Monday, August 30, 2010

Disneyland 'o'

We had such a great time on my Birthday!! God is so good.
On our way there, I decided to look at our tickets. In June I bought a 3 day southern California pass. $108 for one. That is a great deal! One admission to one park is $70. So for Davey's birthday we did two days, and we saved the third one for my birthday. I could have sworn the tickets said we had to use them by 8/29, but in the car on the way there I noticed in small writing it said 45 days from first visit. Which meant our tickets were expired. I had tears in my eyes as I called Disneyland to see if there was any way we could use them still. The lady was very non-helpful, and said, "Nope. Sorry. There's no way." Thank God I ask to speak to a manager. At first she was sticking to it too, and saying we would have to pay, but then I told her it was my birthday, we were already on our way, and our boys are so excited. I told her it was just me and Davey because the boys are free, and so she agreed we could come!! Whoo! So nice of her. We met her when we got there, and she gave us new tickets, for free. It really is the happiest place on earth. But really, it was all the Lord, because we prayed and asked Him to work it out. I am so glad He cares even about letting His children go to Disneyland!
I did well with my food in the morning, tracked and everything. But I wasn't going to worry about it so much while there. We bought Subway for lunch outside the park and ate it there at lunch time. Then later we got a frozen lemonade.
For dinner we went to Downtown Disney District, and ate at a southern Louisianan restaurant. So cute, lights outside, the whole restaurant was open air. The food was AMAZING! MMM. Even the boys Chicken strips were fried so elegantly and delicious! I had caramelized Pork Chop, with jalapeno potato bite things, and greens. Davey's food was better than mine. He got a seafood pasta jambalaya. Oh wow. I laughed so hard at dinner. Cody was being so funny, he kept flexing his muscles and yelling, "Arhhhhhh", over and over. Davey and Shane were goofing off and I couldn't stop laughing. Shane was eating his Mac N Cheese with a straw, and licking the bowl, and when his face was down close too it, Davey pushed his face in the Mac N Cheese!! Shane was upset, but it was so funny. For dessert we shared a white chocolate brownie a la mode. Again, YUM. We had such a great time, so many fun memories.
Shane loves Mickey, and only saw him from far off during a parade. He really wanted to give him a hug like he did last time. I felt so bad. We bought them both stuffed Mickey's. I was so happy to get them for them. Davey bought me a Disney Mom mug. We bought him a Dad one for his birthday. We collect mugs for places we go.
It is always a struggle to get back on track after a day of freedom! So Sunday I didn't worry about it too much. Today back to tracking and exercise. We did walk so much at Disneyland, that helped. My sister-in-law and her friend spent the night last night. They came back for school. So this morning I took advantage and rode my bike outside. I only had about 15 minuets. But it is definitely important for me to practice and train on my bike. It seems hard to ride on the street. But I got a good 16 minuets, and when I came home I figured how far I went on 3.31 miles.
We bought spray paint for my bike. I am painting it, gonna make it look new and super cute!
So Friday, I went to an early Cycle class at the gym. I haven't been able to go in the mornings becuase Davey's truck was in the shop for a month, so we only had one car. But I remembered why I don't like to go in the mornings.... the day care is horrible!!! Not only getting two toddlers in the gym, paying for them (which went up from $2 per kid to $3 per kid), to signing all the papers, taking their shoes off, giving Shane a pep talk to be good, ect. I didn't have my ID on me so I had to run back to the car. I also ran and got my bike.. came back, filled out all papers, got them in... fewww. Good, I'm done. The class started bout 9:03 am. At about 9:35 they came and got me because Shane needed a diaper change. So Cody sees me and starts to cry. I let him come to change Shane. Done, back to class... Cody is crying more when I hand him to a worker. Tell her he will be fine, he just needs some time. Back on bike at 9:40. 9:45 another lady comes and gets me and says Cody won't stop crying. I wanted to say, "So?? distract him!! Class is almost over!" So I leave class, totally frustrated. Get there and Cody isn't crying anymore. She says, sneak out.. then he sees me and cries again. I only used 45 min of the 2 hours I paid, they don't give me a refund at all. I wanted to yell, if you won't change their diapers or comfort them while crying.. why do I pay you $6???!!! UGH. If I took them M-F, it would be $30!! That is more $ for five days than my pass is a month! So I will only be going when Davey is home. So frustrating.
Well, anyways, I weighed this morning since it's weigh day, and it was the same as Saturday. Actually, at first it said, 200.8. Then to make sure, I got on again, and again. It was still 201. So here's to this week breaking the 200 mark!! Whoo!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Birthday!

