Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weigh in

I decided to weigh in today since I am going to a WW meeting tonight. Not very good results! Only down .2!! Ugh!! And I was so good and I went back to the gym. Seriously, I have not been eating much, nor have I been hungry. Yesterday I had about 8 points left. I am thinking that this week I ate with in my points but not as many fruits and veggies because we need to go shopping, so maybe that's why.
I am thinking bout doing Spin today too but am not sure if I am ready to go back yet. I don't want to not be able to finish! I miss it so much though.
I am also thinking about another Triathlon, but I can't decided on one yet because I don't know where I will be living yet. Do I say that every post?? :/
I went shopping!! Yup. I had too. ALL my shirts are way to big, and have been for a while. 41.5 pounds lost total now, so yeah my clothes aren't fitting well. Old Navy, I fit size L! Yes. I also got new work out pants from Target for $12! Score. My other ones are sooo big they make me look much fatter than I am!!
Something awesome is happening though. I am fitting my old clothes again!! Just a few things, but man is it nice to have clothes that are cute, and fit. It's like having a new wardrobe. Only 16 more pounds until my pre-pregnancy weight with Shane! Yay.
My poor Cody has been sick. He was throwing up for two days, and today he is still so weak and lethargic. It breaks my heart. ;( He has definitely lost weight, and that is very bad!! But he still won't eat much. Hoping today he will keep some food down.
Hopefully next weigh in I will have great news on the scale!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Week Two, Day One

I did pretty good at the Luau. I only used about 15 FLEX points this whole week, when you are allowed 35. I don't like using any of them because it's always a little hard to get back in the mind set of, "YOU Can't have anything you want today!".
Yesterday Shane woke up around 6:45 am, not usual for him. I got up with him and gave him breakfast. We had about an hour before we had to start getting ready for church, so I had some coffee and decided to take Molly on a walk. I had Davey get up to be with Shane, and Molly and I walked for about 20 minuets. I was pretty strict yesterday with my points, and didn't go over at all. For dessert I warmed up 2 tbsp chocolate chips (3 points) and ate it with a graham cracker (1 point). The chocolate was delicious, but I don't want to eat it often. I can't believe I am starting my 8th day on WW and have stuck to the program! Whoo hoo!
At the Luau, I began to notice a lot of people in our Sunday School class that have gained weight! Something I never noticed before, but dieting makes you aware of everyone's fat and all that they eat. I hate this because I so don't want to judge anyone because that was me, still is me. There is a few couples still newly married that have gained weight. It's totally normal! I gained 35 pounds in 6 months of being married! But at the same time I want to shout..."Stop!! Put down that 15th pizza roll!! If you don't get a hold of this now it will only get harder when you have kids!!!!" but I didn't, cause it's none of my business!
Yesterday at church two people asked me how the pregnancy was going. Ugh. ;(
I have been extra anxious lately about our future. It's down to two Pastor's, and if neither of them offer us full time positions, Davey will most likely be joining the military.
I so wish we could go to Hawaii and work at the church we went to visit and interview with. The only reason we don't is because they could only pay us $1,000 a month, so Davey would have to work a part time job as well. Which we were totally fine with and prepared for, when our Pastor told us he prayed about it and really thought it would be best if Davey didn't have to work two jobs. He didn't have peace about it for our family. I know it would be hard. But so will the military! It has been Davey's dream for a long time though. He says, "I want to lead people in something that really matters." and that is his hearts desire.
There are so many things I think about though, how can I do everything on my own? I will be lonely! We must stay close to God! What if we can't find a good church? What if something happens to Davey? What if it puts strain on our marriage? What if he changes while in Iraq? Ect. Ect.
I love my husband so much and I am so thankful he wants God's will. One of the churches we are waiting to hear from, Davey really likes a lot and said he is %100 that is where we should be if God opens the door. So please pray for us!
I have a little plan.. but am not sure if it could happen. You all know how much I love the beach, especially Santa Monica. Well, if Davey enlists, then I was thinking about putting a lot of our stuff in storage and moving to Santa Monica with the boys while Davey is in basic training and officer school. It would take him about 5 months. If we could be with Davey during OCS (Officer Cadet School) we will. For some reason, I just believe it would be easier to be without him if we lived some where I loved! Maybe San Francisco near the marina so I would be closer to family. Who knows!? Only God! I am thankful for that.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weigh In. Week One, Day Five

