Saturday, October 2, 2010

Couch to 5K Week 1

Yesterday was the first day of C25K training for me. It was brisk walk for 5 minuets, run 90 seconds, walk 2 minuets for 20 minuets (anyone do c25K? Does that mean 20 min including the 5 min walk?). I did a total of 27 minuets. I only went about 1.7 miles in that time!! Slow slow slow I am. Hopefully my speed with increase with time. I am really excited about this and the fact that in 9 weeks I will be able to run a whole 5K!!! I have never been good at running. EVER!

When I was little my sister and I did Karate. My sister loved it, but I did not! I would cry every time a boy hit me. I am such a girl. I had my red-black belt.. the belt right before black.. and right before our black belt test I finally wore my Dad down and I QUIT!! All because I didn't want to RUN the 2 [or 3?] miles for the test! When we would run on the track with our class I would day dream about pretending to faint. I have asthma and always wanted to fall over and act like I was having an asthma attack.. yeah.. than my mean instructors would really feel bad for torturing me with these runs! OH boy.. I am dramatic. I was probably about 8-9 years old than. P.S. did I mention how I always regret quitting so close to the goal?? To this day I wish I could say.."I have a black belt" like my sister can or my Dad who has a few in different types of Martial Arts. From then on I did gymnastics, cheer and dance and was a totally happy girl. So it turned out okay. :)

It didn't always hate to run though.. I use to run with my Dad a lot at the track around ages 2-8. I loved the Dad and me time. We would do sprints, and at the end of our 2-3 mile run we'd say, "One more lap!!" and really go for it. I always remember my Dad saying.. "It's all down hill from here!"

And yes, even though I have done 2 triathlons, and 1 5K, the furthest I've run with out stopping is 1 mile (and that was last winter/spring time). I WANT to be a runner. I WANT to be able to run the whole 5k or 10k leg of the triathlon. I WANT to be able to get up early and go on a 5-8 mile run with out stopping. I WANT to run the whole Gobble Wobble 5K!! And with God's help, I WILL. Period.
Just like many of you like running because it's cheap and you can do it anywhere, I like that too. I went to Ross yesterday.. wasn't really looking for shoes but found these awesomely adorable $20 Adidas cycle shoes.. or so I thought!! I was so excited. When I got home Davey said, "those aren't cycle shoes I don't think.." So I pull out the actual Adidas tag.. and sure enough they said Track and Field! Ah Man!! I wanted to keep them so bad, but you can't run with them on the road, they have wholes for spikes on the bottom. They look just like cycle shoes.. well sort of.. they have shoe laces instead of buckles, so anyways, I returned them. ;( I was frustrated and the gazillion people in line at Walmart while picking up diapers didn't help, I couldn't wait to run. Here are the shoes.. on Adidas website for $50! Ugh. I should have just kept them and pretended they were cycle shoes. ;)

Last night felt great to run in my neighborhood while it sprinkled on me, and as I breathed the fresh air. So here's to my beginning as a runner!


Weightless said...

Woo Woo! Good job getting started. I think the 5 minute brisk walk is seperate from the 20 mintues. It's the warm up, the run, walk rotations are the workout.

Bummer about the shoes. Cycle shoe cleats look very different. Some you even acutally have to cut the clip portion out of the rubber. The cleats look more like a track you would put a clip into then a spike.

I think the Gobble wabble is a great idea. Way to burn some of the extra calories from Thanksgiving. Modesto has a turkey trot I might participate in.

Adrienne said...

Thanks :) I really liked the shoes ;( but oh well. I wasn't interested in cycle shoes very much until I thought I got a great deal! lol
I know I can't wait for the 5K! Will motivate me not to eat too much on Thanksgiving [hopefully*] =} You should do the Turkey Trot!

ShrinkingBeautiful said...

keep the running up! it keeps me pumped to run as well!

Adrienne said...

Thank you Beautiful!! Hehe :)

blondevue... said...

Your journey to become a runner is really neat. Thats what I am trying to learn how to do. My knees seem to disagree with me though, o'well. They'll catch up and decide to start enjoying it soon I hope!
Have a great week and cute shoes! Its ok, another pair will come along :)

Adrienne said...

Thanks Tori! My knees hurt too. I have to ice them after each run. Do you ice them and use ibprofen? It helps!!

Kendra said...

Way to go on your first week of Couch 2 5K!! The workout calls for a 5 minute warm up, and then the run/walk intervals, and then usually a 5 minute cool down, so you'll usually do about 30 minutes. And don't worry about speed in the beginning. Just get out there and do it!! Great JOB!!!

Adrienne said...

Thank you!