Quick post just to update! I decided to weigh today because it is my Birthday and we are off to Disneyland!! I know I am going to use my FLEX points, so I wanted to weigh before! Down another 1.2 pounds!!! YESSSSS. 201.4 baby! Almost there!! I weighed 5 times because the 2nd time it said 200.6! But the 3 other times were 201.4 again.. lol. Today was my original goal date.. but who cares. I am losing! So here's to progress and a happy 25th birthday to myself!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cleaning out the closet

I have been doing really well sticking to my points, and working out. Monday I did the treadmill, 1 mile, then Turbo Kick Boxing, and abs. Tuesday was killer.. I did a 1/4 mile swim, which took about 10.5 minuets, then Coaches cycle class, then Body Sculpt. I am still so sore! I have cycle today at 5:30 with Phil, and I don't know how I will make it through! My right hamstring is the most sore muscle in my body.. weird!
I had a WIC appointment on Tuesday.. they are so hard these days because they need documents about the miscarriage and ask all these questions about it. ;(
She said she had to weigh me, which I was not happy about because I don't like to know until weigh day because I get discouraged. My appointment was at 4:00 pm, I was fully dressed, and had just eaten. For some reason I decided to look, and the scale paused at 199.. then went to 202.3.. which I was very happy about!! At home the day before with no clothes on and no food in my tummy I was 202.6! So did I lose some weight?? I hope so! When we sat down she said, "Did you gain any weight from your pregnancy?" I said, "No". "Oh wow, says here last time we weighed you you were 214!? You've lost 12 pounds!" I said, "Yes! Actually I have lost 42!" :) Felt good to finally see progress and charts and people notice.
I think it's time to clean out the closet. Most of my clothes are XXL and just too big now. I find myself holding on to them "Just in case". What if I get pregnant again before I reach goal, then I will need them! But really? They are all too big and I hope to never need them again!! So should I get rid of them?? Or just put them up in storage? Hmmmm..
I paid for the triathlon. Now all I have to worry about is gas money and a wet suit. I found a website that rents wetsuits, which may be my only choice. I can't help but think that's kinda gross though, but so is buying a used one, which is the only way I could buy one. Why are they so expensive!??
Last night I made chicken enchiladas and brown Spanish rice (Yum!). At WIC I got a free cookbook, and they promote healthy eating, so all the recipes were made with whole grains and things. It was a definite keeper. Davey requested I fry his in sugar oil to make it a Chimmichanga (sp). When I was starting WW he was all excited and on board for us all to eat healthy. Now I think he is tired of it... LOL.
So I finally started my photography blog!! I have been meaning to do one, but have been so busy. It isn't finished, but it's up and running. Now I can link it to my website and get more clients that way hopefully. Here is the link.
Tomorrow is grocery shopping day! Yay! Can anyone recommend any low cal low fat or low points favorite items? I need some new variety.
I just want to end this post saying how thankful to God I am for His long suffering. I put this on my FB status, but I really mean it.. if we treated our husbands how we treat God sometimes.. ie.. not talking to him, not spending time with him, ignoring him when he talks to us, not telling him we love him, or that we miss him, or that we are thankful for him, how would he feel?? Miserable!! I know I would be if that's how Davey treated me! Yet sadly I do that to God sometimes, and I am so sorry for it, yet He is right there ready to forgive me when I come to Him. I LOVE YOU GOD!!!!! Today was time to clean out my spiritual closet too and repent and give Him all my worries!! I worry about the smallest stupidest things, like cleaning my house!! I get very burden when my bathroom is not clean, yet I haven't cleaned it in a while.. (gross I know, I have wiped it down, but not cleaned it thoroughly for a week or two.) So I gave all those to God, and He has helped me to get more done today, and now I am going to go clean my bathroom!! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weigh In 8/23 and Triathlon

