Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nothing Really..

I don't have much to report today. It's that time again so I am waiting to weigh until it's over. I did use my new cycle shoes today in Spin and loved them. My inner thighs are already sore. I needed Jessica and a lady in class to show me how to get them clipped in though! I practiced after class and I got it now.
There was a girl in the class that's also going to be doing the certification. When Jessica told us we were both going to be there is was nice to "know" someone, but a little competition too. Man, who am I? I think all these tri's and races are getting to me :0
So I am upset about the race results for Tri Carson... yeah they have me listed as second to last!!! 194 out of 195!! They put me down for 1 hour 17 mins on the bike.. which is so boohaggy!! I watched my watch and it was 60 mins (and only because I got confused on the course) so she is trying to work it out. Good news is I'm up there with my swim time (6 mins). And my run was a PR which they say was 43 min (my time according to start and finish run was 41 something) either way still beat last time. It just stinks cause if I didn't get lost on the course I would have done really well and maybe been in the average 50/50 area. Oh well.. lesson learned. Memorize bike description and don't listen to unknowing volunteers!! :/
Yesterday was my first work out all week. We've all been sick with a cold. I got up at 6:30am and swam 1/2 mile at the gym in 25 mins. Not too bad. Then went to a street I heard on was a good ride, and rode 7 miles. My goal was to ride 10-15.... my 25 mile race is coming up!! But the road was cold (so cold, with wet hair.. not good) and scary (no bike lanes) with cars zooming past you and I pray they scoot over and are not texting, I headed back after 3.5 miles or so to my car. Oh well..
I found out a cycle group meets at 7am on Saturdays and rides together. I am debating showing up. I don't know them, or their levels, and don't want to slow them down.
Other news, I have been really watching my fats due to the gallbladder issues.. good I guess. Cause even when I crave something fatty I won't eat it! Well that's all for now....

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