Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cleaning out the closet

I have been doing really well sticking to my points, and working out. Monday I did the treadmill, 1 mile, then Turbo Kick Boxing, and abs. Tuesday was killer.. I did a 1/4 mile swim, which took about 10.5 minuets, then Coaches cycle class, then Body Sculpt. I am still so sore! I have cycle today at 5:30 with Phil, and I don't know how I will make it through! My right hamstring is the most sore muscle in my body.. weird!
I had a WIC appointment on Tuesday.. they are so hard these days because they need documents about the miscarriage and ask all these questions about it. ;(
She said she had to weigh me, which I was not happy about because I don't like to know until weigh day because I get discouraged. My appointment was at 4:00 pm, I was fully dressed, and had just eaten. For some reason I decided to look, and the scale paused at 199.. then went to 202.3.. which I was very happy about!! At home the day before with no clothes on and no food in my tummy I was 202.6! So did I lose some weight?? I hope so! When we sat down she said, "Did you gain any weight from your pregnancy?" I said, "No". "Oh wow, says here last time we weighed you you were 214!? You've lost 12 pounds!" I said, "Yes! Actually I have lost 42!" :) Felt good to finally see progress and charts and people notice.
I think it's time to clean out the closet. Most of my clothes are XXL and just too big now. I find myself holding on to them "Just in case". What if I get pregnant again before I reach goal, then I will need them! But really? They are all too big and I hope to never need them again!! So should I get rid of them?? Or just put them up in storage? Hmmmm..
I paid for the triathlon. Now all I have to worry about is gas money and a wet suit. I found a website that rents wetsuits, which may be my only choice. I can't help but think that's kinda gross though, but so is buying a used one, which is the only way I could buy one. Why are they so expensive!??
Last night I made chicken enchiladas and brown Spanish rice (Yum!). At WIC I got a free cookbook, and they promote healthy eating, so all the recipes were made with whole grains and things. It was a definite keeper. Davey requested I fry his in sugar oil to make it a Chimmichanga (sp). When I was starting WW he was all excited and on board for us all to eat healthy. Now I think he is tired of it... LOL.
So I finally started my photography blog!! I have been meaning to do one, but have been so busy. It isn't finished, but it's up and running. Now I can link it to my website and get more clients that way hopefully. Here is the link.
Tomorrow is grocery shopping day! Yay! Can anyone recommend any low cal low fat or low points favorite items? I need some new variety.
I just want to end this post saying how thankful to God I am for His long suffering. I put this on my FB status, but I really mean it.. if we treated our husbands how we treat God sometimes.. ie.. not talking to him, not spending time with him, ignoring him when he talks to us, not telling him we love him, or that we miss him, or that we are thankful for him, how would he feel?? Miserable!! I know I would be if that's how Davey treated me! Yet sadly I do that to God sometimes, and I am so sorry for it, yet He is right there ready to forgive me when I come to Him. I LOVE YOU GOD!!!!! Today was time to clean out my spiritual closet too and repent and give Him all my worries!! I worry about the smallest stupidest things, like cleaning my house!! I get very burden when my bathroom is not clean, yet I haven't cleaned it in a while.. (gross I know, I have wiped it down, but not cleaned it thoroughly for a week or two.) So I gave all those to God, and He has helped me to get more done today, and now I am going to go clean my bathroom!! :)


Anonymous said...

My new favorite snack is fat free cottage cheese with fresh salsa. Sounds totally gross, and until about a month ago I didn't even go near cottage cheese, but it's super yummy and good for you too. My other new (not quite so healthy) snack is popchips. The barbecue ones are delish, and only 100 calories per serving. Hope you find some new stuff to love!

Weightless said...

Ahh.. so many thoughts

1 - Clothes - I feel the SAME way. My closet is stuffed full of clothes. Some to big, some to small most of them do not fit me at all, yet I'm afraid to get rid of them. LOL

2- Recognition is so rewarding. For the first time in my life, that I can remember my Uncle John told me I looked beautiful today. Shayna seems really surprised by my weight loss. I hope she becomes inspired to be healthier. She is such a beautiful sweet girl.

3 - Rich is a lot like Davey too EXCEPT that he needs to lose weight and Davey does not.

4 - Wetsuits - check Ebay and when I looked at them last they weren't that expsensive $40-ish. I'm hesistant to buy one because I think this will be my only Tri this year and I hope next year I will be thinnner.

5 - That's cool WIC gives you a recipe book. My healthy snacks are a spoon full of peanut butter (when I have a sweet tooth or am really hungry but it's just snack time), almonds, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

Adrienne said...

Totally the Turtle, Thank you for the comment! I do like cottage cheese so I will try that!! Way to go for you.. you are doing great!!!
Sara, I will def check Costco cause to rent one is $40.. and I am so the family noticed your weight loss! It is inspiring, and I hope Shayna gets inspired also. How was the funeral?? People commenting on your weight loss totally revs you up to do more huh!? I don't get them often.. sad to say!! lol But it's ok.. I can see changes. I LOVE peanut butter.. and can't stop at one spoonful!! lol :)

Kimberlynn said... are so funny! I'm the same way about my house. It's good to hear that you're doing so well though. As for variety...I just posted a new post on my blog that should give you some ideas.


Jocelyn said...

Hey Adrienne, read your blog last night, but was too tired to comment. I have tons of clothes that I'm praying I will fit back into real soon. I'm running out of "fat girl" clothes. I've GOT to get this weight off. I'm just praying I don't completely blow it while my mom is in town. I'm going to try my best to do as good and be as good as I can...but I already know a few things I'm going to be splurging on. :) I'll be good! LOL

Adrienne said...

Kimberlynn, Thank you! ;) I will read your blog right now... thanks for the comment! :) oh and I did clean the bathroom really well! Yay!!
Jocelyn, Thank you for the comment! You will get the weight off.. and I am pretty sure you were down 2.8 last time weren't you?? Make low cal healthy snacks while you Mom is there. She is trying to lose right? She'd appreciate that i bet. :)
Love you all! xoxo