FINALLY!!!! Broke 203 pounds. But only by 1 measly pound. Ugh. This will take my whole life if I keep losing like this. I am so close to the ONEders! But will I ever get there??!! I am glad I am down a pound. Really thankful. But man, I am frustrated at the same time! I lost 5 pounds first week of WW (now starting my 5th week), then no pounds until today and it was only 1! So my question is.. what is going on?? Let's evaluate.

1. First week of WW I did EXCELLENT. So let's take a look.
a. I didn't exercise (a light walk here and there).
b. I didn't have any BLT's.. bite licks or tastes.
c. I ate all very healthy foods that were high fiber whole grain.
d. I drank a lot of water.
2. The next weeks, I began to work out (a lot), ate desserts with in points, but higher in fat.. such as 2 Tbsp chocolate. Does that matter??
3. Went on vacation and went off for a week, but was very active so I didn't gain.
4. In those few weeks, went down .5 up .5.
5. This last week, I worked out a lot, and starting Thursday I lowered my points by 3, so from 33 to 30. I get 5 points for nursing Cody and I just think it was too much. I added up Wednesday's points into calories and it was 2,000 calories!! I was eating 1600 when I was losing counting calories, and I was nursing Cody more.
6. But then.. I emailed Fat Little Legs.
She has lost 100 pounds on WW. She said seems to her I am not eating enough. She asked if I have been eating all my points, flex points, and some activity points. I have not been eating my flex points, and I never eat any activity points. She said she eats all her points, most of her flex, and 5-10 activity points every week, and would lose 1-1.5 pounds a week. She said if you don't eat enough you won't lose. And with all I have been working out I should be eating more, but eat lean protein and healthy foods like milk or yogurt. She is so sweet to have emailed me back! I appreciate her advice.
7. Let's face facts.. I ate on WW week 1.. Week two I had a "High Calorie day" which turned into a couple days. Then week 3 ate on WW until day 6, then went off for a week. Week 4 stayed on all week with out using any Flex or activity points and lost -1.
So the plan is.. to eat 30 points daily, keep my gym schedule, eat more flex points and activity points, no BLT's and hope for a bigger loss next Monday!

So I am soooo excited to announce.. that the Lord provided for me to be able to do the Triathlon!!! Yay yay!! Oh boy.. now I am nervous. It is September 25, See Jane Run all woman's triathlon. Here is the link.

I have so many thoughts going through my head!! I really don't know if I will be ready. I haven't been training for a tri... just working out. No doubt Spin has been helping.... especially Coaches class. But that class kills me and I can barley walk after let alone run! This tri is a little bit longer than my first. It's 1/4 mile swim, 11 mile bike (Avia was 10), and a 3 mile run (Avia was 2 miles). So I have a month to prepare. Nervous!!! And... And!!!! I have forgotten to tell you.. we are going to Ohio Sep 9-13! Excited about seeing a church out there. It's a great church, and Davey would be an assistant Pastor. So I won't be able to train while there.
There are also expenses for gas to get to Pleasonton, wet suit, sports bathing suit, new shoes, food for the trip.. ect. So I pray God will provide for all that, and I know He will.

