Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week One, Day Four

So I have survived 3 1/2 days so far of WW. It's not bad, and besides the undeniable strong urge I have to eat sweets, I am doing great! I want my weigh in days to be Fridays so if I choose to use my FLEX POINTS, I can use them on the weekend and have all week to burn them off. So tomorrow is my first weigh in (at home). I don't plan on using my FLEX POINTS until I have something to use them for.
Tuesday I went to my first WW meeting. I didn't weigh in because I just started the day before, but I do want to weigh in at WW as well as home. Why? Well to get the fancy big gold stickers when I reach small goals of course!! The meeting was crazy. There are some characters that work at WW. The lady I signed up with was crazy, she had a short boys hair cut, but was wearing a cute top and a skirt, but had on dressy sandals with socks, red socks. Can you picture it? She was not very bubbly and excited liked I'd hoped, so I decided to go to a meeting with a different leader. Well this leader was crazy too! She had bright red curly, frizzy hair, and was VERY bubbly and excited! Almost too excited. She gave just about anyone that spoke a sticker. She would be talking then all the sudden pause, like she was about to get to her very mysterious point, and she would change the subject! Some people in the meeting were crazy too. A loud bartender that like to draw pictures of the
food she ate on her tracker, an opinionated student driver teacher, a nice sweet lady in her mid 50's with long gray hair that hates drinking water, and a lonely older bald, black lady that was alone on her birthday a few days before (so sad). The rest of us just sat quietly as the frizzy red head got side tracked a thousand times and gave away a whole book of star stickers. Those aren't the same stickers as reaching a small goal, like 5 lbs, or %5, or %10. The stickers she gave out were just small little stars she called, "Effort stars".
I have been sticking to my points and eating healthy whole grains, lots of fruit and veggies, and I have been pretty satisfied.
Yesterday I had my follow up OBGYN appointment. I went alone while Davey watched the boys. It was a sad thing to remember just two weeks before sitting in the same waiting area, thinking everything was good with our baby, and excited to hear the baby's heartbeat for the second time. Just to find out the baby I was carrying for 13 weeks was no longer alive. I had to watch happy couples leave yesterday smiling and looking at the ultrasound pictures.
We still have our baby's ultrasound photos of my first appointment, where you can see the life and the heart beating. The doctor finally called me and did an ultrasound to make sure my uterus was empty, which it is, and did a pregnancy test to make sure it was negative, which it was. What a depressing appointment! And to make it more uncomfortable, there were "Nurses in training" again, that basically just stand there and watch your appointment. The trainee took me to the scale as soon as they called me, and I told her I didn't want to know my weight (it wasn't weigh in day, I play head games, ect.) so I closed my eyes. Then when I left, they gave me the "after visit summary" which of course, had my weight printed on top! It read, 209. It is a different scale than home, I had just had a big lunch and was wearing all my clothes. If it is the same as WW scale, then I am down .8 lbs, but if it isn't the same, then I don't know! I know two weeks ago yesterday at my appointment when I found out the bad news, I weigh 212.4, ( the doctors scale is always more). So I guess I won't know until tomorrow!
Points tracking takes a lot of time! But I can say it's worth it and it get's easier. I did 20 min Turbo Jam DVD on Monday, but haven't worked out since, so I have got to start easing into that again. Wish me luck on my weigh in tomorrow! It won't have been a whole week, but I hope for the best.
Oh an by the way, being in losing flab mode sure does make you think about that all day long. I started counting at Costco while getting gas how many significantly overweight (people not just a little chubby) I saw at the gas station.. 10 in about 10 minuets. Then I went to Walmart to drop off a prescription and pick up some more fruit and I counted 57... 67 fat people in less than an hour. I was not being judgmental, I am one of them! But it was very interesting. I only saw one fit lady, and she had work out clothes on and was very skinny and in shape. If you go to LA though, like I love to do, you see more fit people than fat people. Huh... maybe we should move to LA so I will be fit. ;)

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