Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tri-Carson-4 days!

Tri-Carson is in 4 days now! I am excited! I am not nearly as organized as I was the last one. This one is a reverse triathlon, Run 3.1 miles, Bike 12 miles, swim 200 meters. The swim is short, thank God. Swimming after all that is really hard, no doubt. I am really hoping to beat my last time, but I have to admit, I have not been focusing on "training" for this one. Yes I have been working on my running, and I have been doing Spin, but I have not ridden my bike outside at all, or swam very much. So to beat my last triathlon time, I must reach these goals:

Run: Beat 45:50 (See Jane Run Triathlon)-[15.3 min mile]
Run Goal- 39:50-[13.3 min mile]
Bike: Beat 49:20 (SJR Tri)- [4.5 min mile]
Bike Goal- (bike is 12 miles, 1 more mile than SJR)- 48:30 [4.05 min mile]
Swim: Beat 10:34 (SJR Tri)-[2.6 min per 100 meter]
Swim Goal- (Swim is half the distance)- 5:10-[2.55 min per 100 meter]

It's going to be tricky, we have to wake up at 4:00am to leave by 4:45am to get my sis in law and her friend by 5:00am, to get there by 6:30am. That only gives me 30 minuets to set up transition area, stretch, warm up and to get my bib and packet. :/ I might need to leave earlier.

Good thing is, I have left over nutrition from SJR Tri. I have 2 Ensure, 1 package Shot Blocks (not really enough, but will do), and 2 power bars.

More good news is, I don't need a wet suit because it's in a pool (which will be very interesting), and I will be quick hopefully in T1 and T2 since I am wearing the clothes I am going to swim in for the run and bike. I really hope it is well organized and well marked.

Bad news, I don't have a bib belt, still can't ever figure out what to do with the bib because of the swim. And more bad news, I am almost out of my inhaler, and I have no medical insurance anymore. I have been needing it most days a few times a day since the pups were born. Not good. It will be a real struggle to finish strong if it runs out. I will do my best though, and I have been praying God will provide one. Maybe I can borrow a friends....

Training this week: Monday I did Cycle and accidentally half my c25k (missed where it said repeat).
Tuesday-C25K, Cycle with Coach, Body Sculpt with Jessica, but take it easy.
Wednesday- Swim 800 meters (or 25 minuets) and bike outside a few miles just to feel my bike.
Thursday & Friday- Rest


Weightless said...

I'm excited for you - and if you look back @ the weeks leading to SJR you didn't feel too prepared then ;-) You were traveling and barely had time to fit in your workouts. It seems your workouts are more regular now. I'm sure you will rock this Tri. :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you!! I hope you are right! :) I guess I will always feel a little un-prepared! LOL

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