Monday, June 28, 2010

Disneyland and Marina Del Rey

Our weekend was such a blast!! I can't even describe all the great things we did because it would take me forever!! Davey was very surprised and he loved it. I am so sad it's over. We made many memories and took tons of great pictures, which of course I will share with you!
Here are some highlights:
Swimming in the pool = fun! Cody is a dare devil and Shane is a scaredy cat. =) But they both loved the water and Shane wanted to go back the whole time we were there in Marina Del Rey. I swam laps early Saturday morning when no one else was there and it felt great... and man was I sore!
Dinner Cruise= it was neat, but we won't do it again. The boys were really good but you have no control over when you can leave so we had to wait an hour and a half after we were ready to go for them to get back to the port. But all in all it was a very great night!!
Disneyland= amazingly fun filled with tons of priceless memories!! There was so many awesome parts, I wish I could share them all. It was such a great family time for us all.
California Adventure= very fun! It was not as fun as Disneyland but the boys really loved it! The Bugs Life part was great for them. :) We had a blast! Between the two days we walked about 20 + hours!
ESPN Zone= Davey was in awe at the huge TV screen! Ha! Him and Shane had a blast watching baseball.
The breakfast buffets at the hotels were amazing!! Man we ate, and ate, and ate. That was one of my favorite parts! lol But rest assured we burned off most of it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surprise Babe!! & Bob Harper....

Tomorrow we are off to Davey's surprise birthday weekend! Yay!! I made the money (well part of it) all on my own and I am so excited to surprise him with this! So I guess since it is close enough to the day I can share our plans...
Friday leaving at 1:00pm heading to Marina Del Rey to go to the beach.
Then around 4:30 pm checking into our hotel which is RIGHT on the harbor (yay) and getting dressed and ready in formal wear. Once we are ready we walk over to Fisherman's Village to board a dinner cruise! They know it's Davey's birthday so he should get special treatment. The boys are coming with us, so pray they will be good! I know sounds so romantic like we should have gotten a sitter, right? Well the rest of the weekend the boys are going to love. Saturday morning I plan to wake early and swim in the hotel. I miss swimming! Then we eat breakfast and off to....... Disneyland!!! Where we spend Saturday at Disneyland park, then check into our next hotel then Sunday at Disneys California Adventure! I am so excited. Can you tell!? We have never had a vacation, like staying in a hotel.. just us four... our own schedule and family time! Priceless! =) but shhh don't tell Davey!
The other thing I wanted to share today is about a friend of mine. She is a photographer as well, her husband has lost 100 pounds! He does triathlons and marathons. This summer he is doing Santa Clara marathon and Swim to Alcatraz (that is a scary and very hard swim!). She has been losing weight for about 3 months now and has lost 25 pounds!! It was her birthday last weekend and guess what her husband got her???????
He got her a spot to go to BOB HARPER'S SPIN CLASS in Hollywood!! Do you know how hard that was?? You have to be a member of the gym there, wait in line to get on the waiting list, then wait and see if you can get in. Only four bikes have pedals, so I guess if you don't have your own you aren't getting a bike. And it is often that Bob doesn't even show up for the class! But her husband knows him and was able to secure her a spot. She posted a picture on FB with her and Bob. She said it was amazing!! They were up %99 percent of the time, and he was extremely hard on some of the regulars, who she thought were celebs. She said she was the only one in their that WAS NOT in perfect shape!! In the whole gym as a matter of fact. She said she shook for a long time after the class from the hardness. But she got a great recovery smoothie after. How amazing is that?? How cool would that be!

Monday, June 21, 2010


The first picture is of me at Fort Hood TX in 2007 visiting my sis and her hubby, the wind was blowing so much I had to keep my dress in between my legs! Next is Jerrod my brother in law holding his daughter who he got to meet for the first time a few weeks before this picture.