Weigh in was a great success! Just what I needed to be motivated to keep going. I only have done WW for 4 whole days, and I am down almost 5 lbs!! Today I weighed in at my all time low since babies.. 203.4! Yay!! Only 4 lbs till I am below 200! Soooo excited!
The boys and Davey and I are going to the river today, and we have a Sunday School Luau tomorrow so I am praying for God to help me stay on track. I can do all things through Him!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week One, Day Four

So I have survived 3 1/2 days so far of WW. It's not bad, and besides the undeniable strong urge I have to eat sweets, I am doing great! I want my weigh in days to be Fridays so if I choose to use my FLEX POINTS, I can use them on the weekend and have all week to burn them off. So tomorrow is my first weigh in (at home). I don't plan on using my FLEX POINTS until I have something to use them for.
Tuesday I went to my first WW meeting. I didn't weigh in because I just started the day before, but I do want to weigh in at WW as well as home. Why? Well to get the fancy big gold stickers when I reach small goals of course!! The meeting was crazy. There are some characters that work at WW. The lady I signed up with was crazy, she had a short boys hair cut, but was wearing a cute top and a skirt, but had on dressy sandals with socks, red socks. Can you picture it? She was not very bubbly and excited liked I'd hoped, so I decided to go to a meeting with a different leader. Well this leader was crazy too! She had bright red curly, frizzy hair, and was VERY bubbly and excited! Almost too excited. She gave just about anyone that spoke a sticker. She would be talking then all the sudden pause, like she was about to get to her very mysterious point, and she would change the subject! Some people in the meeting were crazy too. A loud bartender that like to draw pictures of the
food she ate on her tracker, an opinionated student driver teacher, a nice sweet lady in her mid 50's with long gray hair that hates drinking water, and a lonely older bald, black lady that was alone on her birthday a few days before (so sad). The rest of us just sat quietly as the frizzy red head got side tracked a thousand times and gave away a whole book of star stickers. Those aren't the same stickers as reaching a small goal, like 5 lbs, or %5, or %10. The stickers she gave out were just small little stars she called, "Effort stars".
I have been sticking to my points and eating healthy whole grains, lots of fruit and veggies, and I have been pretty satisfied.
Yesterday I had my follow up OBGYN appointment. I went alone while Davey watched the boys. It was a sad thing to remember just two weeks before sitting in the same waiting area, thinking everything was good with our baby, and excited to hear the baby's heartbeat for the second time. Just to find out the baby I was carrying for 13 weeks was no longer alive. I had to watch happy couples leave yesterday smiling and looking at the ultrasound pictures.
We still have our baby's ultrasound photos of my first appointment, where you can see the life and the heart beating. The doctor finally called me and did an ultrasound to make sure my uterus was empty, which it is, and did a pregnancy test to make sure it was negative, which it was. What a depressing appointment! And to make it more uncomfortable, there were "Nurses in training" again, that basically just stand there and watch your appointment. The trainee took me to the scale as soon as they called me, and I told her I didn't want to know my weight (it wasn't weigh in day, I play head games, ect.) so I closed my eyes. Then when I left, they gave me the "after visit summary" which of course, had my weight printed on top! It read, 209. It is a different scale than home, I had just had a big lunch and was wearing all my clothes. If it is the same as WW scale, then I am down .8 lbs, but if it isn't the same, then I don't know! I know two weeks ago yesterday at my appointment when I found out the bad news, I weigh 212.4, ( the doctors scale is always more). So I guess I won't know until tomorrow!
Points tracking takes a lot of time! But I can say it's worth it and it get's easier. I did 20 min Turbo Jam DVD on Monday, but haven't worked out since, so I have got to start easing into that again. Wish me luck on my weigh in tomorrow! It won't have been a whole week, but I hope for the best.
Oh an by the way, being in losing flab mode sure does make you think about that all day long. I started counting at Costco while getting gas how many significantly overweight (people not just a little chubby) I saw at the gas station.. 10 in about 10 minuets. Then I went to Walmart to drop off a prescription and pick up some more fruit and I counted 57... 67 fat people in less than an hour. I was not being judgmental, I am one of them! But it was very interesting. I only saw one fit lady, and she had work out clothes on and was very skinny and in shape. If you go to LA though, like I love to do, you see more fit people than fat people. Huh... maybe we should move to LA so I will be fit. ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting back up. Week one, day one.

