Monday, October 18, 2010


I have been craving chocolate. We have had none. Not even chocolate chips like we usually do. I ran into Walmart last night for milk (FYI Walmart's Great Value milk is hormone free.. did I mention that already?) and I really wanted chocolate. So I got a few candy bars. I ate one Scor last night, and the rest are taunting me in my cupboard. I didn't weigh in today due to the chocolate... I think I'll weigh in on Wednesday [a week from last weigh in]. Maybe I'll give the boys the candy bars... hmmm... but then they will be bouncing off the walls. Maybe I will try to forget about them.....mmmm... chocolate.
Okay anyways,enough about chocolate. The other day at church my sister in law and her friend came up to us after church. Her friend put her finger on me and said, "tssssss! Hot!!". They both told me how good I looked and my sister in law told me I looked like "The old me". I said it was because I can fit in to some of my old clothes now, and I can actually wear my heels again! Before I weighed too much to wear them, my feet would die.
After that, two ladies from our Sunday school class came up to us and told Davey how good I looked. The little Filipino one said "She look sexy Debby!" (her pronunciation of Davey) lol she cracks me up. The other lady just got gastric by-pass and had lost 45 pounds since the surgery 3 weeks ago. Whoa! I said "I've lose 49 and it's taken over a year!" she will be passing me very quickly. It was amazing to get compliments and people to notice all the hard work. But at the same time I feel uncomfortable, and almost like I don't want anyone to notice because I don't want any attention. Even though I can fit into some of my old clothes now, I find myself trying on my clothes that are too big. Weird??!! I guess it's a fat girl mind game. For 3+ years now I've tried to hide my body and my shape. It's gonna take some time to feel mentally like I am almost 50 pounds lighter.
Motivated by Minding my Weigh, I cleaned out my closet and I am lending (giving) my friend my 18-20's. I tried on my old clothes and fit into most of the 14's! Wow.
I did run 3 times last week, but feel behind on C25K, I should be starting week 4, but am really at week 3 since I totally skipped a week.
Davey and I watched shows for a few hours on Saturday. A nice lazy day. But then we felt too lazy, so we decided to run/walk to the store for milk (yes we drink a lot of milk in our home). The last leg of our trip, Davey wanted me to run our whole street, 2 blocks. So reluctantly I said Ok. I ran with him, then the second half of our street I sprinted all the way home. Davey and the boys were shouting for me, "Go Mommy!!" so cute. On I looked up our street and it was .33 miles, exactly 1/3 of a mile I ran straight! Yay. And at a good pace too.
Tri Carson is on Saturday! I have not been thinking about it at all..:/ but I am excited. I feel like it's laid back and more for fun. I will definitely try to beat my time of course. Today Jackie's spin class and a swim?? Well see. Boys in their room suppose to be sleeping but they are playing.. better go now! :)


Weightless said...

I love compliments xoxo Glad people are noticing. I know it feels so good!

Adrienne said...

Thank you! :)