Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surprise Babe!! & Bob Harper....

Tomorrow we are off to Davey's surprise birthday weekend! Yay!! I made the money (well part of it) all on my own and I am so excited to surprise him with this! So I guess since it is close enough to the day I can share our plans...
Friday leaving at 1:00pm heading to Marina Del Rey to go to the beach.
Then around 4:30 pm checking into our hotel which is RIGHT on the harbor (yay) and getting dressed and ready in formal wear. Once we are ready we walk over to Fisherman's Village to board a dinner cruise! They know it's Davey's birthday so he should get special treatment. The boys are coming with us, so pray they will be good! I know sounds so romantic like we should have gotten a sitter, right? Well the rest of the weekend the boys are going to love. Saturday morning I plan to wake early and swim in the hotel. I miss swimming! Then we eat breakfast and off to....... Disneyland!!! Where we spend Saturday at Disneyland park, then check into our next hotel then Sunday at Disneys California Adventure! I am so excited. Can you tell!? We have never had a vacation, like staying in a hotel.. just us four... our own schedule and family time! Priceless! =) but shhh don't tell Davey!
The other thing I wanted to share today is about a friend of mine. She is a photographer as well, her husband has lost 100 pounds! He does triathlons and marathons. This summer he is doing Santa Clara marathon and Swim to Alcatraz (that is a scary and very hard swim!). She has been losing weight for about 3 months now and has lost 25 pounds!! It was her birthday last weekend and guess what her husband got her???????
He got her a spot to go to BOB HARPER'S SPIN CLASS in Hollywood!! Do you know how hard that was?? You have to be a member of the gym there, wait in line to get on the waiting list, then wait and see if you can get in. Only four bikes have pedals, so I guess if you don't have your own you aren't getting a bike. And it is often that Bob doesn't even show up for the class! But her husband knows him and was able to secure her a spot. She posted a picture on FB with her and Bob. She said it was amazing!! They were up %99 percent of the time, and he was extremely hard on some of the regulars, who she thought were celebs. She said she was the only one in their that WAS NOT in perfect shape!! In the whole gym as a matter of fact. She said she shook for a long time after the class from the hardness. But she got a great recovery smoothie after. How amazing is that?? How cool would that be!

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How EXCITING!! Enjoy your special family vacation. :)