I did Coaches 8:30 am class on Saturday, I swear it was harder than his Tuesday class. I only ate a small piece of whole grain toast with a tsp Jelly and a small cup of coffee before the class. I was tired. He went.. 65 minuets!! We were going to be done at 60, but then asked if anyone wanted to do one more song. Everyone said yes, I was saying... "Nope.. I'm done!!" In my head. But when the song came on... it was my absolute favorite to Spin too.. so I did it, and I pushed hard. I attempted to go to Turbo Kick Boxing after, but I lasted only 10 minuets. My legs were jello. Spin was so brutal. So I did upper body weights: stomach, chest, back, and arms. Today is TKB, I will probably do treadmill and TKB. We'll see.
So last issue... my tummy. I hate it. Why won't it go away? My face, collar bone, and shoulders are thinning out. My tummy is still so gross and huge, and getting loose. I do sit ups but while I do them think about how pointless it is. :( Oh well... I will reap if I faint not in due season.. right?!!
xoxo Have a great week!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting into it

I am definitely getting into WW now. Last night we had another Strength and Beauty meeting. It was great, and we decided to start a Strength and Beauty blog. Here is the link.
Jocelyn brought a WW cake, 3 points per slice. Chocolate cake mix, mixed with diet coke. Oh my so good. She has lots of WW recipes and also told me that 4 Tbsp of Brownie mix with 2 Tbsp water microwaved for 1 minuet is 1 point and taste just like a real brownie!! Yum!
I made it to 30 minuets of Spin yesterday because of the meeting, didn't get to work out on Wednesday though. I was still so sore I could barley pedal at a level 7.
I went to WW meeting Wednesday, and everyone spoke about what they did great that week for a sticker. A few people said they worked out, or passed eating a bad dinner. I don't really like drawing attention to myself with people I don't know so I didn't say anything. But I did mention how we went to Venice and I got a sticker for that! :)
So I feel like all I do now is talk about losing weight... with everyone. I do have other interests... so I thought I'd share them!
I love being a wife and mommy, I like to read love stories, I love photography, I really like art and want to learn how to paint. My favorite colors are jewel tones, I love interior decorating. I would love to live by the beach, I usually don't get dressed until 2pm everyday :/, my hair is very long, I hate cleaning the bathroom, I use to have to chase girls away from my husband when we were dating. We don't have cable, so Davey and I will set up a blanket on the floor and watch our favorite shows, online. I think She's the Man is the funniest movie ever made, I am a Republican, and a patriot. My dog will have puppies in a couple months hopefully... and I am allergic to dogs. Shane won't poop in the potty still, I wake up every weekday with Davey at 5:00 am and make him breakfast and lunch. I use to work in Fashion, I love to shop, I am not allowed to posses credit cards, I have been paid to design web sites and I am happily married to the only man I have ever been in love with. And, I love the Lord. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Not that I would know... I am down 40+ pounds, but I am not thin. I can remember being thin once though, and it felt pretty good. But it would have felt better if I didn't think I was fat.

