Friday, May 21, 2010


Right before we started.
I completed my first 5k! My time was 45:03. 200 people came in after me!!! But 1,300 people came in before me. :/ Which is fine!! I knew I was going to walk at least half of it. I had the energy to run more than I did. I started cramping in my uterus! I got concerned, so I walked. I ran again when it felt better, but whenever I pushed myself I began to get cramps again. The rest of the day my uterus felt sore, like I worked it out. Half way through.
I saved my energy, and speed walked until I could see the long stretch to the finish line. I began to run, and then I sprinted in the last 50 yards or so, passing at lease 6 people along the way. Felt great!! What an awesome accomplishment! But I do have to confess that I was not nervous, excited, or anxious like I was for the triathlon. Not to undermine the awesomeness of a 5k, but is not even close to the intensity of a sprint triathlon. I was very safe. I could walk if I had too, I did not have to fight my way to the finish line like in the lake. I had no concern that I would fall and get very seriously injured, like on the bike going down hill at 40 mph! I felt safe, comfortable, and relaxed! I enjoyed it! I loved walking and running right next to the ocean. The person that won first place for the 5k finished in... ......guess? 15 minuets!!! That is a 5 minuet mile!!! Amazing!!!! 1/3 of my time!!
Today was the deadline to pay for the triathlon I want to do on June 5. Unless by some miracle we recieve $50, I won't be able to do it. ;( So bummed. But I will keep looking for an affordable one near by. So far so good on the pregnancy! Today I am counting calories again. Finally back from being out of town so much, so no more excuses!!
Oh and I made it 1 week with no sweets!! ;p The baby really wanted a Strawberry Shake. I can say though that I do not even want sweets that often anymore. I have been craving pickles and green olives!


Weightless said...

Good job finishing! I wasn't at all nervous about my 2nd 5K. I think the anticipation of the unknown is worse than the actual competition - once I did my first 5K, I knew I could do another. Likewise, since you've competed in a triathlon, you knew you could complete a 5K. The anxiety was gone... I'm willing to bet you wouldn't be as nervous or anxious about a second triathlon and just be able to enjoy the experience.

blondevue... said...

Glad you had fun! You look really good!!
Have a great weekend with your fam!

adrienne said...

Thank you! :)