Right now our future is so blurry. It has been since we got married, but now it's even worse! I don't know what God is going to do but I want His will!
From the time we got married, we thought we were going to be in the ministry somewhere after graduation, until we felt God showing us where to plant a church. But Davey has ALWAYS wanted to go into the military, and I KNEW in my heart that if he doesn't, he would regret it, unless God took that desire away. We have always been burdened for the military and that is one reason we wanted to serve in Oahu.
So when he first told me that he had been thinking and praying about this I was freaked. My sister's husband is in the Army, currently gone on his third tour to Iraq. When he did come home he was different. Can you imagine?? You come home from fighting for people in the USA, so they will be safe, and you go to Walmart and see people complaining about the lines, heat, couples fighting, people getting upset over parking spaces. You see people on on the freeway getting mad over traffic and you are thinking, geesh, at least you don't have to worry about an IED hitting your truck! How frustrating!!!!
We have all been praying for Jerrod's safety since he joined the Army, and praise God, He has kept him safe. a couple weeks ago he was home in WA on leave, and while he was there the tank he is normally in got hit with an IED. His best friend was in the tank, and suffered from 3rd degree burns and lost an eye. Thank God no one was killed.
So that could be my husband if he joined!! I have convinced him though that IF he joins, the Navy would be better than Marines (his first choice) and Army. He would still be gone, but not as much and not in as much danger.
I have always known that my husband would be amazing in the military. I have not wanted to encourage him to do so though because I was scared! I still am! I know that he would give his life for a fellow solider or sailor if he had to. He is a hero already with out even having to do something to prove it. He WOULD save a lady from a burning car, or jump in a shark tank to save a baby (weird example? I know. We had this discussion at Sea World). But that is who I married, and that is one reason I fell in love with him. I never wanted to marry a man that couldn't protect me and my kids or someone who would stand by and watch someone who was in danger.
This whole thing is just a possibility. We still have to get counsel on it, pray more about it, meet with a recruiter to see if he could become an officer, ect. We have not told anyone really, and don't plan too until we know for sure God's will. Why am I blogging about it then?? I don't know! To get out all my thoughts!
But for the record, we want %100 God's will and His will only! I trust the Lord to lead us. If it is the military, I believe God would use my husband in mighty ways. If not then great I pray God will use us in the ministry.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lowest weight in 2 1/2 years!!

I am very excited to report, that I am at the lowest I've been since I was pregnant with Shane... Probably about 4 months pregnant with him actually!
I weighed 187 when I found out I was pregnant with Shane, and began to gain weight quickly with him. Today I am 206! Whoo hoo. That's a total loss of 38 pounds since last July! Now to me that is not so good since I wanted to be at my goal weight by 8/28/10, (my birthday). BUT I am extremely happy that I am 38 pounds lighter, and in much better physical shape!
I am dying to swim. I have a few days left of my gym pass, then that's it. I itch to get in the water!!
I want to ride my bike too! I miss it! But Davey has been working late, and when I can go to the gym I have nausea. It is very frustrating to go from training hard for my tri, working out twice a day some days, to now hardly at all because I am fatigued and sick feeling.
I fear that this trimester will put me into bad habits of not working out! In my mind and body I can't wait to workout! I know I can now, but honestly, I am just lucky if I get one chore done a day and manage to care for the boys. The day varies, from sick, to hungry and wanting to cook. So I have been cooking more, which is great! I cooked every dinner already pretty much, but now I am expanding my cooking trying to create exactly what I want.
Only 3 more weeks in this trimester! Yay!!
I am already planning and excited about my next triathlon after the baby comes. "Failure to plan is planning to fail." is what our Pastor always says. Sometimes though I feel like I rather quote the brilliant movie "Robots" when one of them say, "Never try never fail." Ha! Wisdom? No. I'll stick with planning!
I won't let myself gain wait again with this pregnancy. All that hard work to take off those 38 (and counting) pounds? No thanks.
I am being conscience about what I eat. I am rarely hungry, so that helps. I wonder if I can lose 7 more pounds and get below 200! I hope so and I will try! But I am also going to make my growing baby #1. Can't wait to meet him/her!
We find out the gender 8/20/10! I am not sure with this one.. with the boys I just knew they were boys. In a way I think it's a boy because I have never had a girl, but I hope for a girl. BUT I will be happy with whatever God blesses us with! I want mostly boys and one girl.
Well good night!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Here is some of my best photography. This is something I haven't really shared much of on here because this blog is about weight-loss, but it is also about my life! One of my passions is photography. One day I hope I can do one wedding a weekend! I love LOVE, and I love capturing it on camera. Hope you like it!
My photography website is

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today I am feeling really lazy. Like most days lately. Last night I babysat two of my friends kids, and tomorrow I am babysitting three of another friends kids. Our dryer broke so laundry is piling high since I have to do very small loads and let them dry all over my kitchen. I have clothes lines but it is really windy outside yesterday and today, and our clothes will just get dirt and sand blown on it. I know I SERIOUSLY need to clean the house right now.... but just can't work up the motivation. I will do it in a couple hours. Got some movies from the library yesterday, and right now I am watching one, while eating kettle corn, lemons with salt, and drinking Peperoncini juice.
Can't wait to be out of the first trimester and get some energy back! All I keep thinking is, "I hope no one shows up at my house today." =/

Monday, June 7, 2010

8 Weeks Pregnant

I haven't written in about a week! Honestly I feel like I have nothing to write about...
Picture of a 3D ultrasound at 8 weeks, Not our baby! Got off