I am SORE. No scratch that.. I am beyond sore.. I am in PAIN. But it feels great! Monday I did Turbo Kick Boxing, then did weights on my own. I did quads, hamstrings, chest, shoulders, and abs. Yesterday I did the killer Spin class, which I found out is an advanced class. There is a lady in there that is really good, and it's odd because she doesn't appear to be an athlete, or a cyclist. Usually the people with good form and things and the ones that cycle outside and do Triathlons and things. Anyways, she looks about 20 pounds lighter than me, and she is a machine. I was right behind her and I worked hard to keep up with her. When we go down she doesn't sit, she hovers, even though the instructor is sitting. Another lady from our church joined me and Lisa in Spin. Her name is Jackie, and she does Spin, but on other days. I could tell she lost a lot of weight. Lisa told her I have lost weight too and she asked how much and I told her and she was surprised. Then I asked her and she has lost 50! And she got a tummy tuck. How awesome. She said her "spare tire" became a "flat tire" lol. I think that's me in the near future. :/
After Spin, Lisa and I went to Body Sculpt. I have never stayed for a whole class before. Oh man. She starts with lunges and squats, and decided it would be fun to change it up and add on then start from the beginning every time. We did our whole body, mostly legs. Ouch. Then I thought I would do the treadmill and see if I could run a little. Yeah... my legs were jello, so I only ran a minuet. Walked the rest.
I have my heart set on a triathlon next month. I got birthday money from my Dad and was registering for it, when Davey came home and said I probably need to use the money on bills. Especially after our vacation. So I am really praying for God to provide for it. It's in Pleasanton CA (where my grandparents live) and it's an all woman's tri, in a lake. You all know how much I love the beach, but I do not like swimming in the ocean. I am very scared of sharks! When Davey and I went to Belize on a missions trip three years ago, we snorkeled, and I was terrified. I was just going to stay in the boat. The only reason I didn't was because I would have been left all alone and there was no anchor, and it was a small boat!! No way. So I jumped (last one in of course) and just my luck, there was a big Barracuda right under the boat staring at us. Nice. Then we saw three sharks!! Big, like 6 feet long. They were Nurse Sharks, which supposedly don't eat people, but I wasn't buying it. I stayed right behind Davey the whole time, actually holding his flipper. Ha!
Today's breakfast was 1 cup Oatmeal, 1 Tbsp Brown Sugar, coffee, and 2 light toast= 5 points.
I brought my friends dinner last night, because they were in the ER the night before real late, for the husband. They have four kids, and she had to be up at 7am to babysit. They started WW the same day I did, she wants to lose 20 and he wants to lose 100. She is down 7 and he is down 17! Awesome for them. So I made a healthy home made lasagna with a salad. I made one for us too, 4 points for a cup of lasagna and 2 for the salad. It was yummy.
I earned 11 POINTS yesterday in my work out! But I didn't use them, of course. That would defeat the purpose.
I need to come up with a work out for Wednesdays. We have church, so I can't do any classes, and we only have one car right now so I can't go during the day. Hmmm.. I could walk in the 100+ heat, but the stroller is in the van. Hopefully Davey will be home early and I can swim today at the gym. I have errands to run too. Need to mail out CD's to clients and ship a gift to my niece and nephew. The boys have been keeping me very busy lately. Shane is STILL potty training, and is obsessed with Night at the Museum, so he always wants his "Torch" his flash light. Cody is getting in just about all his teeth at once. poor guy, and he has been pooping like crazy and has bad diaper rash. ;(
I will be sad a couple times in the next couple weeks. Friday because that is the day we were suppose to find out what the baby was. Then the 28th is my 25 birthday, which if you remember, was my original goal date. But even if I didn't get pregnant and not lose for those three months, I wouldn't be at goal yet probably, but maybe I'd be closer. I wouldn't change it though. I would do it over again just so one day in heaven we can hold and kiss and be with our baby.
Well I gotta get going on house work and lunch for the boys!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Wow so it's been ten days since I blogged!! We were out of town for a week, then this last weekend was really busy with unpacking, and getting things in order, plus all my photos I uploaded and edited. So where do I start??
