gained 80 pounds while pregnant, then lost it all! Then got pregnant again.. so now we are doing this together!) says you don't need to eat for 2... more like 1.1. Ten percent more than what you were before. That was helpful.
I am on the hunt for a good and tough sprint after I have the baby... probably April or May, maybe June 2011. For now, goal is to not gain weight, stay active and healthy.
This morning is my first pre-natal Dr. appointment! Hope to hear the heartbeat! Maybe two! ;p

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Triathlon

I was wrong about the registration date for the June 5 tri, so it is still a possibility. I am having issues deciding which one I want to do. The one on June 5 seems great, definitely easier than Wildflower tri I did, but that is the reason I don't want that one. I want a harder one. Is that realistic though? I am pregnant, and I don't want to hurt the baby. I am looking at a couple in July so I could be more prepared and do a tougher one.
The one on June 5 is a backwards tri, which makes it harder (I think). You run, bike, then swim. It is dangerous to swim when you are so tired, that is why they usually do swim, bike, run! I am itching to register so I can say to myself ,"I am doing this and you better be ready!" Triathlons are: Motivation, fun, a new passion of mine. I wish I could do one a month! I want to do one for a good cause, but unfortunately can't find one this summer! I rather pay and have it go to cancer research than nothing. I could get sponsors as well (Davey has been bothering me to do this). He wants to do the next one I do if we can afford it.
People have been asking me, "What possessed you to do a triathlon?!!" Many things! I have always loved swimming, and have been told I am a good swimmer. I don't like running much, but riding a bike is fun! Also I get bored easy, so I have always wanted to do a triathlon! Also motivation to keep me training. I am so glad I can say, "I have done a triathlon!" instead of, "I have always wanted to do a triathlon." God gets all the glory though. I could NOT have done it with out Him!
I am so honored that I have inspired several people to do, or think of doing a triathlon! A couple of my friends have asked me if they could do the next one with me. That is so awesome that I could affect someone else in desire to be a triathlete! Me, an overweight pregnant mom and wife!
I have been thinking a lot about becoming a spin instructor (before I found out I was pregnant). After the baby is born, and I am healed and active again, I really plan on registering to do so! I think that would be so fun. What accountability too!
I am thankful to God for providing all our needs, our wants, and our desires. I am sorry for all the times I am ungrateful. I love that He cares even about my desire to do triathlons, and that He provided everything I needed to do so (including a bike... for free!). =)

Friday, May 21, 2010


Right before we started.
I completed my first 5k! My time was 45:03. 200 people came in after me!!! But 1,300 people came in before me. :/ Which is fine!! I knew I was going to walk at least half of it. I had the energy to run more than I did. I started cramping in my uterus! I got concerned, so I walked. I ran again when it felt better, but whenever I pushed myself I began to get cramps again. The rest of the day my uterus felt sore, like I worked it out. Half way through.
I saved my energy, and speed walked until I could see the long stretch to the finish line. I began to run, and then I sprinted in the last 50 yards or so, passing at lease 6 people along the way. Felt great!! What an awesome accomplishment! But I do have to confess that I was not nervous, excited, or anxious like I was for the triathlon. Not to undermine the awesomeness of a 5k, but is not even close to the intensity of a sprint triathlon. I was very safe. I could walk if I had too, I did not have to fight my way to the finish line like in the lake. I had no concern that I would fall and get very seriously injured, like on the bike going down hill at 40 mph! I felt safe, comfortable, and relaxed! I enjoyed it! I loved walking and running right next to the ocean. The person that won first place for the 5k finished in... ......guess? 15 minuets!!! That is a 5 minuet mile!!! Amazing!!!! 1/3 of my time!!
Today was the deadline to pay for the triathlon I want to do on June 5. Unless by some miracle we recieve $50, I won't be able to do it. ;( So bummed. But I will keep looking for an affordable one near by. So far so good on the pregnancy! Today I am counting calories again. Finally back from being out of town so much, so no more excuses!!
Oh and I made it 1 week with no sweets!! ;p The baby really wanted a Strawberry Shake. I can say though that I do not even want sweets that often anymore. I have been craving pickles and green olives!

