Thursday, October 28, 2010

1.67 miles ran!!

Yes it's my second post of the day. I just got back from running 1.67 miles without stopping!!
I looked at my race schedule and realized that only a few weeks after the 5K is the 10K. So I just decided I wanted to run tonight. I got on my running shoes and left to run around my neighborhood. I know a route that is 1.32 miles, and I wanted to do that loop but was too scared to go so far from home since it's dark and well.... I live in Lancaster. I decided to just run two big laps around my neighborhood. I was hoping it would equal a mile.
I looked at my watch to see I had been running 12 minuets at one loop. I was shocked! It only felt like 5 minuets. Then I did the second lap, and finished at my house. I checked to see my time was 25 minuets total running!! That is the LONGEST I have ran since I was little and would run with my Dad. I knew I was going slow, I wanted to pace myself so I could run the whole two laps. I couldn't wait to get on and find out how far it was.
I was shocked to see I had ran 1.67 miles with out stopping!! This is huge for me!!! I felt good and could have gone more (but not too much more, lol). This may seem like nothing to some people, but for me, an overweight asthmatic, it's huge! And I only used my inhaler once during the run and no side stitches! I know I got this 5K in less than a month now. Can't wait to run tomorrow! :)


Kendra said...

Great job Adrienne! Keep up the hard work and it will get easier for you!

Weightless said...

Great job! Keep on running and you will be able to do the whole 3.1 miles in no time :)