Thursday, May 13, 2010

A VERY BIG Surprise!!!

First, Congrats to my awesome husband!! He is done with school!! God is soooo good!! I am so proud of him.
I was going to wait a while to announce it, but since Davey's family was here for the graduation, the Cat is out of the bag, and these days with Facebook, everyone will know it in NO time!!!
I am still in awe as to how this happened. I know the science of it, but I just can't figure out how, except that it is just God's will and even when we do not understand it, He is in control. I have extreme mixed emotions, but this HUGE surprise and curve ball in life. Well I will stop babbling and just say it already...... I am pregnant!!!
I know what everyone is thinking and saying, "Another baby so soon?! They don't even have enough money now! And where are they going to move?" No doubt some people are judging, others are really happy. All I can say is we did not plan for this, in fact we were trying hard not to get pregnant. I don't want, and will not go into more details than that because it is just Davey and my business. BUT, we are EXTREMELY excited and sooo blessed!! Many women these days struggle to get pregnant, and we feel so lucky to be able to have children. God has truly blessed us beyond measure!!

What is this going to do all my hard work? What about my 5K? What about the year it took me to lose almost 40 pounds? How can I have 3 (!!!!!) children?? How will I go to the gym? Cook? Keep my house clean? Take care of my husband? Do my photography? Go ANYWHERE????
Many thoughts flood my mind. I just have to trust in HIM! He does not give us more than we can bear. After all, we have always wanted a big family. We just weren't quit ready this soon for another.
Davey is so stinkin cute. He was so excited and not one bit worried. I said, "I am so glad you are happy and not at all scared or worried!!" and he said, "Why would I be?", I just love him.
The due date is January 15, 2011.
The baby and Cody will be 21 months apart. A little further apart than Shane and Cody. Six months to be exact. We would love a girl, but we would love a boy also!! So we are so happy with whatever gender!!

I have a plan for my weight: I am going to eat 1,900 calories a day and continue to work out. I am glad I am already in the habit of eating right and working out. I know I have enough extra fat to give the baby plenty of calories!! =) This pregnancy is going to be different. I am stronger and more disciplined. I pray God will give me help to not gain! Now that I have a life inside of me, I am really motivated to eat what I need to eat for the baby to grow and be healthy! 1,900 calories of healthy food instead of donuts and cookies all day.
So that is my post for today!! I will continue this journey, being healthy and a new lifestyle. I will have a new goal date now, but a new baby is way worth the wait!
P.S. I have not had sweets in 4 days, and going strong!! I CAN do this. And maybe I will continue to do this the whole time.


Weightless said...

Congratulations! Shayna announced it on FB before you got too :( Blabber mouth, lol! I'm happy for you and glad it's not me! ;-) J.K. I know everything will work out, God is an awesome God. Staying active and eating healthy is the way to go, especially because you're already used to it. When I was pregnant with Amelia, I actually lost a lot of weight at first because I started eating healthier. At the end of my pregnancy, I had only gained 9lbs. Felt pretty good! All of the weight, I've been losing was weight I gained AFTER I had her. So, I know it's totally possible to not gain too much weight while pregnant - but even if you gain a little a baby is worth it ;-) Best wishes!

adrienne said...

I can't believe Shayna did that!! I thought you sounded not to surprised. LOL Well I am determined to not gain much weight! I want to go on a walk right now. That's awesome you only gained 9 with Amelia!!!

Tori said...

I am so happy for you guys!
The two pictures of the four, well five ;)of you are incredible.
I don't think I've seen happier, better pictures in my life. :)
God is so good!
Love ya,

Happy Girl said...

Aw, the family hug photo is so cute! Congratulations to Dave on Graduating!!

It's so great that you're pregnant again, you guys have such a GREAT outlook on it and I'm so happy for you both. And I'm so glad that "weightless" commented how she actually lost weight when being pregnant. I've heard it was possible, so how awesome that you have a friend that's been there and done that. =)

adrienne said...

Thanks girls!! I so am going to try to keep losing. I know it is possible! Thank you both for reading!! Love you two.