I thank God for the physical and emotional healing He is giving me. I feel much stronger with more energy now. I am not quite ready to go run a marathon, but I plan to start slow again with walking or doing my 20 minuets Turbo Jam and my elastic band for strength training.

Saturday I went and joined Weight Watchers. I started today. I am really excited about it. It has given me something to focus on and a goal to work towards. It was $13 to join. I am going to be paying weekly, but I can go every other week if I want to, to save money. But I look forward to reaching little goals and getting gold stickers next to them in my journal. Every 5 pounds you get a star. How exciting is that?! My first goal is to reach %5 of my body weight (-10 lbs) then to reach %10 of my body weight (-20 lbs). I am really doing it. I am determined to do it and to not cheat or lose focus. How long have I EVER gone with out cheating??? I think only 7-8 days!!! I always justified it by "rewarding" myself for a day. That would be fine, but a day turned into a weekend, then by Monday morning I just want to get back to where I was before the weekend.

I am not sure why, but my "palate" has changed since I got pregnant with #3. I still have not been very hungry, but these last two weeks I have been forcing myself to eat a lot! Who does that? Well a very depressed fat lady does that.

I am a bit obsessed with reading books on people who have conquered their weight. I envy the feeling of their loses every week when they weigh in. It's my turn now. In the most memorable books I have read are, "Confessions of a Carb Queen" (she started around 500 pounds, losing around 320 pounds), "Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl (my favorite because she travels and lives in foreign places! She started at 350 pounds and lost about 185 pounds), "703" (Nancy tipped the scales at 703 pounds and death was literally her near destiny. She lost over 500 pounds! I just read this one in 3 days!! Very very interesting book. Her mother sent her whole family to a catholic monastery [which was/is a CULT] during the "hippie days" because she believed a crazy monk priest man that said the world was going to end due to all the devilish worldliness, drugs, sex, aids, rebellion and their monastery was the only safe place in the world. There Nancy was beat by nuns because her wrist showed while cleaning and called a "devil" everyday. Her family was separated and not allowed to see each other. The husband knew it was a very bad decision but was tired of fighting his wife. This was like a prison camp almost, and her mother brought all 7 of them there voluntarily!! It's truly an amazing story. I felt so burdened for her and her family that they didn't know the Truth, the true gospel. Why would someone want to serve God when the "godly" nuns beat you and little 5 year old boys for crying because he missed his mom???!! I honestly think that was not the Catholic religion, it was a branch of it that got way off track.) "Ruby's Diary", her highest weight was 716 pounds and now currently weighs around 300, and is still losing), "Never Say Diet" by Chantel Hobbs, (went from 35o pounds to 140 and a marathon runner. She is a Christian, and a homemaker), "Tales from the Scale" (a book where many women all weigh in on their personal success stories and struggles).

