Monday, August 30, 2010

Disneyland 'o'

We had such a great time on my Birthday!! God is so good.
On our way there, I decided to look at our tickets. In June I bought a 3 day southern California pass. $108 for one. That is a great deal! One admission to one park is $70. So for Davey's birthday we did two days, and we saved the third one for my birthday. I could have sworn the tickets said we had to use them by 8/29, but in the car on the way there I noticed in small writing it said 45 days from first visit. Which meant our tickets were expired. I had tears in my eyes as I called Disneyland to see if there was any way we could use them still. The lady was very non-helpful, and said, "Nope. Sorry. There's no way." Thank God I ask to speak to a manager. At first she was sticking to it too, and saying we would have to pay, but then I told her it was my birthday, we were already on our way, and our boys are so excited. I told her it was just me and Davey because the boys are free, and so she agreed we could come!! Whoo! So nice of her. We met her when we got there, and she gave us new tickets, for free. It really is the happiest place on earth. But really, it was all the Lord, because we prayed and asked Him to work it out. I am so glad He cares even about letting His children go to Disneyland!
I did well with my food in the morning, tracked and everything. But I wasn't going to worry about it so much while there. We bought Subway for lunch outside the park and ate it there at lunch time. Then later we got a frozen lemonade.
For dinner we went to Downtown Disney District, and ate at a southern Louisianan restaurant. So cute, lights outside, the whole restaurant was open air. The food was AMAZING! MMM. Even the boys Chicken strips were fried so elegantly and delicious! I had caramelized Pork Chop, with jalapeno potato bite things, and greens. Davey's food was better than mine. He got a seafood pasta jambalaya. Oh wow. I laughed so hard at dinner. Cody was being so funny, he kept flexing his muscles and yelling, "Arhhhhhh", over and over. Davey and Shane were goofing off and I couldn't stop laughing. Shane was eating his Mac N Cheese with a straw, and licking the bowl, and when his face was down close too it, Davey pushed his face in the Mac N Cheese!! Shane was upset, but it was so funny. For dessert we shared a white chocolate brownie a la mode. Again, YUM. We had such a great time, so many fun memories.
Shane loves Mickey, and only saw him from far off during a parade. He really wanted to give him a hug like he did last time. I felt so bad. We bought them both stuffed Mickey's. I was so happy to get them for them. Davey bought me a Disney Mom mug. We bought him a Dad one for his birthday. We collect mugs for places we go.
It is always a struggle to get back on track after a day of freedom! So Sunday I didn't worry about it too much. Today back to tracking and exercise. We did walk so much at Disneyland, that helped. My sister-in-law and her friend spent the night last night. They came back for school. So this morning I took advantage and rode my bike outside. I only had about 15 minuets. But it is definitely important for me to practice and train on my bike. It seems hard to ride on the street. But I got a good 16 minuets, and when I came home I figured how far I went on 3.31 miles.
We bought spray paint for my bike. I am painting it, gonna make it look new and super cute!
So Friday, I went to an early Cycle class at the gym. I haven't been able to go in the mornings becuase Davey's truck was in the shop for a month, so we only had one car. But I remembered why I don't like to go in the mornings.... the day care is horrible!!! Not only getting two toddlers in the gym, paying for them (which went up from $2 per kid to $3 per kid), to signing all the papers, taking their shoes off, giving Shane a pep talk to be good, ect. I didn't have my ID on me so I had to run back to the car. I also ran and got my bike.. came back, filled out all papers, got them in... fewww. Good, I'm done. The class started bout 9:03 am. At about 9:35 they came and got me because Shane needed a diaper change. So Cody sees me and starts to cry. I let him come to change Shane. Done, back to class... Cody is crying more when I hand him to a worker. Tell her he will be fine, he just needs some time. Back on bike at 9:40. 9:45 another lady comes and gets me and says Cody won't stop crying. I wanted to say, "So?? distract him!! Class is almost over!" So I leave class, totally frustrated. Get there and Cody isn't crying anymore. She says, sneak out.. then he sees me and cries again. I only used 45 min of the 2 hours I paid, they don't give me a refund at all. I wanted to yell, if you won't change their diapers or comfort them while crying.. why do I pay you $6???!!! UGH. If I took them M-F, it would be $30!! That is more $ for five days than my pass is a month! So I will only be going when Davey is home. So frustrating.
Well, anyways, I weighed this morning since it's weigh day, and it was the same as Saturday. Actually, at first it said, 200.8. Then to make sure, I got on again, and again. It was still 201. So here's to this week breaking the 200 mark!! Whoo!


Weightless said...

Wanna see progress? Look at the pictures from your anniversary and look at the ones from Disneyland right next to them. I can SEE collar bones! They're are there and I don't think they were before! WOOO excited for you! Congrats on the weight loss!

Adrienne said...

LOL thank you!! That is too funny.. I will look right now! :)

KellyNY said...

What great photos! You guys look so happy! And I know exactly how you feel about getting into One-Derland! You're so close, any day now.

Adrienne said...

Thank you Kelly!! :) I know I can't wait!! You are so close too! Yay!

Kimberlynn said...

You have a beautiful family and are so pretty!!! It sounds like a great day. And here's to you breaking out of the 200's this week. I'm so excited for you! I wished you lived close so we could celebrate. How about a cyber-celebration? LOL

blondevue... said...

Hey pretty lady looks like God really worked your birthday out! What a blessing!
You look great!! Have a wonderful week,

Adrienne said...

Thank you Tori!! :)
Kimberlynn, Thank you!!! I wish we lived close too!! I wouldn't mind living in Tennessee!! ;) Cyber celebration sounds great! LOL