Monday, August 23, 2010

Weigh In 8/23 and Triathlon

FINALLY!!!! Broke 203 pounds. But only by 1 measly pound. Ugh. This will take my whole life if I keep losing like this. I am so close to the ONEders! But will I ever get there??!! I am glad I am down a pound. Really thankful. But man, I am frustrated at the same time! I lost 5 pounds first week of WW (now starting my 5th week), then no pounds until today and it was only 1! So my question is.. what is going on?? Let's evaluate.

1. First week of WW I did EXCELLENT. So let's take a look.
a. I didn't exercise (a light walk here and there).
b. I didn't have any BLT's.. bite licks or tastes.
c. I ate all very healthy foods that were high fiber whole grain.
d. I drank a lot of water.
2. The next weeks, I began to work out (a lot), ate desserts with in points, but higher in fat.. such as 2 Tbsp chocolate. Does that matter??
3. Went on vacation and went off for a week, but was very active so I didn't gain.
4. In those few weeks, went down .5 up .5.
5. This last week, I worked out a lot, and starting Thursday I lowered my points by 3, so from 33 to 30. I get 5 points for nursing Cody and I just think it was too much. I added up Wednesday's points into calories and it was 2,000 calories!! I was eating 1600 when I was losing counting calories, and I was nursing Cody more.
6. But then.. I emailed Fat Little Legs.
She has lost 100 pounds on WW. She said seems to her I am not eating enough. She asked if I have been eating all my points, flex points, and some activity points. I have not been eating my flex points, and I never eat any activity points. She said she eats all her points, most of her flex, and 5-10 activity points every week, and would lose 1-1.5 pounds a week. She said if you don't eat enough you won't lose. And with all I have been working out I should be eating more, but eat lean protein and healthy foods like milk or yogurt. She is so sweet to have emailed me back! I appreciate her advice.
7. Let's face facts.. I ate on WW week 1.. Week two I had a "High Calorie day" which turned into a couple days. Then week 3 ate on WW until day 6, then went off for a week. Week 4 stayed on all week with out using any Flex or activity points and lost -1.
So the plan is.. to eat 30 points daily, keep my gym schedule, eat more flex points and activity points, no BLT's and hope for a bigger loss next Monday!

So I am soooo excited to announce.. that the Lord provided for me to be able to do the Triathlon!!! Yay yay!! Oh boy.. now I am nervous. It is September 25, See Jane Run all woman's triathlon. Here is the link.

I have so many thoughts going through my head!! I really don't know if I will be ready. I haven't been training for a tri... just working out. No doubt Spin has been helping.... especially Coaches class. But that class kills me and I can barley walk after let alone run! This tri is a little bit longer than my first. It's 1/4 mile swim, 11 mile bike (Avia was 10), and a 3 mile run (Avia was 2 miles). So I have a month to prepare. Nervous!!! And... And!!!! I have forgotten to tell you.. we are going to Ohio Sep 9-13! Excited about seeing a church out there. It's a great church, and Davey would be an assistant Pastor. So I won't be able to train while there.
There are also expenses for gas to get to Pleasonton, wet suit, sports bathing suit, new shoes, food for the trip.. ect. So I pray God will provide for all that, and I know He will.

I did Coaches 8:30 am class on Saturday, I swear it was harder than his Tuesday class. I only ate a small piece of whole grain toast with a tsp Jelly and a small cup of coffee before the class. I was tired. He went.. 65 minuets!! We were going to be done at 60, but then asked if anyone wanted to do one more song. Everyone said yes, I was saying... "Nope.. I'm done!!" In my head. But when the song came on... it was my absolute favorite to Spin too.. so I did it, and I pushed hard. I attempted to go to Turbo Kick Boxing after, but I lasted only 10 minuets. My legs were jello. Spin was so brutal. So I did upper body weights: stomach, chest, back, and arms. Today is TKB, I will probably do treadmill and TKB. We'll see.
So last issue... my tummy. I hate it. Why won't it go away? My face, collar bone, and shoulders are thinning out. My tummy is still so gross and huge, and getting loose. I do sit ups but while I do them think about how pointless it is. :( Oh well... I will reap if I faint not in due season.. right?!!
xoxo Have a great week!


Kimberlynn said...

Hi Adrienne!!!
To answer your question about why you've only lost 1 pound this week...I think it's a couple of things. First, I agree that you're probably not eating enough like your friend said. You need to eat the amount of points Weight Watchers says. I trust their numbers because they've already done the math. Also, I eat ALL of my daily points, ALL of my bonus points, and some of my activity points. My leader told me that any activity points earned in a day over 4 needs to be eaten. So I do!!!

The other reason is that sometimes it just takes a while to show up on the scale. If you look at my weigh-ins I've had weeks where I lose .5, or 1 pound and then all of a sudden I'll lose 2-3 pounds. There's no rhyme or reason to's just a matter of your body letting go of that fat in its own sweet time. And it will. You just have to be patient, keep doing what you know is the right thing to do, and it will happen.

Oh, and by the way...I have a free day EVERY week. I know this is not recommended by WW, but I do it anyway. After my Saturday morning weigh in and meeting, I take the rest of the day off. I don't go hog wild, but I do enjoy what I like (without overeating) and I take a day off of tracking as well. It's a nice break, gives me a day to feed any cravings, and it rev's me up for the next week.