Mommy of three...

I am still adjusting to the thought of having three children. When this baby is born, I will, for one month, have 3 kids UNDER the age of 3!! Shane's birthday is in February. I do love the fact that we are going to have a big family. We are so blessed! I hope the baby is a girl, but I would love for it to be a boy too! Boys are awesome! But I am ready to decorate a pink room... and I will go all out!!
Lots of things have been running through my mind. I was thinking about having a home birth with a doula and a mid-wife. I am not real found of the idea, but the reason is this.... With both boys my water broke before I had any contractions. When that happens, you don't gradually start getting contractions... they start to come full force right away. I have heard, that every baby comes faster than the one before. I am not sure if that is always the case, but I do know that Shane's labor was exactly 12 hours (from the time my water broke to the time he was out), and Cody's was 5 hours. I did not get any pitocin with Cody, it was intense and fast all naturally. By the time I finally got an epidural, I was only in labor an hour longer.
My best friend Vanessa, and Davey where with me. Vanessa was prepared to time how long I pushed. I only pushed about 25 minuets with Shane. With Cody, 3 minuets!!!!!!! She was like, "What!? That's it!??" LOL She was pregnant herself with her first at the time, so she was curious. When she gave birth, she had to push for 2 hours. I can't imagine! Pushing is so tough and the hardest work out a woman will ever have!! What a tough cookie for not giving up.
So naturally, I am concerned that this baby will come at 3 or 4 hours into labor!! If I was at home I would not have to stress about being in my room and the doctor being ready to catch the baby.
I am really cracking down on our schedules. The boys nap times and bed times are being more consistent. I have been inspired by a friend to schedule Shane's day. Will update on that later!
Below is a pic of my Mom on her wedding day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A VERY BIG Surprise!!!

First, Congrats to my awesome husband!! He is done with school!! God is soooo good!! I am so proud of him.
I was going to wait a while to announce it, but since Davey's family was here for the graduation, the Cat is out of the bag, and these days with Facebook, everyone will know it in NO time!!!
I am still in awe as to how this happened. I know the science of it, but I just can't figure out how, except that it is just God's will and even when we do not understand it, He is in control. I have extreme mixed emotions, but this HUGE surprise and curve ball in life. Well I will stop babbling and just say it already...... I am pregnant!!!
I know what everyone is thinking and saying, "Another baby so soon?! They don't even have enough money now! And where are they going to move?" No doubt some people are judging, others are really happy. All I can say is we did not plan for this, in fact we were trying hard not to get pregnant. I don't want, and will not go into more details than that because it is just Davey and my business. BUT, we are EXTREMELY excited and sooo blessed!! Many women these days struggle to get pregnant, and we feel so lucky to be able to have children. God has truly blessed us beyond measure!!

What is this going to do all my hard work? What about my 5K? What about the year it took me to lose almost 40 pounds? How can I have 3 (!!!!!) children?? How will I go to the gym? Cook? Keep my house clean? Take care of my husband? Do my photography? Go ANYWHERE????
Many thoughts flood my mind. I just have to trust in HIM! He does not give us more than we can bear. After all, we have always wanted a big family. We just weren't quit ready this soon for another.
Davey is so stinkin cute. He was so excited and not one bit worried. I said, "I am so glad you are happy and not at all scared or worried!!" and he said, "Why would I be?", I just love him.
The due date is January 15, 2011.
The baby and Cody will be 21 months apart. A little further apart than Shane and Cody. Six months to be exact. We would love a girl, but we would love a boy also!! So we are so happy with whatever gender!!