Anyways, enough rambling. My points allowance is 33 points!! 2 because I am female, 20 because that is 10% of my body weight, 1 for my height, 5 because I am still nursing Cody (yes I am! Only 2 times a day though so I get 5 instead of 10 points for nursing), 4 because of my age, and 1 because I am a homemaker (not much walking around, but definitely not sitting all day).
For breakfast today I had a yummy egg (2 whites, 1 whole), low fat cheese, mushroom and tomato scramble, with a cup of grapes, one piece of turkey bacon, and an iced cup of coffee with sugar free creamer. It was very filling and only 7 points. I look forward to losing again. I am excited for my first meeting and weigh in!

Starting weight: 7/19/10 WW scale: 209.8 My scale: 208.2 I will probably go by my scale because I always weigh myself the same time, and way. I will only weigh once a week!

You may delay, but time will not. -Benjamin Franklin
You must do the thing you think you cannot do. -
Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, July 12, 2010

;( Part II

I was sitting at the computer Friday afternoon eating chocolate and watching the show 'Huge'. Every since the doctor's appointment on Wednesday I have been stuffing my face even when I am not hungry. I guess I am comforting myself and trying not to think about the fact that I won't have another baby in January. Food keeps me busy, and there have been plenty of snacks around.
As I watched this show for the first time I found myself thinking, "These girls are so lucky. They have never lost a baby before probably." when I felt a gush of fluid come out of me, as if my water broke. When I looked down my shorts and chair was filled with bright red blood.
I was by myself because Davey went to the store for me and took the boys. I ran to the bathroom not knowing what to do next. I was scared and horrified that I would see the baby. I will spare you all the gruesome details, but we will just say that my bathroom looked like someone was murdered. I called Davey in a shock and panic. I thought, "This is not normal! They didn't tell me this would happen! They said if I soak more than one pad an hour to call. That amount of blood would soak ten pads, no exaggeration. I had no warning, no spotting. Just a few minor contractions through out the day. When I passed what I thought was all of it, I laid in my bed crying as Davey cleaned up the mess, careful not to through away the baby if he found it. I called kaiser and they told me I could stay home as long as I didn't faint or start to bleed even more. I got up and lost so much more. "It has to be done now" we thought. So I lay on the couch and tried to rest. I could feel more coming and stronger contractions. I asked Davey to help me to the bathroom, and once again the bathroom looked like someone was slaughtered. That's when I went white, then green, according to Davey. I mumbled for him to call 911. He hesitated because he thought I just needed to lie down. I felt myself going, I wasn't sure where, just going... to sleep maybe? On the way to my bed, I fainted, even though Davey was assisting me. I could hear him calling 911, "My wife is having a miscarriage and she fainted! She has lost a lot of blood!". I opened my eyes and laid there for a couple minuets as Davey talked on the phone. I was scared, and didn't want the paramedics to find me on the floor, with no bottoms on, even though I was wrapped in a towel from the waist down. I asked Davey to help me to my bed, then to put my skirt on me. The lady on the phone told him to elevate my feet. I told Davey to go ask Ida our neighbor to come over to watch the boys, but thank God, He had already organized a person to watch the boys. Right as the ambulance got here so did Mrs. R, one of my teachers in college. She was bringing us dinner, and offered to stay with the boys. As the paramedics came in they gave me oxygen and spouted about how pale I looked. They shouted at me like I was deaf. "What's your name hon? How old are you?! What happened!? " ect. "Is there still blood in the bathroom we can look at?" They could see the streaks of blood going down my legs to my feet. "Yeah she has lost a lot of blood alright. How many times has she lost that amount sir?" "That's the third time."
Davey said. "Blood clots?" asked on of the other paramedics to the one that investigated the bathroom. "Yeah, size of a softball". I think I heard that... I was going in and out, not of conscience but of reality I guess. I was so worried to leave the boys, I was scared I was dying and leaving them for good. They brought the gurney all the way to my be because when I tried to get up I almost fainted again. They loaded me on it and the two puny guys pushing and carrying me were not modest to the fact that I was heavy. The guy standing in front of me kept making faces and grunting when he would have to lift it for a slight second. Once I was in the ambulance another set of people asked me questions, one with the dreaded sound of... "How much do you weigh ma'am?" I said, "208" (knowing I probably gained 2 lbs in the 2 days from all the eating). "Perfect" he shouted back. I was too scared to be humiliated, and that was not the last time they asked me my weight. They asked me if I had diabetes or high blood pressure. I assume he thought that since I am over weight.
They gave me morphine, oxygen and an IV in the ambulance. The next ten hours where scary, sad, and hopeful all at the same time. I was hopeful only to the fact that I would be okay and this would all be over soon.
I had to lay with my head down and my feet up almost to wear I was upside down because I kept almost fainting. Stronger meds, helped the pain. Visits from friends and prayers form family and friends helped tremendously also. The boys were well taking care of the whole time. My friend Jocelyn, who had just went through this exact thing two weeks prior, picked up the boys for us and kept them over night. She also cleaned the huge bloody mess in the bathroom. I am so thankful for her and all her help.
Of course the day I was there in the ER was one of the busiest days they have ever seen. I praise God we went in an ambulance and not the car. I would have been passed out on the ER floor waiting for hours to be seen.