Friday the 6th, I did really good when we got into Morgan Hill, even the whole way there I only snacked on my healthy snacks I planned and tracked. I was not even craving junk because I had been doing WW for a while and I really enjoy my WW food. I don't feel deprived at all. Then came Saturday, the day of the wedding. I started out good by eating oatmeal for breakfast. I made the mistake of not bringing a lunch. I had to be at the church at 1:45pm, and I had to drive all the way to Palo Alto to rent a flash for my camera. I was driving my sis-in-laws car cause Davey and everyone were suppose to go to boating (they ended up not going). Her car was on empty when I was reaching the wedding, and I knew I had to drive to the reception. So I stopped at Chevron for gas, and honestly I wanted a quick healthy snack.. well their was none!!!! Seriously, not even protein bars... so I got a diet Coke and chips and a Snickers. :/ I really didn't want to eat bad the rest of the vacation, I still wanted to eat on Track, but it was just easier to eat whatever everyone else ate. After the wedding I went to my Great Aunt's house and ate a wonderful dinner with them.. I love going there because they always have home made food made. It was pretty healthy too, Olive Oil Pasta with Pesto?, Cantaloupe and Artichokes. Yum.
The rest of the time in Morgan Hill was great, Church, another photo session, boating (where I swam a long distance to shore and back for exercise), and we got to see family. We got home on Tuesday, and we cleaned, got packed for Venice, my Mom got there Tuesday night, I made a home made Lasagna for them to eat while we were gone, and we went to bed. Wednesday we said bye to the boys (so hard to leave them!!) and left for 3 days 2 nights at Venice Beach.
It was soooo much fun, and much needed time together. We stayed at a hotel right on the boardwalk. Venice boardwalk is famous for lots of characters (crazies) people selling things, people singing, acting, and doing anything and everything to make a dollar. It was a lot of fun seeing all the Art, Jewelery, and things people make and sell.
We ate at The Warehouse in Marina Del Rey Wednesday night. That is where the "Focker family reunion" was filmed in "Meet the Fockers" with Barbra Streisand, Robert De Nero, and Ben Stiller. It was so nice , our table was right next to the Marina with tons of sailboats. It was great seafood (which I love!!). We only get to go somewhere like that once every two years or so, and we had King Crab Legs, Steak and Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Fish and Chips, and Clams. Yum!! I love seafood!
Thursday we rented beach cruisers and rode EVERYWHERE! We rode to Santa Monica Pier (my favorite place), to town where we got Thai couples massages ($40 an hour!! Very cheap!), then to the end of Venice and back. It was great, and boy was I sore the next day. That day we ate at "The Fig Tree" right next to our hotel on the boardwalk, and it was so good! It is a healthy all natural restaurant. They don't serve french fries, or anything unhealthy. I got a grilled Chicken Sandwich and it came with a salad. Davey got fish tacos, those were amazing. I love making fish tacos too. That is what we are having for dinner tonight. ;) Thursday night we ate at "The Firehouse" which was OK. I got fish tacos, but it wasn't fresh fish so it wasn't as good. We were going to go to Gladstone's For Fish in Malibu, but after the bill at The Warehouse we couldn't afford it. Then we decided to go to Bubba Gumps, (my absolute favorite restaurant) which is on the Santa Monica Pier, but our car was parked in a garage far away, because the hotel has reserved parking there so we don't have to pay, and we had to return our bikes at 7pm and it was just too late for a far to walk. So we went to one we could walk to, and it was a good mile away. I got a lot of exercise!!
Friday we got up early and went to the famous Farmers Market in Hollywood. I had been looking forward to that. We got fresh produce, and ate a French Breakfast, then got delicious sweets from a bakery, and went home. We picked up Molly on the way home, she should have pups Oct. 9!! We were soooo glad to see the boys!! I couldn't stop hugging them.
I am so glad to Track my points today and go back to the gym. We have another Strength and Beauty on Thursday. I WILL lose this week! I decided I am going to weigh every Monday. I start on Monday, so I should weigh on Monday... I am always worried about using FLEX points on Friday and it effecting my weigh in on Monday, but if I lose through out the week it shouldn't matter.. right?? Oh yeah... you MUST MUST MUST