I have a plan for my weight: I am going to eat 1,900 calories a day and continue to work out. I am glad I am already in the habit of eating right and working out. I know I have enough extra fat to give the baby plenty of calories!! =) This pregnancy is going to be different. I am stronger and more disciplined. I pray God will give me help to not gain! Now that I have a life inside of me, I am really motivated to eat what I need to eat for the baby to grow and be healthy! 1,900 calories of healthy food instead of donuts and cookies all day.
So that is my post for today!! I will continue this journey, being healthy and a new lifestyle. I will have a new goal date now, but a new baby is way worth the wait!
P.S. I have not had sweets in 4 days, and going strong!! I CAN do this. And maybe I will continue to do this the whole time.

Monday, May 10, 2010

No Sweets for One Month!

I have to start by saying, God is so good and faithful! Since we were in Morgan Hill for my Mom's wedding, we decided to throw Cody a one year birthday party since we would be there on his birthday (can't believe he is one!). We knew we had no money for the party, so we asked everyone to bring something. Everyone was more than generous! We had almost everything provided by family! We only had to buy a few things at the dollar store. I wanted to bake him a cake and decorate it myself like I always do, but with the wedding on Saturday and church Sunday I new I would not have time. Buying a birthday cake big enough to feed 25 people is expensive, and I didn't want to ask someone to buy it.

He also provided $750 for Davey's school bill. Dr. R put $123.00 on it as well (so thankful), so now he can take his finals. God also provided $1,000 for our rent!! This was through people and a side job! We are so thankful!! We are praying that He will provide another $1,000 by Wednesday at 7am so Davey can walk!! I know He will.

I prayed, and God answered! The lady that made my Mom's wedding cake did it as a gift, and she made an extra chocolate HUGE cake. I mentioned to my Grandma I could use it since it was not even touched, she asked my Mom and she was more than happy to let us have it! So glad He cares about little things like cakes, bikes (he provided one for my tri), and party's.
The wedding was really good. Old Western Victorian theme wedding. Different, but fun to dress up. My amazing Mother made all the outfits. She is awesome.

I start a challenge today: No sweets for ONE MONTH! That means no: chocolate, sugar, muffins, pasties, cookies, cakes, donuts, ANYTHING I eat for sweets. Sometimes I put sugar on my toast or strawberries for my sweet tooth, none of that!

The point of this is to teach myself self control and to become independent on sweets. This is "Phase 2" of Chantel Hobbs book, "Never Say Diet". Phase one is work out for 30 mins 5 days a week consistently. I am skipping that since I do more than 30 mins, but I will determine to work out five days a week. I am not sure if I am going to do all her phases, but she does have some good ideas.

Phase 2 you are suppose to cut out your weakness foods, chips, sweets, breads, if having seconds and thirds is your downfall than cut that out. You do that while not changing anything else about your diet. So, we will see how it goes! Right now I am so sick of sweets.. literally sick! I ate way to many cookies and cakes while in Morgan Hill. :/

I love my weight-loss plan (it is not a diet). I count my calories and work out: burning more than taking in is the key! But sometimes I feel like, "Even though this sweet is in my calories, should I be eating it? Everyday?!!" So I am going one month with out them. Then after that letting myself maybe 2-3 times a month have a sweet. I need some definite guidelines.

I was telling Davey, I never really feel deprived when I count my calories because I can eat anything, just in moderation. That is good! But when I budget myself 1 small donut on Sunday morning at church, I normally end up eating 2 because I "grab one for Davey" and he doesn't want it. (What a weirdo). :) Or if I count 4 small gingersnaps for dessert, I end up eating 6. So please Lord help me this month!! It will be VERY HARD.

This morning I already had 2 cookies and a bite of left over cake (bad mistake for bringing any home). So the challenge started at 11 am this morning.
I am excited to take pictures for a couple girls who are graduating, one high school, one college. We are going up to the Poppy Reserve today. I got to go get ready!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Acomplished my first Triathlon!

"Don't drown, don't get hurt, finish. That's the goal." That is what a triathlete told my husband at the event while they were chatting. That was my goal. Actually, my goal was, "Don't die, finish."

I have to thank God for giving me the strength. I could NOT have done it with out HIM.

