Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lowest weight in 2 1/2 years!!

I am very excited to report, that I am at the lowest I've been since I was pregnant with Shane... Probably about 4 months pregnant with him actually!
I weighed 187 when I found out I was pregnant with Shane, and began to gain weight quickly with him. Today I am 206! Whoo hoo. That's a total loss of 38 pounds since last July! Now to me that is not so good since I wanted to be at my goal weight by 8/28/10, (my birthday). BUT I am extremely happy that I am 38 pounds lighter, and in much better physical shape!
I am dying to swim. I have a few days left of my gym pass, then that's it. I itch to get in the water!!
I want to ride my bike too! I miss it! But Davey has been working late, and when I can go to the gym I have nausea. It is very frustrating to go from training hard for my tri, working out twice a day some days, to now hardly at all because I am fatigued and sick feeling.
I fear that this trimester will put me into bad habits of not working out! In my mind and body I can't wait to workout! I know I can now, but honestly, I am just lucky if I get one chore done a day and manage to care for the boys. The day varies, from sick, to hungry and wanting to cook. So I have been cooking more, which is great! I cooked every dinner already pretty much, but now I am expanding my cooking trying to create exactly what I want.
Only 3 more weeks in this trimester! Yay!!
I am already planning and excited about my next triathlon after the baby comes. "Failure to plan is planning to fail." is what our Pastor always says. Sometimes though I feel like I rather quote the brilliant movie "Robots" when one of them say, "Never try never fail." Ha! Wisdom? No. I'll stick with planning!
I won't let myself gain wait again with this pregnancy. All that hard work to take off those 38 (and counting) pounds? No thanks.
I am being conscience about what I eat. I am rarely hungry, so that helps. I wonder if I can lose 7 more pounds and get below 200! I hope so and I will try! But I am also going to make my growing baby #1. Can't wait to meet him/her!
We find out the gender 8/20/10! I am not sure with this one.. with the boys I just knew they were boys. In a way I think it's a boy because I have never had a girl, but I hope for a girl. BUT I will be happy with whatever God blesses us with! I want mostly boys and one girl.
Well good night!


Weightless said...

Getting under the 200 mark is so hard! The biggest thing for you is to maintain and eat healthy. Baby is growing and if you can manage to maintain that really is like losing in my opinion. But healthy baby comes first. The rest will work out, in time.

Adrienne said...

Very true. I would love to be below 200.. but I am more trying to just not gain that way I'll be a little ahead of the game. :)

blondevue... said...

Great update, 3 weeks in this trimester isn't bad at all! Hope you had a good weekend. What a blessing that Davey's had lots of work. :)
Take care!! Love, Tori