Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Triathlon

I was wrong about the registration date for the June 5 tri, so it is still a possibility. I am having issues deciding which one I want to do. The one on June 5 seems great, definitely easier than Wildflower tri I did, but that is the reason I don't want that one. I want a harder one. Is that realistic though? I am pregnant, and I don't want to hurt the baby. I am looking at a couple in July so I could be more prepared and do a tougher one.
The one on June 5 is a backwards tri, which makes it harder (I think). You run, bike, then swim. It is dangerous to swim when you are so tired, that is why they usually do swim, bike, run! I am itching to register so I can say to myself ,"I am doing this and you better be ready!" Triathlons are: Motivation, fun, a new passion of mine. I wish I could do one a month! I want to do one for a good cause, but unfortunately can't find one this summer! I rather pay and have it go to cancer research than nothing. I could get sponsors as well (Davey has been bothering me to do this). He wants to do the next one I do if we can afford it.
People have been asking me, "What possessed you to do a triathlon?!!" Many things! I have always loved swimming, and have been told I am a good swimmer. I don't like running much, but riding a bike is fun! Also I get bored easy, so I have always wanted to do a triathlon! Also motivation to keep me training. I am so glad I can say, "I have done a triathlon!" instead of, "I have always wanted to do a triathlon." God gets all the glory though. I could NOT have done it with out Him!
I am so honored that I have inspired several people to do, or think of doing a triathlon! A couple of my friends have asked me if they could do the next one with me. That is so awesome that I could affect someone else in desire to be a triathlete! Me, an overweight pregnant mom and wife!
I have been thinking a lot about becoming a spin instructor (before I found out I was pregnant). After the baby is born, and I am healed and active again, I really plan on registering to do so! I think that would be so fun. What accountability too!
I am thankful to God for providing all our needs, our wants, and our desires. I am sorry for all the times I am ungrateful. I love that He cares even about my desire to do triathlons, and that He provided everything I needed to do so (including a bike... for free!). =)

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Weightless said...

Many of the competition events I've looked at actually benefit a charity or cause of some sort. My first 5K I did all the money went directly to my daughter's school district in the form of grants for teachers (to buy supplies, etc). The next 5k I want to do goes to Women's Causes. Once you compete and know you can complete something, I always want something more challenging too. I'm running one more 5K then I think I'm going to move up to a longer run or just something different. Sort of thinking of a road race or swim, I figure they will all be good practice for the tri.