Watch this video!!! We love the show America's got Talent, and this is an A Capella group that should have won.. but they were so hilarious, we were rolling. Laughter is very good for you, so watch! We don't listen to the song they sing, I have only heard it at a baseball game when we go, but it's an A Capella group, they use NO instruments. Amazing. Just thought I'd share.
LOL ;)

Today I weigh: 203.6
Of course I must share pictures!! ;)
Here is one of the wedding, I will post more soon.
This is Roman, the little boy I photographed Sunday. On the tube with my sis-in-law ShaynaVenice ShotsThese Dolphins were amazing!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Strength and Beauty

The meeting was great last night! Such a blessing to be able to encourage ladies to log their food, and work out. We did a weigh in for a few as well and measurements. There were a few tears of sweet ladies worried about their over weight kids. My good friend Denise, said she gave her first son a lot of convenient foods, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, ect. He is now 8 and is a big boy (he is very tall too) but he wants to snack on things like chips. He three younger ones are young enough that they are ok with whatever she gives them. That hit home to me because I gave/give the boys easy stuff sometimes. I use to make mac n cheese for Shane a lot, and nuggets, and pizza, ect. I am giving them whole grains now, and lots of fruit and lean meat, but I hope it's not too late.
Jocelyn gave a great devotion on being right with God, and if your not right with God then He won't bless your weight loss. I do believe that with all my heart. I know it is His will for me to lose weight.
I challenged the ladies to work out harder than they do, at least one day between now and the next meeting. Than last night Kristy, a lady with 6 kids, asked if doing 30 minuets everyday was enough. I can see that she is very motivated and ready to lose the weight!! I will do my best to encourage all these ladies to stick with it. And myself! We did pray requests, and I requested for prayer that I will not cheat while n Morgan Hill. It's going to be very hard, but I do not want a set back. It would be easier to say no to cake if the scale was dropping!! But I just have to have faith that if I am good, it will drop.
So I think I am starting my period, and wonder if that is why I haven't dropped below 203. I have had one period since getting pregnant with Shane, so I don't really know if it does make you does that work??
So excited for the wedding tomorrow!! And I am doing two shoots on Sunday as well. I have a lot of cute ideas. I will post pics!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week Three, Day four

I am not feeling to good today. Really not a good time to get sick. I have a "Strength and Beauty" meeting at my house tonight, and it's our first one. It's like a Christian Weight Watchers. I am excited. Then we leave for Morgan Hill tomorrow, and Saturday I have a paying wedding in San Jose!! I can not, and will not miss the wedding!
I think I have Kidney Stones! ;( I am not sure because I have never had them before, but I have had sharp pains on the left side of my lower back for a few days. I worked out and have been cleaning anyways, but now it's really hurting. I kept saying, "My kidney hurts!" and Davey said I probably just pulled a muscle. I hope he is right. I looked up symptoms of Kidney Stones and they say pain lower side or back, and blood in your urine. I don't have blood in my urine. I am going to drink a lot of water and hope that helps.
Yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary!! I am so thankful for my husband. He is such a good man! We are going to Venice Beach next week just the two of us for two nights while my Mom stays with the boys! Yay!! I am so excited.
I am frustrated with the scale right now. Last Thursday I weighed at 203.2. Then Friday and Saturday I was bad, and on Monday I weighed at 203.4. I have been really good, staying on track on WW, and exercising, and today I am 203.0. Ugh!!! Should I have waited to weigh until Monday? Or should I weigh tomorrow, then not weigh again until next Friday? I need feedback!! I need to see the scale move below 203!! Evil number that won't budge!!
Maybe I am taking to many "bites"? I have been biting the boys food hear and there and the first week on WW I didn't do that and I lost 5 lbs. Hmmm. I am going to Morgan Hill tomorrow and I am very scared!!!!!! I HAVE to stay on track. I do not want to set myself back. I have already told my in-laws I am on WW so no desserts and things for me. I CAN do it.. and I WILL DO IT!!! If I don't, I will gain a couple pounds and waist a week basically.
I am so excited about the wedding on Saturday. It's at the same church my Mom was married, and I have a lot of great ideas. Praying my body will cooperate!!
My 24Cycle class on Tuesday was amazing. I want to say as hard as my triathlon minus the burning sun on you, and he wouldn't let me get off to walk my bike up the really steep hill. Well, ok so the triathlon was harder. Being on a real bike and going up a steep hill is way different than being on a spin bike. Your real bike will fall over if you can't pedal any more, the spin one won't. Anyways, he went the full 60 minuets, up to the second. Very short breaks at "home" and most of the time pedaling as fast as you could at a level 9. Wow it was hard. How could I not have lost at least a pound from that?? Then my spin buddy Lisa wanted me to go with her to 24Lift. Oh man. Lunges and arms galore. I left after arms were done and went and detoxed in the Sauna. Have I mentioned how much I love the Sauna? Minus the gross hairy, stinky, sweaty men in there. I sit in there for 15-20 minuets and let all the bad stuff out of my body.
Davey is dropping off the dog today to breed her! Yay for puppies soon. So many people just assume we will give them one or sell one to them cheap. My good friend bred her lab and we wanted one but couldn't afford $600, but now I understand why she didn't want to sell us one for cheap, because people will ( and did) buy them at full price!! If we just give them away we are giving away all the money we put into her and all the vet bills for having the puppy. With all my heart I do want to give some away for free to people who really want one and will be good homes, but someone will pay $800 for it, and take amazing care of it, use it to hunt and show, we have to sell them. Anyways, that was just a vent. lol OK, gotta go clean and get the house ready for our meeting tonight. Chow!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week Three, Day Two

