Monday, June 21, 2010


The first picture is of me at Fort Hood TX in 2007 visiting my sis and her hubby, the wind was blowing so much I had to keep my dress in between my legs! Next is Jerrod my brother in law holding his daughter who he got to meet for the first time a few weeks before this picture.

Right now our future is so blurry. It has been since we got married, but now it's even worse! I don't know what God is going to do but I want His will!
From the time we got married, we thought we were going to be in the ministry somewhere after graduation, until we felt God showing us where to plant a church. But Davey has ALWAYS wanted to go into the military, and I KNEW in my heart that if he doesn't, he would regret it, unless God took that desire away. We have always been burdened for the military and that is one reason we wanted to serve in Oahu.
So when he first told me that he had been thinking and praying about this I was freaked. My sister's husband is in the Army, currently gone on his third tour to Iraq. When he did come home he was different. Can you imagine?? You come home from fighting for people in the USA, so they will be safe, and you go to Walmart and see people complaining about the lines, heat, couples fighting, people getting upset over parking spaces. You see people on on the freeway getting mad over traffic and you are thinking, geesh, at least you don't have to worry about an IED hitting your truck! How frustrating!!!!
We have all been praying for Jerrod's safety since he joined the Army, and praise God, He has kept him safe. a couple weeks ago he was home in WA on leave, and while he was there the tank he is normally in got hit with an IED. His best friend was in the tank, and suffered from 3rd degree burns and lost an eye. Thank God no one was killed.
So that could be my husband if he joined!! I have convinced him though that IF he joins, the Navy would be better than Marines (his first choice) and Army. He would still be gone, but not as much and not in as much danger.
I have always known that my husband would be amazing in the military. I have not wanted to encourage him to do so though because I was scared! I still am! I know that he would give his life for a fellow solider or sailor if he had to. He is a hero already with out even having to do something to prove it. He WOULD save a lady from a burning car, or jump in a shark tank to save a baby (weird example? I know. We had this discussion at Sea World). But that is who I married, and that is one reason I fell in love with him. I never wanted to marry a man that couldn't protect me and my kids or someone who would stand by and watch someone who was in danger.
This whole thing is just a possibility. We still have to get counsel on it, pray more about it, meet with a recruiter to see if he could become an officer, ect. We have not told anyone really, and don't plan too until we know for sure God's will. Why am I blogging about it then?? I don't know! To get out all my thoughts!
But for the record, we want %100 God's will and His will only! I trust the Lord to lead us. If it is the military, I believe God would use my husband in mighty ways. If not then great I pray God will use us in the ministry.

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Weightless said...

I think about joining the military from time to time. More so now since I am unemployed. I'm sure God will show Davey his will. The military is rough on wives and families but such a vital part of everyone's freedom.