After 8 hours at the hospital, they finally decided to call my obgyn and ask him to come see me. Once he did he looked at the ultrasound the did a few hours before. He examined me and was able to take out the placenta which is what was keeping me from healing. After that they gave me a shot to help stop the bleeding, gave me an ultrasound in my leg to check for clots and sent us home. I was so glad to be in my bed.
The days after that have been rough both emotionally and physically. I was very weak for the first two days I was home, not even able to stand to shower with out almost fainting. Davey and I both are extremely sad that no longer will we have a third child. Well for now. I can't even think about that yet. I miss my dear baby. I am so thankful he is with the Lord in heaven. Heaven seems so much sweeter to me now, and I can't wait to meet him. We cry when we talk about how we won't know what he/she looks like, blue eyes or brown.? Blond hair? Chubby or skinny? Funny or serious? But we find comfort to know that one day we will see him and hold him.
I am hopeful and looking forward to starting to lose weight again once I recover. I want to throw all my energy into losing weight instead of eating and burring my feelings. I am thinking I want to start weight watchers. I am not sure if we can afford it, but I feel like right now I need a lot of support to stay motivated or I will go back into a depression and eating.
God's grace has been so real and so sufficient for me in this time. I know He is so good and He does everything for good. Romans 8:28. He has wrapped His arms around me and my baby and for that we are so thankful.
I keep asking myself, "what now?" I have not even really grasped the whole truth. But I know it is going to hit me soon. I will keep seeking His grace as He pulls us through this trial. Thank you all for the love and prayers. We can feel them.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well, I really don't even know where to start. I guess I just want to get this out and get it over with.
I went to the doctor yesterday for my regular prenatal appointment. I was not even going to mention the little bleeding I had Sunday because I really thought it was no big deal, I felt fine and had absolutely no sign of miscarriage other than that, which is normal in pregnancies from time to time. But for some reason I told the doctor and he said no big deal, sometimes at 12 weeks it's hard to find the heart beat anyways, so if I can't hear it we'll do an ultrasound. Well I knew that I never had a hard time with the boys hearing their heart beats, so I was already panicked.
He tried to find the heart beat for about 5 minuets through the sound thing, but couldn't find it. I immediately started to get very worried. He took me in the ultrasound room where he did an ultrasound on top of my tummy and could see the baby but not the heart beat. At this point I just knew. He said he was going to do a vaginal ultrasound to look better. He had to call in the nurse to be there, who was very rude and was training another new nurse. So they came in and said, "Yay we get to see the baby!". I was really annoyed with them but tried to ignore it. Then after looking for several minuets he said, "I'm so sorry, I can't find the heartbeat. See, here is the baby (while showing me on the screen) and here is where the heart is, but it is not beating. I am so so sorry." I just lost it and started balling. I am 12.5 weeks along but the baby is measuring 9.5 weeks, so the doctor thinks it happened a week or two ago.
The boys were in the stroller making lots of noise obviously oblivious to what was going on, and I felt so alone and shocked and heartbroken. It all happened so fast. An hour ago I thought everything was fine, I was excited about our 3rd baby. Glad to be about done with the first trimester, and hopefully for the next trimester and looking forward to knowing the gender.
The doctor told me my options for what comes next since I haven't miscarried the baby yet, and ordered a more in depth ultrasound from an ultrasound tech. That ultrasound just confirmed what the doctor had already told me. By that time Davey had met me there, and I had an extreme headache and I felt sick to my stomach. We came home and just cried.
I keep thinking about my appointment a few weeks ago where I saw the baby and heard it's strong heart beat. I see the baby's picture on our fridge. I see my old posts on FB and Twitter about the baby and it hurts worse. We love our baby and we are so heartbroken. But our baby is with Jesus right now. I will see the baby again.
Now I just wait and hope that I miscarry naturally because I really don't want to have a D&C done, or take that pill that makes me miscarry.
I keep thinking "What if they are wrong!? What if the baby is fine and I abort my baby!" but I know in my heart they aren't wrong.
I have been getting extreme headaches for a week now and been more sick to my stomach and am getting worried that it is related. I know that having the baby inside me with no life in it can't be good for my body, so we are praying for wisdom as to what to do. If I don't miscarry naturally I will go in, and ask for one more ultrasound just to make sure, then do what the doctors recommend. Please pray for my health as I go through this.
We miss our baby terribly. It was heartbreaking to see my tough husband cry. I can't stop crying myself. I think part of the hardest part was that it was all so sudden with no real warning.
Even though my life seems so blurry and sad, confused and heartbroken right now, I know, that God's will is perfect. I trust Him with all my heart. Romans 8:28 says, "All things work together for good, to them that love God, to them that are called according to his purpose." He loves us so much, and His grace is sufficient for me. I can feel the prayers and am overwhelmed by God's comfort and grace.
"The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart ; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit." Psalm 34:18
"But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me." 2 Samuel 12:23 (David speaking of his baby boy that died, he will see him in heaven one day).
I am so thankful for my God, that His plan is perfectly designed for us. "As for God, his way is perfect:" Psalm 18:30a
I am so thankful for my husband and by two beautiful healthy boys that He has blessed us with. God is good, all the time.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Camping!