Okay...I've rambled on again!!! So sorry. You're doing great!


Weightless said...

My tummy is my biggest problem are. I'd say from my naval down, it's flabby, fatty full of stretch marks and spare tire. I hate it.

I've been talking to a lot of women and they say that is the hardest area to tone and the last of the fat to burn, especially for those of us who have had kids. I feel like my stomach muscles were destroyed during pregnancy and are incredibly week, especially my lower abs. I've been spending extra time on my abs and doing sort of an "ab day" work out. After cycle, I do 300 crunches (100 x righ obliques, 100 x left obliques and 100 X center abs) I split them into sets of 25. Then focus on hovers, planks or leg lifts to really work out my lower abs.

I can honestly say the routine is helping. My spare tire is deflating but it's not at as quick of a pace as the rest of my body. I remember when I first went back to the gym and couldn't do a single sit up. I couldn't even squeeze and feel my abs, but progress is coming.

I'm excited for you and Davey. And for the upcomming triathlon. :)

Adrienne said...

I think you are right, and I will do that. I like the long comments so your not rambling!! lol ;) And I like to take a day off too sometimes, but I find it hard to get back on track after that... so I get nervous doing so! Your doing great so i'll take your advice! xoxo

Sara, I know.. it's so frustrating.. and it's totally because of pregnancies. I have to be thankful though that I have not needed a C section like some of my friends have... that makes it worse. That's a good idea about the crunches .. I might try that. Thank you! Let me know asap when you register for Tahoe!! So excited for you! xoxo

Jocelyn said...

hey girlie...I'm sooooo proud of you for losing a pound...remember, even maintaining you have succeeded. You're doing amazing and you're definitely motivating me. I've been sick all day, so not eating hardly at all, and definitely not walking today and since yesterday was walking then either. I hate my tummy and I will be attempting to start doing my pilates dvd soon. You're more than welcome to come and try it out with me one day if you'd like. It totally kicks butt and that's how I conquered (so to speak...I've never been exceptionally skinny) the first time. I'm not sure I can do it because of my c-sections, but I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Let me know if you're interested. :)

Adrienne said...

I am so sorry you are sick Joce!! I hope you guys get better soon! I feel like we should expect it.. lol cause you and Denise have it. I am interested in doing that video w you!! I am not sure if I would last.. but I'll try!! ;)
Thank you.. and you motivate me. I have WW questions for you..
I would love to be what you got down too.. right now anything below 200 sounds great!
Thanks for the comment. xoxo

Jocelyn said...

ask away....I'll try and answer if I can. I haven't been too bad...just feeling queasy, achy and very weak today. no energy whatsoever. Let me know when you wanna give the video a try...not sure I can even do it cause it's been so long LOL. I guess we'll see.

Adrienne said...

K.. I will message you on FB :) Thanks girlie.. I am thinking Wednesday's for the video.. when you feel better... or maybe Thursdays b4 Strength and Beauty.

Sweet Nest said...

Adrienne, I've been having the same problem with my tummy area. But I found this great workout on instant play on Netflix that is great for your abs. I'm sure if you don't have Netflix you could buy it somewhere or look on Amazon. It's 30 minutes and called- Crunch: Fat Burning Ab Attack. If you really concentrate on your core and keeping your belly button in and concentrate also on your stance and breathing it is a really good workout. It also targets my thighs. I am already seeing a difference. You know how right below your ribs is the start of abs? That's what mine is starting to do. Also right above my hips I have some obliques starting to pop out. If you look back to pics after I had Tyler my belly significantly HUGE, lol.
Right now I'm doing the
Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack M-F- 30 min.,
alternating between "The Biggest Loser- Last Chance Workout- M,W,F. 55 minutes
and Tues, Thurs. Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones. 40 min.
It totals to 6hrs. 50 min a week if I can get it all in. Which the workouts are all easy to do spread out through the day if necessary.
I think Jillian's workout video really helps in the ab area as well with a mixture of weight training. I've lost around 3-4 inches in my waist/tummy in the past couple weeks and around 1-3 lbs each week since starting this schedule.

I agree with the ladies about not eating enough. I tried counting calories and keeping strictly to a certain limit, but now I've been just eating smaller amounts and eat only until I'm full. I've kept well within my calorie intake and my metabolism has shot up significantly, but my desire for junk foods is not tempting and I can control it. I hope some of this helps with trying to hit trouble areas. :)

Adrienne said...

Hi Jen! Thank you for the comment!! That is an intense ab work out!! Maybe they have something like that on Hulu?? Should you work out your abs everyday? I thought no.. I did yesterday and I am so sore! So... I am so happy to hear that you and other ladies have been working on their tummies with crunches and other things and it is WORKING!! Yay! Now I am motivated to work out my tummy more! Thank you for the info! you are doing great Jen. Keep it up! ps I love your blog!
xoxo Adrienne

Sweet Nest said...

Thanks, Adrienne! I've been told as a rule of thumb that if you have an intense workout and are sore the next day that you should let your body rest. I've also been told/read that if the ab/other exercises are light that it doesn't hurt anything to do it daily or 3-4 times a week. But everyone's fitness/body levels are different and can handle more/less of certain exercises. I'm certainly not doing an intense workout on my abs, and when I'm sore the next day on my abs I take that day off- same for different exercise focus. Hop that helps!