The day before the tri was a bad day. Nothing went right. I was discouraged and stressed. I finally went to bed at 12:15 am when I had to get up at 2:15 am to leave by 3 am, to get there by 7 am. But somehow we managed to get out the door at 3 am and we arrived at 6:45 am. People were everywhere getting their bikes ready and bags packed. I had no idea what to do, where to go, what to bring, how to dress, etc. for the time before the race. As soon as I saw everyone with their top of the line Specialized bikes and helmets I felt very out of place. As we were sitting in the car trying to decide what to bring down to the race area, Davey pointed out every over weight person that rode by. "There's a fat lady. Oh! Another big one. There goes another one." I was giggling... He was trying to make me feel better. How sweet. ;)

We loaded down the stroller with all our food, waters, clothes, cameras, diaper bag, and the boys. We had no idea where to go. We were parked at a camp ground where most of the participants camped. We just followed the crowd. We finally approached this EXTREMELY steep dirt trail that takes you down to the race. It wasn't quit 1/4 mile, but close. I had my bike and Davey had to try to control the stroller. Horrible situation. Finally we made it down, got to registration, got my bag, and I went to mount my bike.

I had about 1 1/2 hours before my race began, so we watched the Long Course participants (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run), and the Olympic Participants (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 6 mile run). I stretched and warmed up a little, ate a banana and 1/2 a PB & J on whole wheat, and just watched in amazement at all the dedicated, serious triathletes.

When it was time for me to go down and change into my bathing suit, Cody was really crying at this point because he was tired. I was worried that he would cry the whole time I was away and felt sorry for Davey. He didn't though, he went to sleep in the stroller. Thank God.

1/4 mile: Completed in 14:15 (14 minuets, 15 seconds)

I had a strategy. Since I am better at swimming than I am at biking or running, I thought I would make my way to the front of the line for the swim, then get a good head start on my race.
They have "Waves", which is each age group goes at a different time. Once the age in front of my group went a bunch of the people got in the water and swam around a bit. I was not sure why. I just put my feet in, and thought... "Brrrr. That's cold." I figured out they were just getting wet to feel the temperature. Most people wore wet suits, and there I was in board shorts and a rash guard. Some women were just wearing a one piece, which they would soon regret.

As soon as the horn blew, people came up behind me running and not worried about pushing people out of their way. I ran in, then dove. I came up, my body in shock at the freezing temperature. I have only been emerged in cold water like that once before, and that was on our honeymoon in Shasta. Davey convinced me to jump off a waterfall with him. He had already done it and said it was fine. Well, the water came from snow from the mountain.... not fine!! When I finally popped up I couldn't breathe. The cold water takes your breathe away and your body goes in shock. That is how this was. I immediately got to the side, hoping I could stand for a second, but I couldn't touch anymore. People passing me, splashing and kicking water in my face and mouth. All I could think was, "How far away is the first life guard?" I seriously thought I wasn't going to make it. The cold water made it impossible to catch my breath. I was just fighting to stay above the water. I kept going. I took off my goggles to see better outside of the water since I could not spare one breathe when swimming with my head in the water. I was not even freestyle swimming... I was doing a side, doggy paddle thing. Then I told myself, "You can do it. Keep going. Swim freestyle, it's faster." I swam freestyle for as long as I could, alternating between that and back stroke. I made it to the orange buoy, only half more and I'm done. I cut across from the outside to the inside of the course. The next age group after us horn blew and they came swimming in, and coming up on me quick. I was passing people in my age group, then people in the age group that started before me. Several people were resting on the life guards surf boards to catch their breaths. A swam a little further and then heard a lady yell for help. She had to go in on a surf board. I kept alternating back stroke with freestyle, and swam the last half as strong and fast as I could, but I still could hardly breathe.
As I finally touched the ground, relief flooded trough me. I thought to myself, "I am way in over my head, I can't go on." My body felt weak and faint and in shock. I tried to shake it off, and I started to run up the launch area to my bike.
Once I got into transition 1, I took my time getting changed. I used my inhaler and drank my water. I dried off with my towel, got my shoes and helmet on, then proceeded to the bike start. I was feeling better than, and it helped so much to see Davey and Shane cheering for me. Shane's face was priceless when I rode by, like, "Wait, was that my Mommy?". Hilarious.