We had a great time camping in Newport Beach this 4th of July. Independence day is my favorite holiday. I love our country and I love celebrating our freedom! Good times of swimming, BBQ, family time, fun and relaxation!
When we got to Newport Dunes, we were very surprised that it was really not what we expected! You could hardly call it camping because the sites were so close together you could hear everyone around you. Not to mention that most of the people next to you have RV's. People really have quit amazing set ups!! I really enjoyed looking at all the campsites and RV's decorated with lights and American flags.
When we first arrived we were at a spot right across from these loud, obnoxious, drunk, smoking, cussing, partying guys. I mean they were horrible! They said hello to us, but when speaking amongst themselves every other word was the "F" word. It was awful. Davey was really upset I could tell. We set up camp and decided to walk to the beach to get away from them hoping they would quiet down or go inside their RV at some point, but instead just more of them showed up. We were ready to leave, and get a refund. I went to the office to ask for a refund (because I thought there were no more spots open) and he said no refunds. So I asked if we could move and thank God he moved us and our spot was perfect. Close to the bathrooms, families around us, quiet and pleasant. Thank God! After that we had a blast making burgers and smores and playing at the beach. Sunday morning we were able to go to Liberty Baptist Church right down the street and it was such a blessing. They invited us to stay for a BBQ and we did. It was great.
Then we headed back to our camp. It was around 1:00 pm and it was extremely crowded! The parking was full (thank God we had our campsite). We packed the stroller and headed to the beach. We got a great spot right on the shore and we all had a blast.
I bought a new bathing suit right before we left town. I like it a lot but it doesn't cover as much up top as I like, but it's better than my old one. I didn't want to have to wear a shirt over my bathing suit like I always do, because I wanted a tan. But I got burned! Lucky for me I usually turn tan after a burn. But ouchy.
The fireworks were amazing! The best I have ever seen that I remember. It was a great time.
I had a bit of cramping during the fireworks and thought that was odd. Later I saw I had a little bleeding.... I am now 12 weeks pregnant, and miscarriage doesn't usually happen this late. So we prayed and prayed, I was very worried and sad and scared. When we got home it seemed I was loosing fluid but there was no more bleeding. So I rested a lot yesterday, I didn't get anything done. I think everything is okay, I am praying the baby is fine. I have my regular appt. tomorrow. I want a healthy pregnancy and more important a healthy baby more than ever and I thank God for His will for us! I am very motivated to get moving! I am almost out of this trimester!! Yay! But I am still very tired. Today I dosed on the couch until 11ish while the boys played and watched cartoons. I have much to do today!! Praying for strength! =)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Year!!!