I have still been sick a lot of the day. I feel incredibly tired... all day long! I could sleep all day if it was possible. I am not sure if it is just being pregnant and having nausea all day, lack of energy from not eating much (although I am not losing weight), or is it because I can't drink my coffee every morning anymore? Or, very possibly it could be that I am pregnant, still nursing Cody, am not eating much through out the day, can't drink my coffee, and the nausea.
So obviously, I have not been working out. ;( Which is another reason I am sure why I feel tired. But I can barley scape together enough energy to take care of the boys and do the dishes, do some laundry, vacuum, and cook.
You'd think not eating much during the day would make me lose weight right? Well, there is usually about 2 times in the day I feel I can eat something, and I crave a certain thing, and must eat it because that is ALL I want.... everything else makes me feel sick to think about. So I will eat whatever I am craving, and I will eat a lot of it because I know I will just feel sick soon. Bad, I know. But lucky some of the things I am craving are healthy, like fruit, eggs and toast, broccoli and chicken, pickles and pepperchini.
Last night we had some friends over for dinner after church. I made them Cheeseburger Macaroni (it was a spur of the moment thing, and I didn't have anything to feed a lot of people!), and I made myself scrambled eggs and toast, with butter... a lot of butter. Oh no. It's salt I am craving this time. Which is MUCH better than the cravings for endless donuts and peanut butter and chocolate with the boys!
I have been randomly craving Bubblegum ice cream really bad! I can't find it anywhere though ;(. It's not salt, I know..
I use to LOVE salt. Ask any of my friends in high school... when we would go out to eat my appetizer was always lemon's with salt. I am craving that now too!
I have been feeling a little down and depressed since I am so out of my routine of cleaning, the boys schedule, WORKING OUT! And I am bummed we are going to have to cancel my gym member ship. I know I do not need one to work out, but boy is it nice to get out of the house and go sweat. I miss it, I long for it, and if I wasn't nausea most of the day I would go until my membership runs out.
Tomorrow is our first ultrasound for the baby! I can't wait. We get to see the little baby, or babies. :) Ha! Could you imagine? Twins? Four kids? Oh man, that would be a lot of work. Fun, but a lot of work.
As soon as I am not as nausea, I plan to jump right back into the workout routine. I can't wait. I can not, I WILL NOT do what I did while pregnant with the boys. Which was work out for a few weeks in the first trimester, then not work out once the rest of the time!
Davey got a great call last week from his boss. His boss asked him to be the Superintendent for the driveway and road expansion at our church, LBC. This was a huge blessing!! Not only does he get to work at the church again (he built the dorms, did the concrete for the Revels building, ect) he has steady work for hopefully 2 months! But he has a lot of pressure. He is suppose to be done with the job by Spiritual Leadership Conference, which starts July, 11. He is under the gun, but he is great at his job, I know he will do it. In church last week the assistant Pastor making announcements called Davey out in front of the whole church saying to pray for him that the job gets done! His boss had lowered his pay by $5 an hour about a month ago, so please pray with us that he will give him that back for this job.
So Davey's 28th bady is this month... and I am trying to get enough money to pay for the surprise birthday weekend I planned! I am so excited for it, it is going to be so much fun, just the four.. oh.. five of us. :) I am being creative. Selling things, offering to babysit, clean houses, garage sales, recyclables, photography of course, but no bites yet, except one photo shoot I am doing on Saturday. Yay! :)
A special thanks to one of my faithful readers, and friends for the Safeway gift card. Love you! And to my other reader, family and friend for the box of clothe diapers. :) Love you too!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7 Weeks Pregnant

7 Weeks Pregnant
During pregnancy week 7, your baby will grow tremendously, up to 13 mm in length! Your baby is much closer to the size of a large blueberry or small grape than a pea.

Your Baby's Growth and Development
At 7 weeks pregnant, facial features become more prominent in your baby. Upon close investigation, you may be able to discern a mouth and even a tongue (you actually can't see the tongue, but it is forming inside your baby!). During pregnancy week 7, your baby's eyes will also start to become more fully formed, and the eyes now have a retina and lens attached. The major muscle systems in your baby's body also continue to develop during pregnancy week 7, and your baby begins to produce his own blood. Your baby's movements will be uncoordinated at best at this point during pregnancy, but rest assured your little one is squirming about his new home.

Teeth are also starting to form on the inside of your baby's mouth, and thin veins start to peer out from beneath your baby's skin. Your baby's intestines and appendix should be formed by now. By 7 weeks pregnant, your baby's liver is working diligently to start producing red blood cells. Your baby should be bouncing right along in his comfy and warm home!

I know you were so interested in reading all that!! :) If you are not pregnant you probably were bored by that description. But I am passionate about the unborn life. I do not judge people who I know who have had an abortion.. most of the time it was because they were scared, young, and didn't know the Lord. Maybe if more women knew the stages of a baby in the womb, they would reconsider. The baby's heart beat begins so soon after conception.. at about 5 weeks. Maybe one day I can help women who are contemplating abortion, to save the baby's life.

I have been getting some morning sickness lately ;( which has caused me to lose a few pounds... which is good! I will post my weight soon!! :)