Monday, May 10, 2010

No Sweets for One Month!

I have to start by saying, God is so good and faithful! Since we were in Morgan Hill for my Mom's wedding, we decided to throw Cody a one year birthday party since we would be there on his birthday (can't believe he is one!). We knew we had no money for the party, so we asked everyone to bring something. Everyone was more than generous! We had almost everything provided by family! We only had to buy a few things at the dollar store. I wanted to bake him a cake and decorate it myself like I always do, but with the wedding on Saturday and church Sunday I new I would not have time. Buying a birthday cake big enough to feed 25 people is expensive, and I didn't want to ask someone to buy it.

He also provided $750 for Davey's school bill. Dr. R put $123.00 on it as well (so thankful), so now he can take his finals. God also provided $1,000 for our rent!! This was through people and a side job! We are so thankful!! We are praying that He will provide another $1,000 by Wednesday at 7am so Davey can walk!! I know He will.

I prayed, and God answered! The lady that made my Mom's wedding cake did it as a gift, and she made an extra chocolate HUGE cake. I mentioned to my Grandma I could use it since it was not even touched, she asked my Mom and she was more than happy to let us have it! So glad He cares about little things like cakes, bikes (he provided one for my tri), and party's.
The wedding was really good. Old Western Victorian theme wedding. Different, but fun to dress up. My amazing Mother made all the outfits. She is awesome.

I start a challenge today: No sweets for ONE MONTH! That means no: chocolate, sugar, muffins, pasties, cookies, cakes, donuts, ANYTHING I eat for sweets. Sometimes I put sugar on my toast or strawberries for my sweet tooth, none of that!

The point of this is to teach myself self control and to become independent on sweets. This is "Phase 2" of Chantel Hobbs book, "Never Say Diet". Phase one is work out for 30 mins 5 days a week consistently. I am skipping that since I do more than 30 mins, but I will determine to work out five days a week. I am not sure if I am going to do all her phases, but she does have some good ideas.

Phase 2 you are suppose to cut out your weakness foods, chips, sweets, breads, if having seconds and thirds is your downfall than cut that out. You do that while not changing anything else about your diet. So, we will see how it goes! Right now I am so sick of sweets.. literally sick! I ate way to many cookies and cakes while in Morgan Hill. :/

I love my weight-loss plan (it is not a diet). I count my calories and work out: burning more than taking in is the key! But sometimes I feel like, "Even though this sweet is in my calories, should I be eating it? Everyday?!!" So I am going one month with out them. Then after that letting myself maybe 2-3 times a month have a sweet. I need some definite guidelines.

I was telling Davey, I never really feel deprived when I count my calories because I can eat anything, just in moderation. That is good! But when I budget myself 1 small donut on Sunday morning at church, I normally end up eating 2 because I "grab one for Davey" and he doesn't want it. (What a weirdo). :) Or if I count 4 small gingersnaps for dessert, I end up eating 6. So please Lord help me this month!! It will be VERY HARD.

This morning I already had 2 cookies and a bite of left over cake (bad mistake for bringing any home). So the challenge started at 11 am this morning.
I am excited to take pictures for a couple girls who are graduating, one high school, one college. We are going up to the Poppy Reserve today. I got to go get ready!


Happy Girl said...

So do we get to see any of the Awesome pictures that I know you took at this wedding? =)

Happy Girl said...

And what a blessing how God has been working things out this week. Sorry it's been so hard lately... I ought to pray for you more. =/

Yay for David's graduation tomorrow though!

blondevue... said...

This post was incredible! Hearing you praise God, and reading all that He has done these past couple weeks for you all is incredible. Your new no-sweets lifestyle sounds hard, but probably teaches really good discipline! Thats awesome. Take care hun, saw you on the front row at the West Coast Graduation via live stream, you looked like one proud of her husband wife.:)
Love, Tori

adrienne said...

Thanks girls!! I will definitely be posting pictures soon of the wedding! =) And we serve an Amazing God!! He provided another $500 today!! Wow. Thanks for reading girls!! Love you both!!