Saturday, October 16, 2010

Preparing and 10 things you don't know...

Sad news, Lucky (the runt of the litter) died the other night :( I feel terrible! We saw that she wasn't growing at all and that she wasn't eating well, so we bought puppy formula and a puppy bottle to supplement it. It still wouldn't suck well, so I had to feed it with a dropper. It got full and fell asleep, but next time when Davey fed it, it seemed in pain, and I could tell it wasn't doing well. In the middle of the night it died. :( But good news is the rest are doing well and getting really big!

I know I wanted to start preparing for my certification class coming up on 11-7. I was advised to take as cycle classes as possible to see the different style of each teacher. This week Davey has had no work so I was able to go to a couple morning classes. Jessica teaches Thursday's at 10 am so I went. It was a good class. It is challenging to go do a different instructor when you are use to one.
Friday morning I went to Jackie's class (she is in charge of who gets hired to teach). She was good also. I do like her riding style. She was in Jessica's class Thursday morning, on Friday she said she was watching me. She also told me how to get ready to audition, which is with just her (hoping it would be with a whole class to make it less awkward). She said it's much more than being able to cycle, it's being a motivator and a coach. She suggested I google ways to be a motivator in the gym. I am nervous, but I do feel like hopefully people will like me simply because they can relate. I am not skinny, I have lost almost 50 pounds, I went from fat and totally not fit, to a work out addict. Maybe?? It's all up to the Lord, so we'll see.

After I registered for the class, I got an email listing things I need to bring. #1 Cycle shoes. Uh-oh. It's in two weeks! If I was going to order some I needed to do it. And they are all so expensive! I told Davey and he said to order them with our credit card. We already put the certification class on credit.. hoping this will all be an investment. But Davey hasn't worked all week and now it's scary. So we are praying the puppies sell asap so we don't get far behind. I searched online for 3 hours for the right shoes! I tried to get the cheapest ones with out being a cheap brand. I found some on sale for $60! Bummer they only had a size 6 though. So I really wanted these:
I saw them for $120-130 on different websites, then I found them on Amazon for $89! So those were the ones. Horray. Eventually I can were them in triathlons. They are triathlon shoes, but I need pedals for my bike, and those are pricey! And I know I will fall a lot while riding with them at first.. I mean your feet are stuck on the pedals!

I have seen on a few of my blogger friends blogs questions and answers. I thought it would be fun to list 10 things you didn't know about me! I ask all you to do it as well if you haven't already!

1. I was raised speaking Spanish
2. I started dating my husband at age 14
3. I use to work in fashion at Nordstroms and that is what I was going to school for before I went to bible college
4. We want 5-8 kids
5. In 2004 I tried out for the Oakland Raiderettes
6. In high school one thing I was known for was hip hop dancing even though I am a white girl
7. I was in a movie when I was little (as an extra)
8. My parents divorced when I was 12
9. My first car was a BMW M3, stick shift, now I drive a Mini Van
10. I became a Christian at age 17


Weightless said...

I love getting new gear it helps motivate me so much to use it! Hope you love your new shoes, I still haven't ordered mine yet...

Kendra said...

How fun to learn some new things about you. And the shoes are an investment. For potential earning in the future, as well as in your health.

Adrienne said...

Thank you guys! I am trying to look at them as an investment. Hope so!
Oh Sara I thought you ordered yours already??

Weightless said...

No - I haven't I borrowed someone's and my mom said she would pitch in on them as my birthday gift. Money was tight so I didn't order them yet, and she hasn't sent me $ yet either. So yeah... we're still waiting :)

Adrienne said...

I totally understand!! =)