10 miles
: Completed in 1:22:33
At first the biking was great. It was nice to change it up. I felt comfortable and safe, in control.... until the first hill. Which was very soon after I started. I managed to get up it on the bike since it was short, but the next ones were tougher. I got off and walked my bike up a couple of the several dirt trail hills in the first mile or so. After that came easier areas for about a mile. Then I reached it. The very long, steep hill road. It was probably 3/4 a mile long, or more up hill. I tried to gain as much speed as possible to go up, but I just couldn't even push the pedals. Several people were walking their bikes up it, so I did as well. Walking up hill, for 3/4 of a mile, while pushing a bike, is NOT easy. My legs and butt burned. The sun was hot. I stopped a few times for maybe 30 seconds for water. I got on a couple of times and rode up as far as I could, but I had to get off again after about 1 minuet or riding. Finally when I reached the top, I got on. Come to find out that was not the top. It was just a very short flat part, then more hill. About 1/2 mile or so. I rode up as far as I could, then walked. I reached the top, made it downhill back to dirt area. Volunteers where at an aid station giving out water and Gatorade. There were signs saying, "1 loop Right" & "second loop Left". Oh crud. I had to do it again. I thought about quitting, and I thought about cheating. But instead I chugged a Gatorade (which helps so much!!) and went on to do it again. After that I was alone for a lot of it. I figured I was last. I didn't care though, I just wanted to finish! Then I heard people behind me. A couple of big people. I was glad I was not alone.
I managed to ride/walk up the hill again. Went by the same people, they marked me to show I did it twice, then I went to the Left. Was pretty down hill and flat from there. Minor hills here and there. I got Gatorade from another aid station, then came to a huge hill, this time I had to go down. It was a paved road. Cyclist from the Long Course were passing me as I squeezed my breaks to the max. I was scared! Finally I heard cheering and people taking over a PA system. Yess!! Finally done with the bike!! As I raced through the finish line for the bike course I saw Davey and the boys waving at me and cheering me on. I got to my station, drank some water, went pee in a porter potty, then started the run.

2 miles
: Completed in 3o:00
I was thinking, "how am I going to run, especially if it is up hill?" Then I said to myself, "Almost done!! JUST DO IT!!!!!" and I did. The run was the easiest part. I walked some of the hills, but ran when I could. I made a friend named Tammy on the run. We chatted, and it flew by. Soon we were running down the last stretch of the course, people cheering us on. I started to sprint and left Tammy.
I was searching for Davey, hoping he would get a picture of me crossing the finish line, but I didn't see him. Some how we missed each other as he went to watch me come around a certain corner (which I just did). Oh well. I sprinted the last 100 yards and crossed the finish line!!!!!! I was so happy!! They put a wet towel on me, gave me my medal and took off my time sensor anklet. Gave me two Power Bars to recover, and I was done. YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!
My finishing total time was 2:23:52, that is including transition times. I came in 90th place out of 96 people in my age group, and 954th out of a total of 1,000 people! Wow that's not so good. Time was not important though. FINISHING was. And I came in front of about 50 people! =) Yay.
I will work on time maybe next one. There was a lot of areas I took my time on. Transitions, drinking at aid stations instead of while riding.. etc.

I finally found Davey and the boys. He was sooo bummed he missed me crossing the finish line, but it was OK. I was just so glad I finished, and I didn't get hurt. I can't wait for the next one. I am looking for one closer to home this time.

Things I will remember and I would recommend:
1. Wet Suit
2. Train harder and more often, when I think I am ready, I am NOT.
3. Find one with an easier bike course (not mountain bike).
4. When you can go fast on the bike, (i.e. flat and down hill, do so, will help time.)
5. Do the course or at least part of it before hand.

Santa Monica 5k May 16, and I am pretty confident it will be much easier. Bring it on.

The first women to finish the swim for the Long Course. (above)
Below is lady finishing the Long Course.