Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week Three, Day Two

So I was pretty discouraged from my weigh in. I thought about how I could shake it up so the scale would move, and I came up with, going off WW for a day to shock my metabolism. Sounds crazy? Well my Dad was a body builder, and always use to tell me it's good to eat a lot more calories one day every so often so your body will start burning more since it's use to burning the amount you have been eating. For a few days after you eat more than usual, your body will burn a high amount of calories like you ate that day. Makes sense, but my problem is, once I go off it's so hard to go back on! We went grocery shopping Friday, and we got frozen pizza, and apple pie, and I had to get a few donuts because they are my weakness and I never eat them at church even though I want to so bad. Friday, I didn't even want to eat anything off WW, but did anyways. Then I woke up Saturday with all intentions on being perfect, and after lunch couldn't conrtol myself! Then we went to a Baseball game, where I had licorice and drive through Del Taco (only two chicken tacos). I was so mad at myself for letting myself eat that way two days.
Sunday I was perfect, and Monday, and today so far and I am not craving anymore. Thank God. I did Spin for the first time in 3 months on Thursday and it felt sooooo good to be back. I just love the dark room, the loud, peaceful music, and my cycle buddy Lisa that goes to my church who never misses spin.
Last night I went to the gym, did some weights, then headed into spin. A sub came in, a few minuets late. I had already reserved my bike, and a big, huge black man was on the one next to me when I came back. Not fat huge, muscle and tall huge. The instructor was black, and seemed really nice, but immediately blared very loud hip hop/ soul music. The guy next to me started dancing and looking at me and biting his lip!! I was like, "Um.... ok, I am gonna just look away now!" then he started talking to me, but I could not understand him. The instructor couldn't figure out how to get the microphone to work, so I could not hear anything she said. The guy kept dancing while pedaling, and I was so uncomfortable! I knew Turbo Kick Boxing was going on so I got up and left and went to TKB. I am so glad i did!! I forgot how much I love it. It was a great work out too. I just still really don't care for the snobby instructor that teaches Monday night. It's like she has her "click" and never talks or greets anyone in the class except them. I really want to do Zumba again too, but those are in the morning and right now we only have one car and Davey takes it to work.
We should be hearing from the church in Ohio today! I am anxious. Hmm... what else, oh yeah Molly our dog is in heat, and we are taking her this weekend to breed her. Yay! She is a pure bred, AKC Yellow Lab, and she is breeding with a pure bred, AKC Chocolate stud, that is a champion show dog and a hunting dog. We will be able to sell her puppies for $600-800 each. Since she is yellow, she will have black ones, yellow ones, and chocolate ones! So excited! ;)
Shane started gymnastics last Saturday!! I am not bragging, but he was the best! OK so maybe I am. But you don't know really how smart, big, and strong your kids are until they get around other kids their age. Shane was bigger than the older boys in his class, and so was Cody. Shane could hold him self up on the bars, on the parallel bars, on the rings, and he was running and doing somersaults off a mat! lol He is a natural.
I use to do gymnastics, and was pretty good. I use to be able to tumble and do cartwheels and jumps on the beam. I loved gymnastics! I wish I would have stuck with it instead of letting my social life get in the way when I was in high school. It's so excited for your child to do something you use to do and know about. But Davey says the boys can only do gymnastics till they are five, then they do manly sports. LOL! So I really need to have a girl. ;)


Weightless said...

Eating has been hard for me lately too. It's not that I don't eat healthy, I'm just not eating healthy enough to lose I think. I'm hoping that once school starts next week (AHHH!) I will be able to get in a better routine and eating habits. Starting out is the hardest though, a lot of the cravings stop after you get all the junk out of your system.

Glad the boys did well with Gymnastics. The Osuna's are all good athletes too - must be in the genes, ha ha. I know the excitement feeling you're talking about. I get it often with Mariyn, especially in softball. :)

Adrienne said...

It will be so much better when school starts. Summer in general is hard! But that's great you've stuck to the gym! Many people drop out in summer.