It's July 1, 2010. I started many weight-loss journeys in my life, but last July, July, 2009 was different. I was determined to lose weight and to accomplish many physical goals. I had a goal date and a goal weight in mind. And although will not reach my goal weight this year because God has blessed us with another little baby, I have achieved almost all my physical goals!! Let me share them with you, and when I accomplished them.
Before I go on to my goals, I must say that I have lowered my BMI 6.4 points!! When I started it was BMI of 41.9= Morbid Obesity. How scary and sad! But today my BMI is 35.5! = Extreme Obesity.. but I am literally 1 point away from just Obesity. I am very happy about that!
You may remember this post, I listed some of my goals and rewards. I also had a few other goals I didn't post but that were in my journal so I will share those as well. I stared all the ones I accomplished.

Goals and Rewards
Goal #1: Lose 10 lbs. Reward: $10 at Target *
Goal #2: Lose 20 lbs. Reward: Buy a shirt from Old Navy *
Goal #3: Lose 30 lbs. Reward: A new pair of shoes *
Goal #4: Lose 40 lbs. Reward: Buy a whole outfit *
Goal #5: Run 1/2 a mile straight. Reward: A Jamba Juice and a $10 movie from Target *
Goal #6: Run 1 mile! Reward: New work out outfit *
Goal #7: Lose 50 lbs. (wow) Reward: I month tanning
Goal #8: Do a small Triathlon. Reward: Just the accomplishment of that is enough! *May 1, '10
Goal #9: Reach 175 lbs. Reward: Pedicure and an outfit
Goal #10: Reach 160 lbs. Reward: Get a massage
Goal #11: Run a 5k. Reward: A date with my husband! *May 16, '10
Goal #11: Reach 145 lbs. Reward Get hair done (cut and color)
Final Goal: Reach final goal weight of 134 lbs.!!! Reward: Go shopping and VACATION TO HAWAII!!! Aloha!

Future Goals I have for Fitness:
1. Swim in the pool at the gym*
2. Do a spin class*
3. An Olympic Triathlon
4. Half a marathon
5. Half an Iron man
6. A marathon

I feel great that I was able to accomplish all those goals! And even though I still have more to go I am confident that I will reach all of them. I still owe myself most of those rewards. Davey signed off on it so I will have to hold him to it. =)
So in a year I have lost about 40 pounds, did a Triathlon, a 5k and met many of my fitness goals.
Here are some pictures from last July compared to my most recent pictures which were last weekend. 40 pounds lighter, more fit, happy, and confident. I am ready for the next goal to be accomplished. Okay so it was hard to find pictures of me similar to the new ones because I am always the one taking the photos and I don't like to be in the shot! :/

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