So I was pretty discouraged from my weigh in. I thought about how I could shake it up so the scale would move, and I came up with, going off WW for a day to shock my metabolism. Sounds crazy? Well my Dad was a body builder, and always use to tell me it's good to eat a lot more calories one day every so often so your body will start burning more since it's use to burning the amount you have been eating. For a few days after you eat more than usual, your body will burn a high amount of calories like you ate that day. Makes sense, but my problem is, once I go off it's so hard to go back on! We went grocery shopping Friday, and we got frozen pizza, and apple pie, and I had to get a few donuts because they are my weakness and I never eat them at church even though I want to so bad. Friday, I didn't even want to eat anything off WW, but did anyways. Then I woke up Saturday with all intentions on being perfect, and after lunch couldn't conrtol myself! Then we went to a Baseball game, where I had licorice and drive through Del Taco (only two chicken tacos). I was so mad at myself for letting myself eat that way two days.
Sunday I was perfect, and Monday, and today so far and I am not craving anymore. Thank God. I did Spin for the first time in 3 months on Thursday and it felt sooooo good to be back. I just love the dark room, the loud, peaceful music, and my cycle buddy Lisa that goes to my church who never misses spin.
Last night I went to the gym, did some weights, then headed into spin. A sub came in, a few minuets late. I had already reserved my bike, and a big, huge black man was on the one next to me when I came back. Not fat huge, muscle and tall huge. The instructor was black, and seemed really nice, but immediately blared very loud hip hop/ soul music. The guy next to me started dancing and looking at me and biting his lip!! I was like, "Um.... ok, I am gonna just look away now!" then he started talking to me, but I could not understand him. The instructor couldn't figure out how to get the microphone to work, so I could not hear anything she said. The guy kept dancing while pedaling, and I was so uncomfortable! I knew Turbo Kick Boxing was going on so I got up and left and went to TKB. I am so glad i did!! I forgot how much I love it. It was a great work out too. I just still really don't care for the snobby instructor that teaches Monday night. It's like she has her "click" and never talks or greets anyone in the class except them. I really want to do Zumba again too, but those are in the morning and right now we only have one car and Davey takes it to work.
We should be hearing from the church in Ohio today! I am anxious. Hmm... what else, oh yeah Molly our dog is in heat, and we are taking her this weekend to breed her. Yay! She is a pure bred, AKC Yellow Lab, and she is breeding with a pure bred, AKC Chocolate stud, that is a champion show dog and a hunting dog. We will be able to sell her puppies for $600-800 each. Since she is yellow, she will have black ones, yellow ones, and chocolate ones! So excited! ;)
Shane started gymnastics last Saturday!! I am not bragging, but he was the best! OK so maybe I am. But you don't know really how smart, big, and strong your kids are until they get around other kids their age. Shane was bigger than the older boys in his class, and so was Cody. Shane could hold him self up on the bars, on the parallel bars, on the rings, and he was running and doing somersaults off a mat! lol He is a natural.
I use to do gymnastics, and was pretty good. I use to be able to tumble and do cartwheels and jumps on the beam. I loved gymnastics! I wish I would have stuck with it instead of letting my social life get in the way when I was in high school. It's so excited for your child to do something you use to do and know about. But Davey says the boys can only do gymnastics till they are five, then they do manly sports. LOL! So I really need to have a girl. ;)